• Jensen Ackles’ experience in notable projects could make him an ideal Cyclops for the MCU.
  • Glen Powell is the perfect actor to play the MCU’s Cyclops.
  • Sam Claflin’s ability to bring both seriousness and fun to his roles could make him a perfect fit for a revamped Cyclops.



The Marvel Cinematic Universe will debut its version of the X-Men in the future, and thanks to the animated Disney+ series X-Men ’97 making Cyclops a prominent character once again, a lot of attention has turned to the hero’s casting. Cyclops has been mainly been played by two actors in live-action. James Marsden first gave life to Scott Summers in the original timeline of Fox’s X-Men movies, with Tye Sheridan then taking on the role of Cyclops for the younger X-Men movie continuity.

Both actors were perfectly cast for the role but were given the short end of the stick. While in the original X-Men movie franchise, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine becoming so popular led to Cyclops being cast aside, the younger X-Men timeline decided to focus on other characters like Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique instead of the one that should have been leading the X-Men. Thankfully, X-Men ’97 has made Cyclops cool again in the eyes of many, and some actors could continue that positive trend to make the hero one of the MCU’s best characters.



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10 Nick Robinson

The Actor Is Ready For A Major Franchise Role

Nick Robinson has already had an experience with an iconic Hollywood franchise that could help him be prepared if he were to join the MCU as Cyclops. Robinson played Zach Mitchell in Jurassic World, with the actor delivering a compelling turn in his limited screen time opposite Ty Simpkins — the MCU’s Harley Keener actor from Iron Man 3 — as one of the nephews of Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire Dearing. Robinson then went on to bring emotional roles to life in Love, Simon, A Teacher, and Maid.

At 29, Robinson would be a great pick to play Cyclops for at least a decade whenever the X-Men come to the MCU. The actor can make Scott Summers a nuanced character, bringing to life the confident X-Men leader side of the hero while also being skilled at playing more stripped-down moments that could ground Cyclops. Robinson would make the character inspirational and likable.

9 Jake Lacy

The Star Has The Energy To Pull Off Scott Summers

Jake Lacy is a skilled actor in both the comedy and the drama departments. One of his most famous early roles came as Pete in the later seasons of The Office, with the actor first showing his deadpan style of humor in the series. In projects like The White Lotus, Apples Never Fall, and A Friend of the Family, Lacy has shown his range.

The first two series serve as showcases of Lacy’s ability to play ridiculous comedy bits while, at times, switching into serious mode to deliver striking monologues and intimate moments. In A Friend of the Family, Lacy played a truly despicable person. As Cyclops, the actor could turn in either a more uptight or relaxed version of the hero depending on what Marvel wants, with a silent intensity always around if the need arises.

8 Sam Claflin

The Actor Is Perfect For A Different Movie Version Of Cyclops

Cyclops has always been represented in the Fox X-Men movies as a rather stoic character. While that is true for a lot of versions of the hero, there is more to him than just that. Yes, Scott Summers is known for being all about discipline and following orders to accomplish the X-Men’s goals; however, the character can have fun once in a while, especially since the X-Men are more of a family than a team.

X-Men ’97 showed how that could happen when Cyclops apologized to the team and joined the mutants after having told them off for playing basketball.

Claflin could bring both sides of the character to life perfectly. Two of his popular roles show how. As Mycroft in Enola Holmes, the actor played a stickler to the rules that serves as a taste of what his Cyclops could be like when in contact with Charles Xavier or on the field. As Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games franchise, Claflin showed an unpredictable flair that could add a sense of fun to Cyclops, like in X-Men ’97.


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7 Dylan O’Brien

Dylan O’Brien is a popular name among superhero movie fancasts, both on the Marvel and DC sides. It is easy to see why, as the actor has been part of a wide array of projects, always delivering charismatic lead performances or playing complex characters. While O’Brien could be great as multiple MCU heroes, he would fit Cyclops perfectly.

As Thomas in The Maze Runner franchise, O’Brien proved himself as a magnetic leading man. The actor was believable as a leader who wanted the best for his friends, fighting to make that happen against all odds, which is incredibly close to what Cyclops is all about at the end of the day. O’Brien has shown in multiple action-oriented roles that he has the ability to deliver kinetic fights as the field leader of the X-Men, which would help Cyclops be a well-rounded character in the MCU.

