After years of being ambiguous about the canon status of Agents of SHIELD in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios have answered the question.

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  • The official timeline book of the Marvel Cinematic Universe confirms that Agents of SHIELD is not considered canon after Phil Coulson’s death in The Avengers.
  • Kevin Feige acknowledges that there are Marvel stories that are canonical to the multiverse but not the Sacred Timeline.
  • The timeline in the book specifically focuses on the MCU’s Sacred Timeline up until Phase 4, disregarding any events or storytelling from Agents of SHIELD.



One of the biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe mysteries has officially been solved as the canon status for Agents of SHIELD gets addressed.

In the new book, Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe An Official Timeline, the Agents of SHIELD situation is addressed as the entirety of the MCU Phase 1 through 4 are covered in immense detail. The Death Of Phil Coulson discusses Coulson’s heroic sacrifice and death in The Avengers, but nothing of his resurrection or his team in Agents of SHIELD is mentioned or even hinted at. However, there’s hope for the team in the future, as Kevin Feige gives the following quote in the book’s forward:

On the Multiverse note, we recognize that there are stories – movies and series – that are canonical to Marvel but were created by different storytellers during different periods of Marvel’s history. The timeline presented in this book is specific to the MCU’s Sacred Timeline through Phase 4. But, as we move forward and dive deeper into the Multiverse Saga, you never know when timelines may just crash or converge (hint, hint/ spoiler alert).

Source: Marvel Studios The Marvel Cinematic Universe An Official Timeline

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