• Marvel Studios currently has an
    reboot in development, which is set to introduce new versions of Marvel Comics’ mutants into the MCU.
  • Some mutants from Marvel Comics shouldn’t be adapted into live-action, as they are too ridiculous, have pointless powers, or are controversial.
  • Mutant characters such as Marrow, Skin, Adam-X, Stacy X and Wildside, among others, should be left out of the MCU.



Several mutants from Marvel Comics should be left out of the MCU when Marvel Studios finally introduces the X-Men. Back in 2019, shortly after Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox was finalized, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige teased the introduction of mutants into the MCU. This kicked off with the debuts of Kamala Khan in Ms. Marvel and Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, as well as an alternate Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, but 2024’s Deadpool & Wolverine will see more mutants join the MCU’s main continuity, teasing the eventual formation of the X-Men.

In a September 2023 article, Deadline reported that Marvel Studios was on the hunt for writers for the highly-anticipated MCU X-Men reboot. While news on the project has been scarce since then, it won’t be long before mutants and the X-Men will be officially introduced to the MCU, and this is expected to start with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s returns as Deadpool and Wolverine, respectively. However, while the introduction of the MCU’s X-Men team is exciting, there are many mutants from Marvel Comics that probably shouldn’t be adapted into live-action, whether they be pointless, too ridiculous, or even controversial.


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10 Bailey Hoskins Is Regarded As The Worst X-Men Member Ever

Bailey Hoskins Debuted In 2016’s X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1

Bailey Hoskins in the worst X-Man ever in Marvel Comics

Bailey Hoskins debuted in Marvel Comics’ X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever #1 in 2016, introduced as a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Bailey Hoskins should be omitted from the MCU simply because of his useless ability. Hoskins’ mutation enables him to self-detonate, which could be useful, except he can only use this power once, because it would kill him. Indeed, should the MCU’s upcoming X-Men team need to blow something up, and feel like sacrificing one of Xavier’s young students, Bailey Hoskins would certainly be an asset, but this is very unlikely to take place in the family-friendly MCU.

9 Marrow May Be Too Grotesque For The Family-Friendly MCU

Marrow Debuted In 1994’s Cable #15

Marrow is another mutant who doesn’t fit into the MCU’s family-friendly tones, as her mutation allows her to grow extra bones, which grow through her skin. Her grotesque ability let her fit in among the Morlocks, mutants with horrific-looking abilities that reside in the sewers beneath New York City, so it’s possible she could be included if this group is introduced alongside the X-Men. However, Marrow’s power often presents itself as something monstrous, so it may be a better idea to omit her from the MCU completely, despite the rise in mature and R-rated Marvel Studios projects in recent years.

8 Skin’s Mutant Power Is Too Close To Mister Fantastic

Skin Debuted In 1994’s The Uncanny X-Men #317

Skin with elongated fingers in Marvel Comics

Angelo Espinosa, a.k.a. Skin, would be an interesting mutant to introduce into the MCU, but his ability is too similar to one other upcoming superhero, Reed Richards’ Mister Fantastic. Espinosa’s mutation gifts him six extra feet of malleable skin that can be stretched and reshaped at will, but this looks remarkably similar to the elastic abilities of Mister Fantastic, who is set to be portrayed by Pedro Pascal in 2025’s The Fantastic Four. Marvel Studios already changed Kamala Khan’s stretching ability to avoid comparisons to Mister Fantastic, so there’s almost no chance that Skin will be introduced to the MCU.


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7 Wraith Would Be A Pointless Addition To The MCU

Wraith Debuted In 2001’s The Uncanny X-Men #392

Wraith with translucent skin in Marvel Comics

Similarly to Bailey Hoskins, Hector Rendoza’s ability as the mutant Wraith is completely useless. Rendoza’s mutation gives him transparent skin, meaning his internal organs and skeleton are on display, and he can temporarily “infect” others with this infliction. This has very little use during battle, and would frankly be quite disgusting to witness in the live-action MCU. Luckily, Wraith hasn’t been included in many Marvel Comics storylines since debuting in The Uncanny X-Men #392, so it would be easy for Marvel Studios to omit him from the MCU, though he could be included to show how detrimental some mutations are.

