• “Worlds Within Worlds” introduces a compelling villain, showcasing Susan Storm’s inner struggles and moral dilemmas in a gripping narrative.
  • Fans of Fantastic Four can expect potential reboots, as X-Men ’97 revival sparks interest in revamping classic animated Marvel series.
  • Each episode of Fantastic Four: The Animated Series on Disney+ offers thrilling narratives, iconic clashes, and dynamic character dynamics.



The Fantastic Four animated series produced a litany of great episodes, but some were notably better than others. The animated Marvel series produced a total of 26 episodes across 2 seasons from 1994-1996. Despite being one of the most short-lived animated series produced during the iconic era, Fantastic Four boasts some of the most celebrated episodes from Marvel’s shared animated universe.

Following the announcement of the X-Men ’97 revival series, fans have been petitioning for a similar reboot of Spider-Man: The Animated Series. It is therefore conceivable that, as a result, Fantastic Four could also be considered for a contemporary update on Disney+. As a second season of X-Men ’97 is already confirmed, many Marvel animated shows from the era could be central to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s future.

Fantastic Four: The Animated Series Main Cast

Actor Name

Character Name/Names

Beau Weaver

Reed Richards / Mister Fantastic, Trapster, Admiral Koh, T’Chaka

Lori Alan

Susan Storm-Richards / Invisible Woman

Quinton Flynn

Johnny Storm / Human Torch (season 2)

Chuck McCann

Benjamin “Ben” Jacob Grimm / The Thing

Brian Austin Green

Johnny Storm / Human Torch (season 1)

Neil Ross

Doctor Doom (season 1), Puppet Master, Warlord Krang, Super-Skrull (season 1)

Simon Templeman

Doctor Doom (season 2)

Pauline Arthur Lomas

Alicia Masters


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10 “Worlds Within Worlds” Included A Terrifying Villain

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 5

fantastic four animated series Psycho-man traps johnny storm

“Worlds Within Worlds” from the Fantastic Four animated series is a standout episode, featuring compelling storytelling and character development. It introduces a formidable villain, Psycho-Man, who corrupts the typically virtuous Susan Storm, adding far greater depth to her characterization. The episode’s strength lies in its exploration of inner conflicts and moral dilemmas and its depiction of Susan’s struggle against his insidious influence. Through captivating animation and gripping narrative, “Worlds Within Worlds” keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, making it a memorable installment in the Fantastic Four series.

All episodes of Fantastic Four: The Animated Series can be streamed on Disney+

9 “Nightmare In Green” Saw The Thing Battle The Hulk

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 9

“Nightmare in Green,” an exceptional episode of Fantastic Four, delivers an enthralling storyline as Doctor Doom manipulates the Incredible Hulk against the Fantastic Four. This gripping narrative twist leads to an iconic clash between the Hulk and the Thing, reminiscent of classic Marvel Comics battles. The episode masterfully captures the essence of these beloved characters while offering viewers a thrilling spectacle of superhero action. With its compelling plot and dynamic fight scenes, “Nightmare in Green” is a notable episode that demonstrates the timeless appeal of the Fantastic Four and their enduring conflicts with formidable adversaries.


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8 “Inhumans Saga: Part 1: And The Wind Cries Medusa” Introduced The Human Torch’s Love Interest

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 2

Fantastic four animated series medusa standing in a warehouse

“Inhumans Saga: Part 1: And The Wind Cries Medusa” marked a significant milestone in the Fantastic Four animated series by introducing the enigmatic Medusa, love interest to the Human Torch. This episode also introduced viewers to the mysterious Inhumans, bringing the famed Marvel characters into the animated Marvel universe. As the Fantastic Four crossed paths with Medusa and delved into the intricacies of the Inhumans’ society, the stage was set for a captivating, three-part saga filled with intrigue and adventure. “And The Wind Cries Medusa” laid the foundation for this thrilling narrative arc.

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 1

Fantastic four animated series fantastic four with daredevil

In the memorable “And A Blind Man Shall Lead Them” episode of Fantastic Four, the team faces a dire predicament as they lose their powers and Doctor Doom seizes control of their headquarters. The unexpected appearance of Daredevil proves pivotal as he comes to the aid of the powerless Fantastic Four, demonstrating his own unique abilities and resourcefulness. As the team grapples with their vulnerability, Daredevil’s presence adds an extra layer of intrigue and heroism to the storyline. This collaboration between Daredevil and the Fantastic Four highlights the importance of heroic unity and support in the face of adversity.

