• Recent rumors suggest
    Moon Knight
    season 2 may go into development at Marvel Studios.
  • Moon Knight
    season 2 may introduce new powerful villains from Marvel Comics.
  • Marvel Comics villains such as Midnight, the Sun King, Shadow Knight and even Mephisto, could have a role in
    Moon Knight
    season 2.



Recent rumors suggest that Moon Knight season 2 may go into development at Marvel Studios, and there are several terrifying Marvel Comics villains Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector could battle in the potential second season of his solo MCU series. Moon Knight premiered on Disney+ on March 30, 2022, and introduced audiences to Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector, a former mercenary with dissociative identity disorder, who is also the avatar of the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonshu. Marc Spector’s Moon Knight was an exciting addition to the MCU’s Phase 4, but the Fist of Khonshu hasn’t been seen since his debut.

The prospect of Moon Knight season 2 has been unclear since Oscar Isaac appeared as the Egyptian-themed vigilante in Phase 4. However, Moon Knight: The Complete First Season’s release on 4k UHD and Blu-ray has spurred speculation that a second season could be produced, as the series is releasing as the Complete First Season, rather than the Complete Series, which befell WandaVision’s physical release. Not only could Moon Knight season 2 answer unsolved mysteries, but Moon Knight’s continuation could also develop the darker corners of the MCU, particularly by introducing any number of powerful Moon Knight villains from Marvel Comics.

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10 Things Moon Knight Season 2 Needs To Have If It Happens

Although Moonknight season 2 remains unconfirmed, there are several plotlines and arcs that should be explored if the hero returns for another outing.

10 Moon Knight Season 1 Teased Kang The Conqueror Variant Rama-Tut

Rama-Tut Debuted In Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania

Throughout the Multiverse Saga, Kang the Conqueror and his variants have been teased as major threats, and although the supervillain didn’t physically appear in Moon Knight, he was hinted at. During Moon Knight episode 3, “The Friendly Type,” Marc Spector fought with a kid in Cairo, Egypt, who sported a denim jacket with a strange painted design on the back. This design is the same shape and color scheme of Marvel Comics’ Rama-Tut, a Kang variant who became an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Moon Knight season 2 would be the perfect place for Rama-Tut to make his first full MCU appearance.

Jonathan Majors debuted as Rama-Tut in the mid-credits scene of 2023’s Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, though if the variant returns, he will be recast for a new actor.

9 Moon Shade Is An Evil Doppelgänger Of Moon Knight

Moon Shade Was Created By An Evil Version Of Another MCU Superhero

Moon Knight fighting his Moon Shade doppelganger in Marvel Comics

Currently, Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight and Will Poulter’s Adam Warlock have no connection in the MCU, but in Marvel Comics, an evil version of Warlock known as Magus created a villainous doppelgänger of Moon Knight: Moon Shade. Moon Shade debuted in 1992’s Infinity War #3, along with doppelgängers of other heroes who were sent by Magus to attack the Four Freedoms Plaza. Moon Knight and Moon Shade entered into a chase across many realities, with the latter trying to absorb Moon Knight’s variants’ power, and this kind of story would fit perfectly in a Multiverse Saga-set Moon Knight season 2.

8 Midnight Was Moon Knight’s Former Partner In Marvel Comics

Midnight Is The Son Of Gaspard Ulliel’s Moon Knight Character

Midnight with cybernetic upgrades in Marvel Comics

Jeff Wilde, the son of Anton Mogart, who was portrayed by the late Gaspard Ulliel in Moon Knight, was introduced to Marvel Comics in 1989’s Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4. Initially the villain Midnight, Wilde joined Moon Knight as his partner in an effort to rehabilitate, but after seemingly being killed by the Secret Empire, Midnight was rebuilt as an evil cyborg and set upon Moon Knight. The fact that Ulliel already appeared as Anton Mogart means that Jeff Wilde could also exist in the MCU, so it would be great to see Midnight introduced in Moon Knight season 2.

7 Stained Glass Scarlet Has A Psychic Connection To Moon Knight

Stained Glass Scarlet Was A Nun-Turned-Vigilante In Marvel Comics

Stained Glass Scarlet facing Moon Knight in Marvel Comics

Stained Glass Scarlet has an incredibly tragic and violent backstory in Marvel Comics, which saw her kill her abusive father and husband. Despite being a nun, Scarlet transformed into a vigilante after being forced to also kill her criminal son, vowing to hunt down the criminals who had a hand in her son’s turn to crime. This brought her into contact with Moon Knight, and the pair soon discover they somehow have a psychic connection, later teaming up against a superteam of some of the latter’s greatest foes. This villain-turned-antihero would fit perfectly into Moon Knight’s dark and gritty tones.


Moon Knight Producer Reveals Bizarre Way Marvel Picked Villain’s Name

Moon Knight executive producer and head writer Jeremy Slater explains the bizarre way they picked the name for Ethan Hawke’s cult leader/doctor.