6 Adam-X’s Blood Burning Is Too Visceral For The MCU

Adam-X Debuted In 1993’s X-Force Annual #2

Adam-X in his metallic costume in Marvel Comics

Adam-X’s backstory in Marvel Comics is truly tragic, but that doesn’t make his violent and visceral mutant ability any more appropriate for the MCU. Adam was genetically modified from the DNA of Shi-ar Emperor D’ken and human Katherine Summers, Cyclops and Havok’s mother, making Adam the X-Men members’ half-brother. While this connection could be interesting to establish, and could connect the MCU’s X-Men to the MCU’s cosmic stories through Chris Summers and his space-faring team, the Starjammers, Adam-X has the horrific ability to burn someone’s blood inside their body, which is far removed from the family-friendly nature of the MCU.

5 Goldballs Is Too Funny To Be Taken Seriously

Goldballs Debuted In 2013’s Uncanny X-Men (Vol. 3) #1

While some of Marvel Comics’ mutants have abilities that are simply too disgusting and haunting for the live-action MCU, others are just too ridiculous to be taken seriously. Fabio Medina’s Goldballs fits in this category, as his mutation allows him to fire gold-colored, ball-shaped eggs from his body, which he can use as projectile weapons. It’s very unlikely that Goldballs, who more recently operates under the moniker Egg, will be introduced to the MCU. Despite his humorous personality, his power will be very difficult to translate in a way that makes him seem like a helpful member of the X-Men.

4 Maggott’s Abilities Won’t Translate Well To The MCU

Maggott Debuted In 1997’s Uncanny X-Men #345

Maggott with his robotic maggot in Marvel Comics

Another mutant whose power wouldn’t translate properly into the live-action MCU is Japheth’s Maggott. Maggott’s digestive system takes the form of two giant slugs that exit his body and can eat through practically anything; these slugs then re-enter his body and give him incredible power. While this ability may leave Maggott out of the MCU, his alternate power provides a stronger case for his introduction. As well as having a slug-like digestive system, Japheth can also draw psychic imprints from his environment, allowing him to see into the past and future, which could prove incredibly important for the MCU’s X-Men.


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3 Stacy X Is Too Controversial

Stacy X Debuted In 2001’s Uncanny X-Men #399

Nightcrawler with Stacy X in Marvel Comics

While perhaps not too grotesque for the MCU, Stacy X’s mutant ability is incredibly controversial, which will likely see her omitted from any future X-Men storylines. Stacy X has the ability to exude pheromones that she uses to stimulate bodily sensations and functions in others, including inciting orgasms and vomiting. While Marvel Studios could lean into her snake-like features, as she is covered in scales and periodically sheds her skin, the pheromone aspect of her mutation will certainly be ignored, as this element of her ability relies somewhat on non-consensual activities, which Marvel Studios will certainly want to avoid promoting.

2 The MCU Already Proved Gin Genie’s Power Wouldn’t Work

Gin Genie Debuted In 2001’s X-Force #116

Gin Genie in her purple costume in Marvel Comics

Beckah Parker’s Gin Genie will also likely be omitted from the MCU, and one storyline that Marvel Studios previously avoided adapting explains why. Gin Genie is able to generate seismic vibrations proportionate to how much alcohol she consumes. This means that she would be doing a lot of heavy drinking if she joined the MCU, which Marvel Studios has actively avoided in the past. Tony Stark’s seminal Demon in a Bottle storyline from Marvel Comics, which explores his descent into alcoholism, was skirted around in 2010’s Iron Man 2, so it’s very unlikely that Gin Genie’s alcoholism will be adapted.

1 Wildside Is Too Similar To DC’s Joker

Wildside Debuted In 1989’s New Mutants #86

While Richard Gill’s Wildside could be an interesting character to introduce to the MCU, particularly due to his affiliation with the Mutant Liberation Front in Marvel Comics, his appearance and power set are too similar to that of DC Comics’ Joker, making his inclusion unlikely. Sporting red face paint and zany hair, Wildside has the appearance of a terrifying clown, while his ability to generate vivid hallucinations is also similar to the mind games and machinations of the Joker. Marvel Studios would surely want to differentiate its X-Men characters from DC’s budding live-action franchise, so Wildside will likely be ignored.

Marvel Studios’ X-Men reboot doesn’t currently have a scheduled release date, but it will likely release in Phase 6 or 7.

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