• Magneto’s powers go beyond just manipulating chunks of metal – he can control the flow of iron in blood and generate electromagnetic pulses.
  • The mutant villain/anti-hero can also utilize astral projection to communicate and create portals to travel instantly between locations.
  • Magneto’s abilities include turning invisible, blocking telepathic attacks, and being able to affect non-metallic objects.



Marvel’s Magneto has certainly had some impressive displays of power in the X-Men movies but certain powers have not been depicted. Magneto appeared in eight movies in Fox’s X-Men movie timeline, boasting some of the most prominent scenes and one of the most iconic mutant powers. While many of these have accurately depicted the nature and limits of Magneto’s ability, several fascinating additional abilities should be considered for the MCU’s X-Men movie.

Fox’s X-Men movies have depicted Magneto’s mastery over magnetic fields, showcasing his ability to manipulate metal, fly, and generate protective force fields. Indeed, Magneto is one of the most powerful mutants in Fox’s X-Men universe, but his capabilities extend much further. As an omega-level mutant, Magneto possesses unparalleled potential, capable of influencing much more than it might appear. His command over electromagnetic forces transcends conventional limits, enabling feats of staggering magnitude.



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10 Magneto Can Somehow Use Magnetism To Effect Bodily Functions

As Seen In Age Of Apocalypse X-Men: Alpha

Magneto’s control over metal extends to the human body, allowing him to incapacitate foes by manipulating the metals within them. In X-Men comics, Magneto has used this to knock people unconscious or render foes unable to move any muscle in their body, by controlling the flow of iron in their blood. This power was hinted at in X2: X-Men United when he extracted iron injected into a security guard’s bloodstream. Including this to its full capability in the MCU’s X-Men projects would deepen Magneto’s threat level, showcasing his ability to manipulate the very essence of his adversaries’ physiology.


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9 Magneto Can Use Astral Projection

As Seen In X-Men #4

Xavier and Magneto Astral Projection in x-men comics

Magneto possesses the remarkable ability to astral project, transcending physical boundaries to communicate with individuals like Xavier on the astral plane. While this phenomenon has been sporadically depicted, its significance remains largely unexplored in the X-Men cinematic universe. Previous films primarily associated astral projection with Xavier, omitting Magneto’s potential in this realm. However, incorporating this aspect into future MCU X-Men installments would not only enrich Magneto’s character but also strengthen the bond and conflict between him and Xavier. Exploring Magneto’s astral prowess would add depth to his character and dynamics within the X-Men narrative.

8 Magneto Can Create Portals

As Seen In X-Men: Excalibur III #8

magneto traveling by portal in x-men comics

Magneto boasts a lesser-known yet impressive power: the ability to create and traverse portals. This extraordinary capability allows him to manipulate the electromagnetic spectrum to bend space itself, opening gateways to different locations – allowing himself and others to instantaneously travel from one location to another. While this facet of his power remains unexplored in cinematic adaptations, its inclusion in the MCU’s X-Men projects would offer a thrilling expansion of Magneto’s abilities. Portals could not only serve as strategic tools in battle but also showcase his mastery over fundamental forces of the universe.


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7 Magneto Can Generate Electromagnetic Pulses

As Seen In X-Men #25 (1993)

Magneto’s prowess over the electromagnetic spectrum is so sophisticated that he can even control elements of electricity. One particularly impressive example sees Magneto unleash devastating electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), obliterating nearby electronics. In X-Men comics, he’s depicted employing this power to annihilate satellites orbiting Earth and disabling electronics planet-wide. This capability underscores his unparalleled control over electromagnetic forces, making him a formidable adversary capable of wreaking havoc on a global scale. Its inclusion in future X-Men films would highlight his destructive potential while also intensifying the stakes of battles, making Magneto able to deflect Storm’s omega-level lightning strikes.

