• Five actors who portrayed Mister Fantastic have been imagined together in fan art ahead of the release of the MCU’s upcoming
    The Fantastic Four
  • The fan art brings Marvel Comics’ Council of Reeds into the MCU, showcasing past versions of Reed Richards’ Mister Fantastic.
  • Pedro Pascal’s Reed Richards could join the Council of Reeds in the MCU’s Multiverse Saga.



Ahead of the release of Marvel Studios’ The Fantastic Four, five actors who’ve portrayed Reed Richards’ Mister Fantastic, including Pedro Pascal in the MCU, join forces in brilliant fan art as a potential new superhero team. Kevin Feige confirmed Marvel’s First Family would join the MCU in 2019, and the official cast of 2025’s The Fantastic Four was confirmed in February 2024. While Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach will be portraying the MCU’s Fantastic Four team, the group has been imagined in live-action several times previously, providing the perfect line-up for a new MCU superhero team.

There have now been five actors cast as Reed Richards’ Mister Fantastic since the team was first adapted into live-action. Now, Alex Hyde-White, Ioan Gruffudd, Miles Teller, John Krasinski and Pedro Pascal have been imagined side-by-side in fan art shared by Arfinity.

The fan art brings Marvel Comics’ Council of Reeds into the MCU, featuring iterations from 1994’s unreleased The Fantastic Four, 2005’s Fantastic Four and its 2007 sequel, 2015’s Fantastic Four and 2022’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Hyde-White, Gruffudd, Teller and Krasinski are joined by the team’s newest recruit, Pedro Pascal, the MCU’s official Mister Fantastic.


Fantastic Four Is Pedro Pascal’s Fifth Comic Book Adaptation (& You Can Only Watch 3 Of Them)

Pedro Pascal’s comic book adaptation career has spanned five movies including the MCU’s Fantastic Four, but only three of them are viewable.

How The Council Of Reeds Fit In The MCU’s Multiverse Saga

In Marvel Comics, the Interdimensional Council of Reeds first appeared in 2009’s Fantastic Four #570, and comprised multiversal variants of Reed Richards, each of whom had designed and created technology known as the Bridge, allowing them to meet each other. The Council of Reeds met in the space between universes, each leaving their families to be a part of the team, and used their collective knowledge and skills to “solve everything.” They fought to make the multiverse a better place, battling multiversal counterparts of iconic villains, including Galactus and Doctor Doom, but were eventually brought down by the Mad Celestials.

The MCU’s Council of Reeds could include all live-action versions of Reed Richards, portrayed by Alex Hyde-White, Ioan Gruffudd, Miles Teller, John Krasinski and Pedro Pascal. Teller’s character could appear as the Maker, as his iteration was adapted from the Ultimate Marvel timeline’s Reed Richards.

Despite John Krasinski’s cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the MCU’s Reed Richards hasn’t yet made an appearance, so the Council of Reeds hasn’t been mentioned. However, Pedro Pascal will debut as Mister Fantastic in 2025’s The Fantastic Four as part of the MCU’s Phase 6, which could tease the Council of Reeds’ debut in the Multiverse Saga. This multiversal protection group would be a brilliant addition to the Multiverse Saga, as Pascal’s Richards can use the collective information from the Council of Reeds to fight against incursions and perhaps save the multiverse in Avengers: Secret Wars.

Fantastic Four 2025 Valentines Day Poster Featuring Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, and Joseph Quinn

Marvel’s Fantastic Four

Marvel’s Fantastic Four is the first MCU movie to feature Marvel’s First Family in the same live-action universe as the Avengers. It introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and precedes Phase 6’s Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.

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