6 Robbie Amell

The Actor’s Latest Successful Series Makes Him A Good Cyclops Candidate

Robbie Amell has a history with superhero projects at DC, with the actor being the cousin of Arrow‘s Oliver Queen actor Stephen Amell and having himself played Firestorm in the Arrowverse. Amell has plenty of experience with action movies and shows. The actor would be believable as the leader of the X-Men in action, with his recent turn as Connor, a character with electric powers in Code 8: Part II, showing his physical prowess.

However, it is in a more quiet role that Amell truly shines. In the comedy series Upload, Amell fully displays his leading man talents. His character, Nathan, is a charismatic lead who starts out as solely driven by his work but mellows out thanks to his family and friends. Amell could make Cyclops a nuanced character that is easy to love, excelling in both climatic and light-hearted moments.

5 Brenton Thwaites

The Actor Has Already Played A Superhero Leader Similar To Cyclops

Brenton Thwaites is a special case, as he has already played a prominent comic book character who also happens to be a team leader like Cyclops. Thwaites gave life to Dick Grayson, aka Nightwing, in DC’s Titans series. While the actor is not expected to come back for the DC Universe’s new Teen Titans movie, Thwaites was impeccable in the role, being the star of the TV show.

It is true that Titans presented a different version of Nightwing than the comics often show, with Dick being sometimes an overbearing leader in the series who likes to follow Batman’s rules to the letter. However, that makes Thwaites perfect for Cyclops. If the MCU decides to focus heavily on the field team leader side of Cyclops and his sense of responsibility, Thwaites is the actor to make him a driven force for good in the MCU.

4 Henry Cavill

The Actor Could Go From DC To Marvel

Henry Cavill gave life to who might be considered the best or the most popular comic book superhero of all: Superman. Now that the DCEU is over and Cavill has been recast as the Man of Steel with David Corenswet playing Clark Kent in James Gunn’s Superman reboot movie, Cavill is free to join the MCU. While there are a few great roles for him, Cavill as Cyclops could be special.

After getting pushed to the side in two X-Men movie timelines, Cyclops needs to be a major part of the MCU’s story for the mutants. By casting Cavill as Scott Summers, Marvel would be making a statement that Cyclops would be important moving forward, as the fan-favorite actor would be unlikely to go from Superman to the MCU not to play a poignant role. In the DCEU and as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher, Cavill has shown that he would excel as Cyclops in fight scenes, another point in his favor.

3 Jensen Ackles

The Actor Has Worn Cyclops’ Visor Before

Another actor who is a popular fancast for several heroes is Jensen Ackles. The star is currently the fan-favorite to take on the role of Batman in the new DC Universe. However, if that does not end up happening, Ackles would be a pitch-perfect Cyclops for the MCU. The only thing really playing against him is the actor’s age, as the MCU might want to start with a younger Cyclops, and at 46, Ackles would not be suited for that.

Age aside, Ackles has the skills to make Cyclops one of the MCU’s best heroes. As Dean Winchester in Supernatural and Soldier Boy in The Boys, Ackles showed that he has the physicality to play Cyclops and the acting skills to make the field leader of the X-Men a confident hero who others would look up to. Speaking with Review Nation at 2019’s San Diego Comic-Con, Ackles even put Cyclops’ visor on — and looked good doing so.

2 Jacob Elordi

The Actor Has The Screen Presence For Cyclops

At 6′ 5″, Jacob Elordi has the frame to make Cyclops a physically imposing character if he gets cast as the hero. The actor is one of the most popular rising stars Hollywood has seen in recent years, with Elordi having already played a major icon — Elvis — to great success early on in his career.

At just 26, the actor could be the MCU’s Cyclops for at least the next decade, adding to the list of Euphoria stars who have joined superhero movies, which includes MCU Spider-Man franchise actress Zendaya. Elordi has a calm intensity to his roles that would suit Scott Summers well, making the X-Men leader look poised, but always ready to bring the ceiling down on villains at any given moment. The actor would be believable as someone who stands up to whoever the MCU casts as the new Wolverine as well.

1 Glen Powell

Finally, Glen Powell is the perfect actor to play the MCU’s Cyclops. Following the release of the first two episodes of Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97, Powell became the fan-favorite to take on the role in the MCU, and it is easy to see why. The star could play a confident Cyclops in the same vein as his Top Gun: Maverick role, only without the arrogant air that Hangman carried himself.

In X-Men ’97, while Cyclops was shown to have a high respect for discipline and his position as the leader of the X-Men, the character also had fun during fights and tried to relax back at the team’s mansion. Powell could bring that nuance of the character to life in great fashion, making Cyclops a compelling hero. After the two movie versions of Scott Summers did not live up to his potential, Powell’s Cyclops could finally do justice to the character’s comic book history.

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