• Deadpool & Wolverine will feature different variants of Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and potentially a Logan variant.
  • Potential actors for Deadpool variants include Taylor Swift, Daniel Radcliffe, Blake Lively, and Keanu Reeves.
  • Walker Scobell, Scott Eastwood, Karl Urban, Grant Gustin, and Taron Egerton are also possible choices for the film.



Deadpool & Wolverine‘s trailer coyly teased variants for its lead characters, and there are some talented stars who could join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as variants of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s X-Men characters. Deadpool & Wolverine is a multiverse film, with Loki‘s TVA pulling Wade Wilson into the MCU. Like what happened to Tom Hiddleston’s Loki in his MCU series, Reynolds’ Deadpool should encounter different variants of himself along his journey, which has been confirmed by Deadpool & Wolverine set photos and videos.

At least a samurai version of Deadpool — played by Reynolds — and an animal version of the character — Dogpool — will appear in the anticipated Deadpool & Wolverine. While there have not been any sightings of Wolverine variants on the movie’s set, the film’s first trailer teased that a new actor might have joined Deadpool & Wolverine‘s cast as a Logan variant, with a shot teasing a “Patch” variant for Wolverine — based on the character’s comic book history. With Deadpool & Wolverine both possibly having variants in the film, here are some great choices for who could play them.


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10 Dougray Scott Almost Played Wolverine Over Jackman

Alternate 2000’s X-Men Timeline Wolverine

While Jackman would become synonymous with Wolverine, playing the character for nearly 25 years, another actor could have had that good fortune. Dougray Scott was initially cast by director Bryan Singer to play Wolverine in 2000’s X-Men. However, due to scheduling conflicts with Mission: Impossible 2, Scott had to drop out, and Jackman came in to play Wolverine. Having Scott finally don the mutant’s Adamantium claws as the Wolverine of an alternate version of the original X-Men movie timeline would bring things full circle in Deadpool & Wolverine.

9 Taylor Swift Is Rumored To Be In Deadpool & Wolverine

Lady Deadpool

For months now, pop star and actress Taylor Swift has been rumored to be in Deadpool & Wolverine. The most popular rumor about who she could play in the third Deadpool movie claims Swift will appear as the X-Men character Dazzler. However, the singer has also been rumored to appear as herself. Now, following the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer’s possible inclusion of Lady Deadpool, Swift could actually appear in the film as a variant of Reynolds’ Wade Wilson. As she previously wore Reynolds’ Deadpool costume on Halloween, fans already have an idea of what that could look like.

“Patch” Wolverine

Daniel Radcliffe is already the face of one of the most popular movie franchises of all time, having played Harry Potter in eight movies. Since his turn as the young wizard, Radcliffe’s career has seen him take on a wild variety of roles, with some performances having him look and act just like the comic book Wolverine. That has led to him being fancast as the MCU’s version of Logan, with Radcliffe addressing his Wolverine casting rumors multiple times. Following the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer’s tease of Logan’s “Patch” persona, fans are adamant that Radcliffe is the actor in question.

Patch is an identity that Logan assumed in the comics when he wanted to blend into the criminal underworld of Madripoor.

Lady Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds could finally share the screen with his wife, Blake Lively, for the first time since the pair met in the ill-fated Green Lantern in Deadpool & Wolverine. Lively is a talented actress who can easily swap between dramatic and comedic roles, with her brand of humor perfectly suited for Deadpool & Wolverine. Seeing her and Reynolds interact as Deadpool variants is the kind of event that the fourth-wall breaking Deadpool movies love, and that could mean that she will be revealed as Lady Deadpool if the movie’s trailer tease pans out.

6 Keanu Reeves Wants To Play Wolverine

A Grizzled Wolverine In The Vein Of “Logan”

Keanu Reeves has met with Marvel Studios in the past, though the actor has not yet found the perfect MCU role for him. However, Reeves has revealed he would love to play Wolverine. While the actor is too old to play the MCU’s version of the mutant, a role as a Wolverine variant in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine would be perfect for Reeves. Given his talents in the John Wick franchise, Reeves would excel as a violent, no-holds-barred version of Wolverine like Jackman’s from Logan.



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5 Walker Scobell Has Already Played A Version Of Ryan Reynolds Before


Walker Scobell’s sword-wielding talents from Disney+’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series could come in handy for the actor’s possible variant role in Deadpool & Wolverine. Scobell is rumored to play Kidpool in the MCU movie. The actor would perfectly fit Deadpool & Wolverine, as he has already played the younger version of Reynolds’ character in The Adam Project, the Netflix movie that was directed by Deadpool & Wolverine‘s Shawn Levy. At the time of the movie’s release, Reynolds shared a video of Scobell performing a monologue from Deadpool 2, showing how perfect he would be in the franchise.

4 Scott Eastwood Could Pay Homage To A Wolverine Inspiration

The Wolverine From The Illuminati’s Earth

Legendary actor Clint Eastwood has served as the main inspiration for several versions of Wolverine, including the comic book series from the 1980s that would cement many of the X-Men character’s most popular elements. His son, Scott Eastwood, has become a popular fancast for the role of Wolverine over the years. Deadpool & Wolverine including the younger Eastwood would be a neat way of paying homage to an important influence on the character’s history, with Scott having the charm and grit to bring an entertaining Logan variant to life, perhaps in connection with Charles Xavier’s death on the Illuminati’s Earth.

3 Karl Urban Could Play Wolverine Before It Is Too Late

Another Logan-Like Wolverine Variant

Karl Urban could become one of the MCU actors who have played multiple roles. The star was part of the MCU as Skurge, with his character being killed by Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. Urban is one of the most popular fancasts for an older Wolverine, and it is easy to see why, as his turn as the superhero-killing Billy Butcher in The Boys has shown the actor could play a vicious version of Logan. Previously speaking about playing Wolverine, Urban said he would be too old for a movie trilogy, but a cameo in Deadpool & Wolverine would be the perfect solution.

2 Grant Gustin As Deadpool Would Poke Fun At DC

Deadpool From An Alternate Version Of The Younger X-Men Movie Timeline

Grant Gustin became famous at DC, not Marvel, for leading nine seasons of the Arrowverse’s The Flash as Barry Allen. Following the end of his series, Gustin appeared in a hilarious ad with Reynolds that referenced The Flash. As the Deadpool movies have already poked fun at DC before, Reynolds’ connection to Gustin could lead to excellent meta casting, with Gustin playing a Deadpool variant that Reynolds’ Wade Wilson constantly calls Barry or other similar Flash-themed references. Jokes about Deadpool’s lack of super-speed would also be perfect.

1 Taron Egerton Could Make A Cameo As The MCU’s Wolverine

MCU Wolverine

Jackman and Taron Egerton have already worked together, with Jackman calling Wolverine candidate Egerton “one of the most talented actors out there.” The star of the Kingsman franchise has become one of the most popular choices to play the MCU’s Wolverine. At 34, Egerton could play Wolverine for the next decade or two, similar to Jackman. The actor has shown he has the necessary range and physicality for such a major hero, and a cameo of the MCU’s Wolverine at the end of Deadpool & Wolverine to set up Marvel Studios’ X-Men would make a splash with Egerton as Logan.

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