6 “Prey Of The Black Panther” Depicted The Famed Wakandan Hero

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 7

In the thrilling episode “Prey of the Black Panther” from the Fantastic Four animated series, Marvel’s iconic hero Black Panther makes a dramatic entrance, challenging the formidable Fantastic Four team. As T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, ventures beyond his homeland, he confronts the renowned superhero quartet in a gripping showdown. The episode depicts Black Panther’s unmatched combat prowess and intellect as he tests his mettle against the Fantastic Four’s combined might. With dynamic action sequences and intricate plot twists, “Prey of the Black Panther” delivers an exhilarating tale that highlights the diverse and rich tapestry of the Marvel Universe.

5 “Inhumans Saga: Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land” Was A Dynamic Adventure

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 4

fantastic four the animated series, black bolt pointing with mister fantastic

“Inhumans Saga: Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land” is one of the best Fantastic Four animated series episodes. It depicts an epic alliance between the Fantastic Four and the enigmatic Inhumans as they unite to thwart the machinations of Black Bolt’s treacherous brother, Maximus. The episode masterfully intertwines action, drama, and intricate character dynamics, offering viewers a thrilling and immersive experience. As the heroes navigate the perilous Hidden Land, facing formidable foes and unexpected challenges, the episode depicts the final chapter in the Inhumans Saga, cementing its status as an essential episode.

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 3 ​​​​​​​

Fantastic four animated series fantastic four team looking upwards

“Inhumans Saga: Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us” is a thrilling episode in the Fantastic Four animated series, primarily due to its exhilarating portrayal of the clash between the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans. The episode captures the essence of both teams’ powers and dynamics, leading to a thrilling and captivating battle. As tensions escalate and alliances shift, the episode masterfully balances action with character development, offering a riveting exploration of heroism and identity. “The Inhumans Among Us” is a standout episode that exemplifies the series’ ability to deliver compelling storytelling and epic confrontations.

3 “Doomsday” Depicted The Iconic Villain

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 13 ​​​​​​​

fantastic four animated series, doctor doom looking sinister

“Doomsday,” an iconic Fantastic Four episode, is one of the series’ finest entrants in the series. Featuring the formidable foe Doctor Doom and the enigmatic Silver Surfer, it delivers a thrilling narrative that draws from the Fantastic Four’s famed Marvel Comics history. As Doctor Doom threatens to unleash chaos upon the world, the Fantastic Four must confront their greatest challenge yet. With high-stakes action and compelling character dynamics, “Doomsday” exemplifies the essence of the series. Its gripping storyline solidifies its status as one of the standout episodes, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

2 “To Battle The Living Planet” Was A Thrilling Team-Up

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 6 ​​​​​​​

“To Battle The Living Planet” stands out as one of the finest episodes of Fantastic Four, featuring the iconic villain Ego the Living Planet. This captivating episode not only showcases the team’s ingenuity in facing such a formidable foe, but also serves as a delightful precursor to the cosmic adventure of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. With its blend of action, humor, and imagination, the episode offers a compelling ride for viewers. Ego’s menacing presence adds depth to the narrative, making “To Battle The Living Planet” a standout and memorable entry in the Fantastic Four animated series.

1 “When Calls Galactus” Is The Greatest Episode

Fantastic Four Season 2, Episode 8 ​​​​​​​

Fantastic four animated series fantastic four team encounter galactus

“When Calls Galactus” stands as the greatest episode from the Fantastic Four animated series. Featuring the awe-inspiring presence of the cosmic entity Galactus, it delivers thrilling encounters with iconic Marvel characters, including Thor, Iron Man, and Ghost Rider. The episode’s masterful storytelling seamlessly integrates high-stakes action with deep character development, as the Fantastic Four confront their most formidable adversary yet. Galactus’s imposing presence serves as a catalyst for the team’s greatest challenge, resulting in an epic battle that showcases their resilience and heroism. “When Calls Galactus” exemplifies the blend of excitement and depth inherent in Fantastic Four.

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