• Wakanda’s new leader, Shuri, may resort to more drastic measures to defend her nation, given her treacherous position and recent experiences with invasion.
  • Shuri’s technological prowess could lead to her own “Age of Ultron” story as she creates a machine for defense that ultimately backfires.
  • Black Panther 3 may serve as a perfect ending to the trilogy, with significant events transpiring and Shuri potentially stepping down to make way for a new story.



Wakanda has been well-grounded in the MCU as an exceptionally technologically advanced nation, but Black Panther 3 could introduce its deadliest weapons yet. While Wakanda is a peaceful nation under its royal family, the events of the MCU has seen the nation mobilize its extensive army and Vibranium arsenal in the name of self-defense and the protection of Earth itself. This, of course, wouldn’t have been the case if Erik Killmonger had his way before being killed by T’Challa, but the treacherous position that its new leader, Shuri, finds herself in could lead her to take more drastic measures in defense of her nation.

In her early days as Wakanda’s new Queen, Shuri wrestled with her feelings of vengeance, embarking on an agonizing character arc that culminated in her embodying the merciful nature of her late brother. Shuri’s journey was as compelling as it was tragic and saw her become a wiser, more compassionate ruler. Yet she is still one of the MCU’s smartest heroes and capable of producing some monumental Wakandan tech. Given her recent experiences with Wakanda’s invasion, this sets up one glaring possibility for Black Panther 3.


Black Panther 3: Everything We Know

Is Marvel going to make Black Panther 3? Black Panther: Wakanda Forever does set up the possibility of a sequel in a few different ways.

Black Panther 3’s Most Logical Sequel Follow-Up Is Very Close To Age Of Ultron

Ultron's Iron Legion in Avengers Age of Ultron

Although Wakanda is not likely to be waging wars under Shuri, the nation has a renewed impetus to invest in self-defense capabilities. Not only did Black Panther: Wakanda Forever feature an outright invasion that resulted in the death of Ramonda, but the circumstances surrounding that invasion involved amplified global interest in Vibranium. As the nation that sits on a literal mountain of this precious resource, that paints a pretty big target on Wakanda’s back. Yet, with Shuri at the helm, it also provides the nation with the perfect means of defense.

In the comics, Wakanda was defended by fearsome Vibranium robots dubbed “prowlers.” These feline sentries were designed to roam the country and protect it from threats – which sounds like a familiar premise. Ultron, after all, was created for pretty much the same reason (except as a defender of the entire planet), and that did not end well for the Avengers. Shuri’s technological prowess is more than enough to match that of Tony and Bruce, which could lead to her own Age of Ultron story as she creates a machine designed to protect, only to have it turn and deliver a significant blow to her ego – like Tony Stark.

How Black Panther 3 Can Be A Perfect Ending To The Trilogy

Toussaint, Prince T'Challa, smiles at the end of Black Panther Wakanda Forever

With a rumored soft reboot on the horizon within the MCU, it is likely that Black Panther 3 will round out a trilogy. With that in mind, some significant events will have to transpire – potentially culminating in Shuri’s unwitting involvement in the destruction of Wakanda thanks to her Prowlers and the end of the race to Vibranium stores. It will also need to follow up on the arrival of Toussaint, T’Challa’s secret child with Nakia, potentially bringing an end to the franchise as Shuri steps down from the mantle and gives way to a new story to be told by her nephew.

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