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  • Echo
    left many unanswered questions and created many new mysteries in the MCU’s Phase 5.

  • It’s unclear exactly what Echo did to Kingpin in the series, when she might have battled Daredevil, or even what her actual power-set allows her to do.
  • While
    left many questions unanswered, the series did set up some major characters and storylines for the MCU’s future.

Marvel Studios left many questions unanswered after the release of Phase 5’s Echo. Released in its entirety on January 9, 2024, Echo marked the returns of Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopez and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk following their debuts in Hawkeye. As the first project to release under the Marvel Spotlight banner, Echo delivered a grounded, character-driven story in the MCU, with Maya Lopez returning to her hometown of Tamaha, Oklahoma, while evading the pursuit of Kingpin’s henchmen. While the Phase 5 series explored Maya’s backstory, Choctaw heritage and relationship with Kingpin, Echo also left many other questions unanswered, creating several new mysteries in the MCU.

Delivered as an event series over five episodes, Echo may have paid little attention to the wider world of the MCU, but the series did introduce several new important characters, and set up some huge storylines for the franchise’s future. As well as featuring the evolution of the MCU’s first live-action Native American superhero, Echo also marked a milestone in the journey of one of the MCU’s most threatening villains, though the futures of both characters are still unclear. Since Kingpin is set to return alongside Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in Daredevil: Born Again, some of these questions may soon be answered, but others may not be so easily explained.


Echo: Maya Lopez’s Powers & Comic History Explained

Maya Lopez a.k.a. Echo is a key street-level MCU character with a tragic past and several connections to major Marvel heroes and villains.

10 What Did Echo Do To Kingpin?

Maya Lopez Healed Kingpin In Echo’s Finale

Maya Lopez healing Wilson Fisk in the finale of Echo

Echo’s series finale delivered more questions than answers, and one of the most pressing concerns exactly what happened to Wilson Fisk during his final showdown with Maya Lopez at the Choctaw Nation Powwow. During this spar, Maya Lopez realized her full potential as the superhero Echo, calling upon the powers of her ancestors to give her the upper hand, but the battle ended with her using her mother’s healing ability on Kingpin, rendering him incapacitated. This seemed to thrust Kingpin into a traumatic memory from his childhood, but Echo failed to explain exactly what happened in this moment, and why Kingpin simply ran away in the minutes after.

9 When Did Echo Fight Daredevil?

Matt Murdock’s Daredevil Had A Cameo Appearance In Echo

Daredevil fighting Maya Lopez in Echo's premiere

Echo’s premiere episode saw Maya Lopez – still working for her “Uncle” Wilson Fisk – engage in battle with Matt Murdock’s Daredevil. In Marvel Comics, Matt and Maya have a romantic relationship, but this hasn’t been teased at all in the MCU. Instead, Maya put up a strong fight against the masked vigilante, who seems to still be targeting Wilson Fisk’s operations following their disagreements in Marvel Television’s Daredevil series. The timeline of this battle between Daredevil and Echo is never revealed, though it’s possible this took place during Avengers: Endgame’s five-year Blip, potentially debunking a popular Daredevil and Kingpin fan theory.

One popular theory has suggested that Daredevil could have been a victim of Thanos’ Infinity War snap, allowing Kingpin to regain his power over New York City, but Echo and Daredevil’s fight in Echo – if set during the Blip – confirms this isn’t the case.

8 How Did Kingpin Survive Being Shot?

Maya Lopez Shot Kingpin In Hawkeye’s Finale

Wilson Fisk’s return in Marvel Studios’ Echo series may have been shocking for some, as Kingpin was last seen being shot in the face in Hawkeye’s series finale back in 2021. Despite being gunned-down at point-blank range by Maya Lopez, Kingpin seems to have suffered little injury, save for scarring around his left eye, raising the question as to how he could survive this fatal shot. The MCU’s Wilson Fisk has been shown to have more brute strength than his Netflix counterpart, having survived an arrow to the chest in Hawkeye, so it’s possible Echo’s bullet didn’t affect him like an average human, but this question still needs an answer.

7 Why Did Kingpin Kill William Lopez?

Kingpin Gave Ronin Information On Echo’s Father During The Blip

Maya Lopez with her dying father in Echo

2021’s Hawkeye revealed that, while Clint Barton’s Ronin had killed Maya’s father, Zahn McClarnon’s William Lopez, it was actually Wilson Fisk who ordered this attack on his own Tracksuit Mafia. This point was reiterated throughout Echo on Disney+, but Kingpin never revealed exactly why he wanted Maya’s father dead. Perhaps tipping off Ronin about William Lopez allowed the real villain to escape the vigilante’s attack, or perhaps Fisk wanted to fully assume control over Maya Lopez’s life, training her to be his successor of sorts. Either way, the exact circumstances around William Lopez’s death are unclear, and likely won’t be revealed in the MCU’s future.

