• Deadpool 3 is expected to be the film that finally pushes Marvel Studios and the MCU past the $30 billion box office milestone.
  • The movie only needs to make approximately $250 million to reach this milestone, which is highly likely given the popularity of the Deadpool franchise.
  • The inclusion of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and a team-up event similar to Spider-Man: No Way Home will draw in a larger audience and potentially earn Deadpool 3 even more than previous movies in the franchise.



Deadpool 3 is the only Marvel Cinematic Universe movie scheduled for release in 2024, but it looks poised to surpass a major box office milestone. A mix of the Hollywood writers’ strike, SAF-AFTRA strikes, and a renewed effort by Marvel Studios and Disney to improve overall quality in the MCU has shaken up the next several years of MCU release dates. After the last batch of shifts, the currently filming Deadpool 3 is the only MCU movie still coming out next year.

The MCU is already the highest-performing franchise of all time at the box office (via The Numbers). However, it narrowly missed its next major earnings milestone with a few underperforming Marvel releases in 2023. Whether Deadpool 3 lives up to high expectations or not, it’s virtually guaranteed that it’ll be the film to finally break new ground for Marvel Studios and the MCU.


Every Actor Cast In Deadpool 3 (So Far)

Ryan Reynolds is joining the MCU as the Merc with a Mouth in Phase 6’s Deadpool 3, and some of his supporting cast has already been revealed.

Deadpool 3 Can Hit Marvel’s $30bn Box Office Milestone

Live-action Deadpool in front of a post-apocalyptic cityscape.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe boasts a worldwide total box office of $29.75 billion, dwarfing rival franchises like Star Wars, James Bond, and Harry Potter. The Marvels looked like it might earn enough to push the franchise past $30 billion in 2023 – which would have been in line with other recent MCU releases such as Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. However, a disappointing box office performance hampered this and left the MCU with its $250 million shortfall. Regardless, the one and only MCU movie that will be released in 2024 will certainly surpass the $30 billion worldwide box office total.

Deadpool 3 will only need to make approximately $250 million for the MCU to exceed the $30 billion box office milestone – which it undoubtedly will. The Deadpool movies boast respectable earnings considering the movies are R-rated and exclude cinema’s biggest earning demographic – adolescents. Deadpool 3 is cleverly drawing from the comic book movies of the early 2000s and creating a team-up event similar to Spider-Man: No Way Home that will have mass appeal to adult comic book fans and yield the requisite results. Deadpool 3 will feature several characters from older Marvel movies, including, most notably, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

How Much Will Deadpool 3 Make At The Box Office?

Deadpool and Wolverine walking side by side in Deadpool 3

The Deadpool movies are incredibly popular and boast some impressive earnings. Deadpool and Deadpool 2 each grossed over $780 million worldwide (via The Numbers). This, while not as much as some other MCU movies, is more than enough to reach the $30 billion box office total in 2024. Maintaining similar numbers is perhaps the very least the movie can hope for, though. Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine (and therefore joining the MCU) is one of the most exciting developments in contemporary comic book movies. The confirmation that Wolverine will also finally wear a comic-accurate suit compounds this further and suggests Deadpool 3 will yield an even greater audience.


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Jackman’s previous outing as the beloved mutant in 2017’s Logan grossed $614 million worldwide, which alone could earn enough for the MCU to meet the $30 billion mark (via The Numbers). A successful movie starring either Reynold’s Deadpool or Jackman’s Wolverine would seemingly earn sufficient funds. However, the upcoming movie with both characters together promises to fulfill a substantial amount of fan service and recreate several iconic comic book narratives, which will amplify the movie’s performance. It’s therefore not inconceivable that Deadpool 3 could earn substantially more than either movie series has to date.

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