• Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine team up with past versions of Ghost Rider and Hulk in Marvel fan art, showcasing the integration of different generations of Marvel content into the MCU.
  • The Multiverse Saga has allowed for crossovers with previous Marvel franchises, including the return of Maguire’s Spider-Man and villains from his universe in Spider-Man: No Way Home.
  • Phase 6 of the MCU may further incorporate old Marvel franchises, leading into Avengers: Secret Wars, potentially celebrating and honoring several generations of Marvel films.



Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine join forces with past versions of Ghost Rider and Hulk together in new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan art. The Multiverse Saga is almost halfway through its run, as Phase 5 still has a few more movies and TV shows to release before Phase 6 begins. However, thanks to the Multiverse Saga, other generations of Marvel content have been able to get incorporated into the MCU.

Pitching as a potential crossover for The Multiverse Saga, Art of Time Travel shared a huge Marvel multiverse artwork featuring the Marvel heroes of the 2000s before the MCU timeline was even launched. The MCU multiverse artwork features Jackman’s Wolverine, Maguire’s Spider-Man, along with Eric Bana’s version of Hulk and Nicolas Cage’s iteration of Ghost Rider.

Out of the four actors, Bana was the only one who didn’t have more than one Marvel movie after his Hulk film came out in 2003. In terms who played their respective role the longest, Jackman is at the top of the list, as he played Wolverine in several X-Men and Wolverine movies.


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Will Avengers: Secret Wars Tap Into Old Marvel Franchises?

The Multiverse Saga has made it clear that the MCU isn’t afraid to tap into previous Marvel franchises. Spider-Man: No Way Home brought back Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Men, along with villains from their universes. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and The Marvels had Patrick Stewart’s Professor X and Kelsey Grammer’s Beast show up, respectively. In addition to those films, Deadpool 3 will feature Jackman’s Wolverine, along with Jennifer Garner’s Elektra, and there will likely be other Marvel movie players that aren’t part of the MCU in the Phase 5 installment.

With rumors swirling that Phase 7 will be a soft reboot for the MCU, it wouldn’t be shocking if Phase 6 gets even further into old Marvel franchises as they lead into Avengers: Secret Wars. That way, it allows several generations of Marvel films to be celebrated and honored as Marvel Studios prepare to potentially go in a new direction with Phase 7 and beyond. If the reboot doesn’t take place, this can also serve to cement the MCU’s place in Marvel’s movie history even further, as it brings together various prior projects and shows they are also part of the MCU’s expansive canon.

While there is a screenwriter attached, Avengers: Secret Wars is still currently missing a director.

Even though the multiverse concept is definitely starting to lose its momentum in the superhero genre, seeing old Marvel properties as part of the Multiverse Saga would be a great way to finish that arc. Deadpool 3, which is the only MCU movie for 2024, may offer some more hints as to where Marvel Studios is going with the multiverse. Hopefully, as Marvel Studios get further into 2024, they will have some big news to share as they get closer to MCU Phase 6.

Source: Art of Time Travel/Instagram

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