• Even three years after its premiere, the fate of WandaVision’s White Vision remains unknown in the MCU.
  • Vision Quest, a spinoff series focusing on White Vision, is in development and expected to explore the character’s memories and humanity.
  • White Vision’s future in the MCU could potentially include appearances in Avengers 5, Secret Wars, Armor Wars, and aiding in the formation of the Young Avengers.



Even three years after Marvel Studios’ WandaVision delivered the first major cliffhanger of Phase 4 and the Multiverse Saga, the MCU is still no closer to giving viewers any resolution. WandaVision kicked off Phase 4 in January 2021, exploring Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s Vision’s lives after Infinity War and Endgame. The series has persisted as one of the Multiverse Saga’s most popular projects, and it did wonders in setting up future MCU stories, including the Scarlet Witch’s transformation in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the events of spinoffs Agatha: Darkhold Diaries and Vision Quest.

WandaVision was the culmination of six years of storylines featuring Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff, who made her first MCU appearance in the post-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After losing her parents as a child, her brother in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Vision in Infinity War, Maximoff’s grief caused her to construct her own sitcom-style world around Westview, New Jersey, trapping the residents inside, but allowing her to live a life with Vision and their children. Unfortunately (for Wanda), SWORD’s intervention marked the end of her Hex, but WandaVision left many questions unanswered for future projects to explore.


Where Was WandaVision Filmed? All Locations Revealed

WandaVision kicked off the MCU’s Phase 4 on Disney+, and introduced viewers to a variety of new locations, having filmed all over the United States.

WandaVision Introduced White Vision’s Mystery 3 Years Ago

While 2024’s Agatha: Darkhold Diaries will soon answer many of WandaVision’s loose ends, specifically those involving Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness, the fate of White Vision is less clear. White Vision made his first appearance in the mid-credits scene of WandaVision episode 8, “Previously On,” and was revealed to be the original Vision’s rebuilt body, now obeying SWORD’s every command. WandaVision’s finale saw White Vision enter the Westview Hex and battle the Scarlet Witch and the virtual version of Vision before having his memories restored. This prompted White Vision to hastily disappear, ready to reappear in his own spinoff, Vision Quest.

Three years on from WandaVision, however, White Vision still hasn’t been seen, mentioned or heard from since the Phase 4 series’ finale. His whereabouts in the MCU are just as unclear as ever, and the status of his memories and connections to other high-profile heroes in the MCU hasn’t been revealed. News concerning Agatha Harkness’ WandaVision spinoff has been rife, yet White Vision’s MCU future is still completely unknown. Vision was previously one of the most powerful and significant members of the Avengers, but it’s unclear whether he will rejoin the team, or even when his own spinoff will release.

What’s Happening With Vision Quest?

Paul Bettany's White Vision on the warpath in WandaVision

Vision Quest was confirmed to be in development at Marvel Studios in October 2022, with Jac Schaeffer returning from WandaVision and Agatha: Darkhold Diaries to lead the series. Paul Bettany is expected to return as White Vision, leading the new character on a journey to rediscover his memories and his humanity following his death in Infinity War and corruption in WandaVision. WandaVision adapted Marvel Comics’ Vision Quest narrative from 1989’s West Coast Avengers (Vol. 2) #42-45, meaning the MCU’s Vision Quest series will likely focus on a new story for White Vision, though it’s unclear exactly what this will entail.​​​​​​​


White Vision Can Prevent Phase 5’s Iron Man Return Problem

The MCU might be tempted to bring Iron Man back, but White Vision can fill the role that Tony Stark could have played on Ironheart.

Marvel Studios’ slate of Disney+ TV shows has seen some major delays and push-backs in recent years, with a creative overhaul of the MCU’s TV production allowing for longer post-production periods, and 2023’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes pausing production on many upcoming projects. This means it may be difficult to predict when Vision Quest might actually release, though the series has been rumored to premiere at some point in 2025, perhaps alongside Daredevil: Born Again and Ironheart. If White Vision isn’t mentioned or seen before then, it will have been four years or longer since he appeared in the MCU.​​​​​​

Where Vision Could Return In The MCU

White Vision rebuilt by SWORD in WandaVision

While news on Marvel Studios’ Vision Quest may be scarce, there are several other upcoming projects that White Vision could return in. With Vision Quest thought to be releasing in 2025, however, this will likely be the first place he reappears, though it’s also likely that White Vision will be featured alongside a multitude of other MCU heroes in Avengers 5 and Secret Wars. With his past connections to Tony Stark’s Iron Man, it’s possible White Vision could also return in the MCU’s Armor Wars, which will mark Don Cheadle’s first appearance in the MCU since his controversial Skrull storyline in Phase 5’s Secret Invasion​​​​​​​.

The MCU’s Multiverse Saga has taken huge steps in setting up a new superhero team, and 2023’s The Marvels’ post-credits scene provided the first direct tease towards the formation of the MCU’s Young Avengers. In Marvel Comics, Vision plays an important role in the Young Avengers team, as he serves as the team’s mentor. This would be the perfect evolution for White Vision, as he will have gone from mindless shell to steadfast hero, training up the next generation of superheroes in the MCU. Since WandaVision won’t receive a season 2, White Vision’s future lies in these other MCU projects.

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