6 Magneto Can Turn Invisible

As Seen In Vision and the Scarlet Witch #4 (Feb. 1983)

Magneto Enters Attilan Invisible in x-men comics

Magneto possesses the incredible ability to manipulate light, bending it around his body to render himself invisible. This remarkable power adds a layer of unpredictability and menace to his already formidable arsenal. Incorporating this facet of his abilities into the MCU’s X-Men movie franchise could offer a thrilling update, amplifying Magneto’s potential as a threatening antagonist. With the capability to vanish from sight at will, Magneto becomes an even more elusive and dangerous adversary, challenging the heroes in ways previously unexplored and deepening the intrigue of his character within the cinematic universe.

5 Magneto Can Block Telepathic Attacks

As Seen In The Uncanny X-Men #521

Magneto has consistently exhibited remarkable resilience against telepathic assaults, save for the most potent or unforeseen attacks. While traditionally, this is due to his specially designed helmet or an extension of his forcefield, he has demonstrated latent telepathic abilities. He has also fought off telepathic attacks through the sheer force of his will, as depicted in X-Men #2. Instances of Magneto’s latent telepathic potential have surfaced in narratives like the Secret Wars limited series. Magneto’s telepathic powers were likely not depicted in the X-Men movies, which allowed his infamous helmet to feature in narratives and keep Magneto’s character separate from Xavier.

4 Magneto Can See The Electromagnetic Spectrum

As Seen In X-Men #25 (1993)

Polaris has electromagnetic vision in an x-men comic

Magneto possesses an exceptional talent to perceive the world beyond the visible light spectrum, thanks to his mastery over electromagnetic energy. While not always explicitly stated, Magneto has been depicted visualizing electromagnetic auras emitted by all living beings and even the forces surrounding vast, inanimate objects like planets. When faced with the United Nations Security Council’s “Magneto Protocols,” which aimed to neutralize his powers using satellites, Magneto retaliated with a planet-wide electromagnetic pulse. In an X-Men movie, this would make a dynamic elaboration on Magneto’s cinematic legacy, adding a new dimension to his ability to sense and detect metal.

As Seen In Avengers Academy #22 (Jan. 2012)

Magneto with the Brotherhood of Mutants in Marvel Comics

Magneto boasts such control over the electromagnetic field that he can even control non-metallic objects. Magneto can produce electromagnetic fields akin to his personal forcefield that are so powerful they can move or manipulate any object, regardless of its metallic content. This is likely omitted from X-Men movies because it undermines his few limitations and is quite a specific application of his powers that would require excessive exposition. However, it would add a thrilling or terrifying twist in a future X-Men project, making Magneto an even more threatening villain.

2 Magneto Is A Scientific Genius

As Seen In The Uncanny X-Men #150

Magneto confronts the X-Men in Marvel Comics.

Magneto is also a technological genius. Proficient in advanced sciences such as genetic manipulation, particle physics, and engineering, he has crafted an array of groundbreaking inventions. From advanced weaponry to formidable space stations, Magneto’s creations rival Forge and Beast’s. Notably, he has engineered superpowered humanoid lifeforms and devices capable of generating natural disasters like volcanoes and earthquakes. Moreover, his innovations include devices that block telepathy and nullify mutant powers within a certain radius. This has been largely absent in X-Men movies but could have been used to explain the machine built in X-Men to turn humans into mutants.

1 Magneto Is Geomagnetically Connected to The Earth

As Seen In Ultimate X-Men #30

Magneto fighting in space above asteroid m in x-men comics

Magneto’s connection to Earth’s natural magnetism is so nuanced that he is intrinsically linked to the planet’s geomagnetic field. This unique bond grants him unparalleled control over Earth’s magnetic forces. In X-Men lore, he’s demonstrated the ability to manipulate this connection to astounding degrees, even capable of flipping the planet’s magnetic poles. This incredible feat not only showcases the depth of his powers but also highlights his potential to reshape the very foundation of the world. Such geomagnetic mastery adds a fascinating layer to Magneto’s character, positioning him as a force of nature perfect for the MCU’s X-Men movie.

Marvel Studios Temp X-Men Movie Logo

Marvel’s X-Men

Marvel’s X-Men is the tentative title for the future debut of the legendary Marvel mutant superhero team in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

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