6 Who Killed Echo’s Mother?

Echo’s Mother Was Killed In A Car Accident

Taloa, Maya Lopez's mother, in Echo

The opening moments of 2024’s Echo revealed that Maya Lopez’s mother, Taloa, had been killed in a car accident when the future hero was only a child. This event prompted Maya and her father’s relocation to New York City, but there is a huge amount of mystery surrounding Taloa’s demise that wasn’t explored in Echo. Most notably, the brakes in Taloa’s car had been severed, rendering them useless, and leading to the fatal crash that took Taloa’s life and culminated in Maya losing her leg. It’s never revealed who caused this crash, though William Lopez’s criminal connections are suggested to have something to do with it.

5 What Powers Does Echo Actually Have?

Maya Lopez Has Several Different Abilities As Echo

Over the duration of Echo’s five episodes, different time periods throughout Choctaw history are explored in flashbacks, each centered on specific powerful women who are revealed to be Maya Lopez’s own ancestors. This heritage leads all the way back to Chafa, the first Choctaw who led her people out of the cave and into the world. Passed down from Chafa come some impressive and mystical abilities that Maya can harness, as her ancestors “echo” through her. While Echo provided a glimpse at the extent of these abilities, their true nature and full scale hasn’t been revealed, so it’s not exactly clear what Maya Lopez may actually be capable of.

Maya Lopez seems to have access to a supernatural power from Chafa, agility and strength from Lowak in the 1200s, marksmanship and bravery from Tuklo in the 1800s, and a regenerative healing ability from her own mother, Taloa, though the exact nature of these new gifts hasn’t been revealed.

4 Why Did Echo’s Powers Only Appear Now?

Echo’s Abilities Lead Back To The First Choctaw

The first Choctaw woman in Echo

Maya’s new abilities only present themselves when she returns to Tamaha, so perhaps returning back to the site of the Choctaw Nation unlocked these powers inside her. If this isn’t the case, however, it’s unclear exactly why Maya would begin to have visions of her ancestors now, rather than during her fighting training as a child, or during her career as a criminal working under Kingpin. Maya Lopez has been an active fighter for many years by the time Echo’s events happen in the MCU’s timeline, and it’s never revealed why her abilities begin to present themselves only now, so there are still many questions surrounding her impressive new gifts.

3 Will Kingpin Become The Mayor Of New York?

Echo’s Post-Credits Scene Teased Kingpin’s Future

Kingpin thinking about being mayor of New York

By the time Echo’s post-credits scene rolled around, Wilson Fisk had been through an incredibly tumultuous journey with his surrogate daughter, and had perhaps had his view on vigilantes twisted significantly. Fisk seemed very interested in a news story claiming that the election campaign for the Mayoral position in New York City could be hotly contested by anyone, but that a “bare-fisted brawler” would likely take the role. This teases one of Wilson Fisk’s most iconic and memorable storylines in Marvel Comics, which could see Fisk become Mayor of New York in the MCU’s future, fighting street-level heroes with some real power, rather than just his strength.

Marvel Comics’ Devil’s Reign saw Wilson Fisk become Mayor of New York. He used his new power to outlaw vigilantism in the city, which has been rumored to be the storyline for Daredevil: Born Again and potentially even future projects such as Spider-Man 4.

2 Is The Defenders Saga MCU Canon?

The Defenders Saga Has Been Added To The MCU’s Timeline

The Defenders in an elevator on Netflix

Vincent D’Onofrio’s return as Wilson Fisk in Echo marked a huge shift in the idea of the MCU’s canon, as he referenced events from his childhood that were explored in Marvel Television’s Daredevil series. In conjunction with the release of Echo on January 9, Marvel Studios also integrated The Defenders Saga, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher into Disney+’s official MCU timeline. While Marvel Studios hasn’t officially commented, this suggests The Defenders Saga is now canon to the MCU, which means the events of these projects can have an impact on the MCU’s future, as may have already happened with Kingpin in Echo.​​​​​​​

While Marvel Studios may be suggesting that Netflix’s Defenders Saga is canon to the MCU, other Marvel Television shows haven’t moved into the MCU’s Disney+ timeline. This includes Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Inhumans, Runaways, Cloak and Dagger and Helstrom.

1 What Does The Future Hold For Echo?

It’s Unclear Where Echo Will Return In The MCU’s Future

Marvel Studios’ Echo featured Maya Lopez’s transformation into a new superhero in the MCU, which hints at her having a key role in the MCU’s future street-level stories. Unfortunately, Alaqua Cox hasn’t yet been confirmed to be reprising the role in any future MCU projects, and Echo’s finale left her ending open-ended, as it’s unclear whether she’ll stay in Tamaha or return to New York City. It’s possible that Echo could return in Daredevil: Born Again alongside Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk, but there is currently no clear path for her to reappear, even though her debut series, Echo​​​​​​​,​​​​​​​ did a great job of properly introducing her to the MCU.

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