• Moon Knight season 2 could potentially feature a showdown with Rama-Tut, the Egyptian pharaoh variant of Kang the Conqueror.
  • The introduction of Jake Lockley sets up a compelling internal and external battle between the different alters of Moon Knight.
  • Moon Knight’s history of hunting and killing vampires in the comics suggests that a growing threat of vampires could be established in the MCU, potentially involving Blade and Dracula.



While Moon Knight season 2 has yet to be officially greenlit by Marvel Studios, several villains have potentially been set up across the MCU timeline. In the first season of Moon Knight, Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) and his alter Steven Grant faced Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke), the avatar of the Egyptian goddess Ammit. Imbued with the power of the Egyptian mood god Khonshu, Moon Knight was able to stop Harrow and Ammit before they could preemptively punish the souls of humanity. However, there could be even bigger and more dangerous foes on the horizon.

Considering Moon Knight’s ending and its massive cliffhanger, there’s certainly room for Marc and Steven’s story to expand in the MCU. With any luck, Moon Knight season 2 will soon be in development with Marvel Studios having recently committed to changing their current streaming strategies. To that end, here are 10 Moon Knight villains and/or rivals already set up in the MCU.


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10 Rama-Tut

Moon Knight featured a small Easter egg teasing the Egyptian pharaoh variant of Kang the Conqueror known as Rama-Tut. As such, this could be a tease for a future showdown with the version of Nathaniel Richards who went back in time to conquer Ancient Egypt using technology from the 31st century. Likewise, Rama-Tut has since been featured in full in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s post-credits scene, presented as a key variant leading the MCU’s Council of Kangs. As such, a confrontation between Moon Knight and Rama-Tut in the future is quite possible.

9 Jake Lockley

Moon Knight Finale Jake Lockley Twist

Moon Knight’s post-credits scene debuted Jake Lockely, Marc Spector’s other alter from the original comics. However, Jake is unknown to Marc or Steven in the MCU, and he’s still working for Khonshu even though Spector and Grant seemingly cut ties with the moon god. Killing Arthur Harrow on Khonshu’s orders, it seems as though Jake is willing to do far more and be darker than his alters, perhaps explaining why his existence is a secret. To that end, a battle between Marc, Steven, and Jake would be a compelling battle that would be both internal and external simultaneously.

8 Bushman

Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector in Moon Knight and Raul Bushman in Marvel comics

As established in both the comics and the MCU, Raul Bushman was Marc Spector’s partner who turned on him when they became mercenaries. Bushman killed their entire team and nearly killed Spector himself were it not for Khnoshu who made Marc his new avatar. Eventually, Moon Knight tracks down Bushman in the comics, carving off his face before killing him. However, Bushman would eventually be resurrected as a constant Moon Knight villain. To that end, Moon Knight season 2 could certainly mirror the comics and build toward a similar confrontation with Bushman in live-action.

7 Blade

mahershala ali as eric brooks aka blade in the mcu

While he wouldn’t be a direct villain, it is possible that Moon Knight could be headed on a trajectory that puts him in conflict with Blade the Vampire Hunter (Mahershala Ali). Although Blade has yet to be seen in the MCU, his voice has been heard in the post-credits scene of Eternals when speaking with Dane Whitman aka The Black Knight. Seeing as how both Moon Knight and Blade have worked together in the past as supernatural vigilantes, perhaps a showdown-turned-team-up is in the cards for the MCU’s future.


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6 Vampires

Nosferatu Vampires in The MCU Werewolf By Night

To that end, vampires have been set up in the MCU thanks to Werewolf by Night and the first season of Loki where they were referenced by Agent Mobius. Committed to protecting the travelers of the night, Moon Knight is no stranger to hunting and killing vampires in the original Marvel Comics. As such, it could be very interesting to see Moon Knight establish a growing threat of vampires in the MCU, one that could easily involve Blade and potentially even lead to the MCU’s Dracula.

5 Werewolf By Night

Werewolf by Night and Moon Knight have a strong history in the original comics. After all, Moon Knight’s first appearance in the comics was in 1975’s Werewolf by Night #32. Now that they’ve both been introduced into the MCU, a live-action battle and potential joining of forces feels inevitable. That said, Marc Spector and Jack Russell have often been in opposition at least where the comics are concerned.

4 Hunter’s Moon


With Marc and Steven having cut ties with Knonshu in the MCU, the moon god only has Jake working for him (which doesn’t seem like the most stable union). To that end, Khonshu may have more than one Fist of Justice as has been seen in more current comics. On the page, Khonshu recently revealed the more devout and faithful Hunter’s Moon, his other Fist who was similarly saved from death and pledged his service to the moon god’s will. The Hunter’s Moon was also opposed to Moon Knight who had a similar rift with Khonshu at the time, so a live-action debut in the MCU would be rather fitting.


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3 Sun King

The Sun King appears in Marvel Comics.

During Moon Knight’s production, it had been theorized that Ethan Hawke was playing the Sun King before it was officially revealed he was playing Harrow. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and possessing pyrokinetic abilities, the Sun King believed himself to be the physical manifestation of Amon Ra. He also became obsessed with killing Moon Knight and even joined forces with Bushman to make Marc Spector suffer. As such, it would be very compelling to see an MCU version of the Sun King in a potential Moon Knight season 2.

2 Mephisto

Sacha Baron Cohen as MCU Mephisto Rumors MCU Special

Ever since WandaVision, fans have theorized about the arrival of Mephisto in the MCU. Now, it’s been rumored that Mephisto will be played by Sacha Baron Cohen and will first appear in Ironheart. However, Mephisto could easily become an overarching villain for supernaturally-focused heroes such as Moon Knight who once fought the demon lord as a member of the comics’ Midnight Sons. To that end, more and more heroes with Midnight Sons connections have been introduced in recent MCU projects, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility. Perhaps Moon Knight season 2 could lay the foundation for a greater crossover project where Mephisto is the primary threat.

1 Khonshu

It’s also possible that Moon Knight season 2’s main antagonist is Khonshu himself. Although the moon god seeks justice, it’s often conflated with vengeance. Likewise, the rift between Marc and Khonshu at the end of Moon Knight’s first season is certainly primed to be explored further in another season. Khonshu isn’t above manipulations, hence the fact that he let Marc and Steven “go” while secretly keeping Jake in his employ for the MCU’s foreseeable future. It could very well be what permanently turns Moon Knight into a more grounded vigilante rather than being Khonshu’s supernaturally charged avatar.

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