• Sylvie’s future in the MCU is uncertain, but her close ties to the multiverse and her role in Loki’s story make her a prime candidate for future projects like Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars.
  • With her Asgardian roots and connection to Loki, Sylvie could potentially be involved in Thor 5 and explore the rebuilt civilization of New Asgard.
  • The TVA’s rebuild in Loki season 2 suggests that Sylvie could play a role in a future TVA-centric show or conflict, and her story could also be explored in future seasons of What If…?, showcasing different outcomes for her pivotal decisions.



Though Loki season 2 has seemingly wrapped up Sylvie’s storyline for now, there are still plenty of future MCU projects that she could continue her journey in. Sylvie made her MCU debut in season 1 of the series and rose to popularity as a variant of the beloved Loki. She has gone through plenty of growth in just two seasons, and the Loki season 2 finale ends with Sylvie accepting Loki’s sacrifice and starting her future in the free multiverse.

Sylvie is one of the most notable characters to come out of the recent MCU because of the huge success of the Loki series and her unique origin. Although season 2 let her go and live her own life, it’s unlikely that the MCU would let such a popular character go just like that. There’s no clear path for Sylvie’s future in the franchise just yet, but the MCU will definitely take advantage of her vague ending to bring her back in some capacity.


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6 Sylvie Can Help In Avengers 5 And Avengers: Secret Wars

She Has Close Ties To The Multiverse

Season 2 of Loki ends with the God of Mischief sentencing himself to an eternity of isolation when he chooses to hold the timelines together at the End of Time. Now that Loki is watching over all of the timelines, he has inadvertently become the center of the MCU’s Multiverse Saga. He is playing the role that He Who Remains had, and the Kang variant was going to be a key to Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars.

Considering Sylvie worked so closely with Loki and was a key factor in the path to his fate, Sylvie is now a leading authority on the multiverse topic, whether she realizes it or not. Her original goal in slaying He Who Remains was to save the timelines who deserved to be free. If she were to catch wind of the battle that the Avengers are going to face in Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars, she might feel inclined to step in and offer her aid.

5 Thor 5 Can Connect Sylvie With Her Asgardian Roots

Sylvie Is A Princess Of Asgard

Young Sylvie/Loki (Cailey Fleming) playing in Asgard in Loki Season 1

Though Thor 5 has yet to be confirmed by Marvel, it is a possibility in the future. It would mean Chris Hemsworth would return to the MCU for what is likely his last appearance, so there are many directions that Thor’s closing arc can go. In the current timeline, Thor still believes his brother Loki to be dead from the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Post-Infinity Saga Thor has no knowledge of 2012 Loki’s escape, let alone his escapades with the TVA.

Although Sylvie had to go into hiding at a young age, she is still a Loki and therefore an Asgardian at heart. She might not have much motive at the moment to get involved with anything Asgard-related, but it’s a possibility. She might hear about the destruction of Asgard after the events of Thor: Ragnarok and want to see the rebuilt civilization of New Asgard for herself. Considering how both Thor and Sylvie were close to Loki, it would be interesting to see how the two would get along.

4 A TVA-Centric Show Would Need Sylvie

The TVA Was Rebuilt In Loki Season 2

Not much is known about Owen Wilson and Tara Strong’s rumored appearances as Mobius and Miss Minutes, respectively, in Deadpool 3. However, Marvel wouldn’t bother to include their cameos in Deadpool 3 if it wasn’t building up to something for the future, especially since the film will be key in tying the MCU with the X-Men. Their presence greatly infers that the TVA will still be a factor in the future MCU.

Despite Sylvie’s rough history with the TVA, she has a lot of allies within the organization in Mobius, Ouroboros, Casey, and Hunter B-15 if she ever returns. The finale of Loki season 2 showed Mobius and company rebuilding the TVA after Loki’s sacrifice, and Sylvie may find herself inclined to drop in. Depending on how the TVA is involved in Deadpool 3, there might even be a future conflict that the team will have to reunite for.

3 What If Can Explore Sylvie’s Story In A Fresh Way

Season 3 Of What If…? Has Already Been Teased

Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) kills He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors) at the End Of Time in Loki season 1

Throughout two seasons of Loki, several key decisions have been made that involve Sylvie. They were not decisions to be made lightly and had a major effect on the fate of the universe. What If…? was created to explore the endless possibilities of the MCU and how just a slightly different path could alter the whole franchise. Sylvie has yet to appear in the Disney+ series, but she is a top candidate to appear in future What If…? seasons.

Plenty of Sylvie’s plotlines could make for interesting What If…? stories. The biggest dilemma she faced was whether to listen to Loki or go through with her wish to kill He Who Remains, and a world where she was convinced to stand down by Loki would’ve changed every event of Loki season 2. Sylvie’s potential death would’ve also altered the MCU, and that might’ve happened if she had actually been pruned or if Loki had followed through in killing her to save the Temporal Loom. What If…? is an easy way to highlight any MCU character, and Sylvie has plenty of opportunities to appear.

2 Loki Season 3 Is Still A Possibility With Sylvie At The Helm

The finale of Loki season 2 showed each character’s fate while also leaving the door open for future storylines. With how Marvel Studios is restructuring its approach to television production, Loki would be the perfect series for the studio to try out its multiseason approach. Not only is Loki the MCU’s most popular Disney+ series, but there is already a storyline set up for the characters to follow in a potential season 3.


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Although Loki’s sacrifice for everyone to be able to live in the free multiverse is respected, his friends likely won’t let him go just like that. Especially for characters like Sylvie and Mobius, it’d make sense if they set out for answers on Loki’s fate. Marvel could make Sylvie the star of Loki season 3 as she’s already proved that she can hold her own as a character. It would also be the most logical way for the studio to go through with a third season without having to force Hiddleston’s Loki to return to the story somehow.

1 Sylvie Would Be An Asset To The A-Force

The A-Force Is Marvel’s All-Female Hero Team

Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) in the Loki season 2 finale

The A-Force seems to have largely been forgotten since its failed setup in Avengers: Endgame, but The Marvels has given the female superhero team another chance. If there is a future for the A-Force in the MCU, Sylvie would logically be a part of the team since she is one of the MCU’s strongest and most knowledgeable female heroes. Though she has yet to interact with any character outside of the Loki series, Sylvie’s new chapter living in a free multiverse opens up the possibility of relationships she can form.

Loki has been by far the MCU’s most successful Disney+ series, and Marvel Studios will likely want to capitalize on its popularity. Although Loki’s arc has come to a natural end for now, the studio can easily bring Sylvie to the forefront. She can be the key factor in continuing the Loki series into a third season, and there are opportunities for her to be integrated into the greater MCU through various projects. Sylvie may not have a confirmed future in the franchise just yet, but the breakout Loki character is bound to pop up again soon.

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