After almost being Black Cat in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 4 over a decade ago, Anne Hathaway talks about the lost Marvel movie opportunity.


  • Anne Hathaway shares her missed opportunity to play Black Cat in Spider-Man 4, revealing she never got the chance to put on the costume or read the full script.
  • Hathaway states that the story of Spider-Man 4 is more one for the producers to tell.
  • Anne Hathaway acknowledges the success of the Spider-Man franchise and the constant reinvention it undergoes, stating she doesn’t want to overplay the significance of her missed role.



Anne Hathaway opens about almost playing the Marvel character Black Cat in Spider-Man 4.

More than a decade later, Hathaway has talked about the lost opportunity of playing Black Cat in Raimi’s Spider-Man 4. During a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Hathaway broke down how far they actually got in the process before Spider-Man 4 was scrapped, sharing the following:

I did not get into costume and did not read a script past the audition sides. I got the part and, yeah, it just… I think that’s probably more the producers’ story to tell than mine should they ever decided to tell it. The Spider-Man universe has gone on to be so enormous and so thrilling. It’s just reinventing itself and all of those things so I wouldn’t want to make more of it than is necessary.

Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast/YouTube

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