6 Sun King Is One Of Moon Knight’s Most Recent Enemies

Sun King Gets His Powers From The Egyptian God Of The Sun

Sun King using his pyrokinesis in Marvel Comics

While Moon Knight gets his abilities from the Egyptian God of the Moon, Marvel Comics’ Sun King assumes his abilities from the God of the Sun, Ra. Introduced in 2017’s Moon Knight #188, Sun King is one of Moon Knight’s most recent adversaries, but is perhaps one of the most powerful, as his pyrokinetic abilities and unstable mental state make him incredibly dangerous. By introducing Sun King in Moon Knight season 2, Marvel Studios could continue to demonstrate conflict between the deities of the Egyptian Pantheon, while representing another mental health condition, as Sun King is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

5 Bullseye Killed Moon Knight In Marvel Comics

Wilson Bethel Is Returning As Bullseye In Daredevil: Born Again

Bullseye and Moon Knight first met in Marvel Comics in 2008’s Moon Knight (Vol. 5) #24, which saw Bullseye, a member of the Thunderbolts, attack Moon Knight. The pair’s spar leads them into a warehouse where Moon Knight detonates explosives, and while Bullseye escapes, Moon Knight is presumed dead, though he later resurfaces with Jake Lockley as his dominant alter. Wilson Bethel is returning as Bullseye in the MCU’s Daredevil: Born Again, following his 2018 debut in Marvel Television’s Daredevil season 3, and with the Thunderbolts making their way to the MCU, too, it’s possible this epic battle could unfold.

Wilson Bethel debuted as FBI agent Benjamin Poindexter in 2018’s Daredevil season 3, though he was transformed into Bullseye through Kingpin’s manipulation and experimental surgery.

4 Werewolf By Night & Moon Knight Could Battle In The MCU’s Future

Werewolf By Night Debuted In The MCU’s Phase 4

Werewolf by Night fighting Moon Knight in Marvel Comics

Before the pair became allies, Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight battled each other, with Moon Knight actually making his first Marvel Comics appearance mid-fight with Jack Russell. 1975’s Werewolf by Night #32 debuted Moon Knight, with the mercenary revealed to be working for the Committee to capture Werewolf by Night. Spector disobeyed his orders after realizing Jack Russell’s humanity, and the pair became long-lasting friends. This relationship could be explored in the MCU, as Gael García Bernal debuted as Jack Russell in 2022’s Werewolf by Night Special Presentation, so Moon Knight season 2 could bring these dark characters together.


Werewolf By Night 2 Gets Encouraging Update From Marvel Director

Nearly a year after Werewolf by Night released on Disney+, director Michael Giacchino gives a positive update on a potential Werewolf by Night 2.

3 Moon Knight Season 1 May Have Explored Shadow Knight’s Origins

Randall Spector Became The Villain Shadow Knight In Marvel Comics

Shadow Knight looking terrifying in Marvel Comics

Moon Knight revealed that Marc Spector’s brother, Randall, had died as a child, but in Marvel Comics, Randall Spector grows up and becomes Shadow Knight. Despite being close as children, Randall resented Marc for being the superior brother, and ended up killing Marc’s love interest, which led to Marc almost killing his brother. Randall became convinced he was the next avatar of Khonshu, and emerged as Shadow Knight, an incredibly powerful villain with similar abilities to Moon Knight. Moon Knight season 2 could reveal that Randall survived, but transformed into Shadow Knight, with his mind twisted from his childhood trauma.

2 Bushman Is The Perfect Villain For Moon Knight In Season 2

Bushman’s Origins Were Teased In Moon Knight

Buhsman sharpening his knife in Marvel Comics

Raul Bushman was also teased in Moon Knight as a potential villain in season 2. In both Marvel Comics and in the MCU, Bushman was Marc Spector’s partner when working as a mercenary. Bushman was the man responsible for the death of Layla El-Faouly’s father in the MCU, and the man who left Marc Spector for dead, making him vulnerable enough for Khonshu to manipulate him into becoming Moon Knight. It would be fantastic to see Raul Bushman appear in Moon Knight season 2, as Marc Spector’s vendetta against his former friend would bring out Moon Knight’s most brutal qualities.

1 Moon Knight & The Midnight Sons Could Battle Mephisto

Mephisto Is One Of Marvel Comics’ Most Iconic Villains

During 2018’s Damnation storyline in Marvel Comics, Moon Knight, then a member of the Midnight Sons team, battled the iconic demonic supervillain Mephisto. Mephisto has been long-rumored to be debuting in the MCU, with theories arising routinely since 2021’s WandaVision, and he is speculated to play a role in Agatha: Darkhold Diaries and Ironheart. The MCU’s Midnight Sons has also been heavily-rumored, and Moon Knight would make a powerful addition to the team. If Moon Knight season 2 is produced, it would be brilliant to see the Fist of Khonshu and his supernatural friends battle this iconic Marvel Comics foe.


Every Time The MCU Has Hinted At Mephisto

Mephisto hasn’t shown up in the MCU yet, but with the number of references, hints, setups, and rumors so far, his appearance seems almost inevitable.

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