• Captain America’s worthiness in lifting Mjölnir is a delight for fans and the MCU suggests he was already deemed worthy before Avengers: Endgame.
  • The upcoming Marvel animated series, Eyes of Wakanda, hints that the Wakandans might have viewed Captain America with respect and deemed him worthy years before he visited Wakanda.
  • Captain America’s leadership qualities, noble courage, and sense of responsibility make him perfect for wielding Mjölnir and gaining the approval of both Asgardians and Wakandans.



Steve Rogers might have ended his tenure as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but his worthiness in lifting Mjölnir continues to delight fans of the franchise – especially since the MCU is seemingly set to suggest Steve was already deemed worth far before audiences realized. Despite only previously nudging Thor’s enchanted hammer in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America managed to wield the iconic weapon during a climactic battle against Thanos and his forces in Avengers: Endgame. Still, the MCU timeline has offered plenty of evidence to prove Steve Rogers was worthy of Mjölnir far before this point. Captain America’s leadership qualities combined with his noble sense of courage and responsibility make him perfect for wielding the hammer.

But even before the World War II veteran-turned-Avenger proved his worthiness to the Asgardians, chances are that he might have also been worthy in the eyes of the Wakandans. Evidence for this claim can be deduced from the official synopsis of the upcoming Marvel animated series Eyes of Wakanda. Taking place throughout the history of the scientifically advanced African nation, the Disney+ series revolves around the journeys of valiant Wakandan warriors as they recover “dangerous vibranium artifacts” from all over the world. While Rogers himself never stepped foot on Wakandan soil before he got thawed out of his frozen slumber, the show raises the very real possibility that the nation already viewed him with respect decades prior.


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Captain America’s Vibranium Plot Hole Explained

True to the comic books, Captain America: The First Avenger established the origins of the superhero’s shield with Howard Stark making it out of vibranium. But the question remains: how did Howard Stark get the vibranium for the shield? Considering that Wakanda had been an isolationist state before the events of Black Panther, it’s highly unlikely that Wakanda provided their unique and secretive power source on their own accord to Stark during World War II. Similarly, it’s hard to determine if Stark went to Wakanda and stole the vibranium himself considering the extreme security measures the nation has had for decades.

Vibranium was first introduced in Daredevil #13 in 1966, created by writer Stan Lee and artist Gene Colan.

Weapons dealer Ulysses Klaue revealed in Black Panther that he believed he was the only non-Wakandan to have entered and exited Wakanda alive, a feat that he achieved in 1992. But it’s clear that some illegal arms traders might have mined the kinetic energy-rich metal and smuggled it out of Wakanda much before that if Stark got his hands on it. Now, Eyes of Wakanda might suggest that Wakandan warriors were sent overseas to recover vibranium and its artifacts. If that’s the case, the questions then becomes why this group didn’t either stop Stark of recover his vibranium weaponry.

Much like his son after him, Howard Stark was also bashful about his access to vibranium, as the comic prequel Captain America: First Vengeance established. So, Stark is only lucky that the Wakandan forces didn’t track him down. With Killmonger chancing across British Museum artifacts containing vibranium, it’s clear that the kingdom couldn’t retrieve all of its vibranium. But then again, Stark could have also found the vibranium for Captain America’s shield from non-Wakandan sources, as some of the original vibranium meteorite fragments can be found at the outer borders of the nation or in other parts of the continent. However, one clever fan theory might pose an even better solution to this mystery based on Captain America’s moral standing.

Theory: Wakanda’s Warriors Consciously Ignored Captain America’s Shield

Chris Evans as Steve Rogers on Red Skulls Plane In Captain America The First Avenger

Wakanda was leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world in terms of scientific achievements. So, detecting Black Panther’s mystery metal in Captain America’s shield would’ve been an easy task for the warriors from Eyes of Wakanda. This suggests they either failed to recognize the shield as a vibranium object, or they consciously chose to ignore it. Be it in the case of N’Jobu’s death in Black Panther or the Dora Milaje apprehending Baron Zemo in Sokovia in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the Wakandans prove time and again that they have impeccable surveillance skills. So, it’s highly likely that Howard Stark and Captain America were on their radar.

As such, the Wakandans’ deliberate ignorance of the shield may seemingly lie in the fact that they believed vibranium was being used for the greater good this time. Apart from maintaining the secrecy of their nation and technology, Wakandan warriors are also eager to retrieve vibranium to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. But Stark’s tinkering with the energy-manipulating substance had a positive side effect. Armed with his nearly indestructible shield, Captain America helped lead many successful war efforts against Nazi forces under Red Skull. His heroism ultimately prevented many losses during World War II and gave the Allies an edge over their enemies, with his heroism potentially being enough to deem him worthy of vibranium to Wakanda.

Captain America Was Deemed Worthy By Wakanda Decades Before Mjölnir

Captain America wielding Mjolnir in Avengers Endgame-1

If the theory of Wakandans consciously ignoring Captain America’s shield is proven true in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, then it would clearly suggest that Captain America was worthy in their eyes even before he visited the country. His heroic feats and noble leadership would have impressed the Wakandans just like how Mjölnir found him worthy. This possible approval from the nation of Wakanda is proven valid even in the subsequent decades when Captain America leads the Wakandan defense against Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War. Armed with a collapsible Wakandan shield (again made of vibranium), he demonstrates bravery, tactical skill, and unwavering determination.

Every Captain America Shield In The MCU

Round Shield (original)

Stealth Shield in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Wakandan Shield in Avengers: Infinity War

Apart from the Black Panthers preceding T’Challa, Captain America might have been the first MCU character to have used vibranium – and the Avenger seemingly owes it to the Wakandan warriors who found him worthy of wielding a weapon made out of the extremely powerful and volatile substance. Captain America’s comic book history supports this idea, as – for instance – he worked together with T’Challa to address the threat of Phoenix Force attacking Wakanda in Avengers vs. X-Men. Rogers again came to Wakanda’s aid when Doctor Doom attempted to seize control over the vibranium deposits in Doomwar.


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In terms of his personality, too, Captain America seems like a perfect candidate to be held worthy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe time and again. Both Asgard and Wakanda place value on being not just a valiant warrior but also an efficient leader of the people. Time and again, Steve Rogers has proven his leadership by not just orchestrating collective attacks against the enemy but also making some particularly difficult choices. This is evident from his unwavering dedication to save his brainwashed friend Bucky Barnes while also mitigating damage by foiling HYDRA’s masterplan in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, exemplifying why Roger is routinely treated with some real respect by other heroes that he encounters.

Avengers Endgame Poster

Avengers: Endgame

The penultimate chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: Endgame, marks the finale of the first three phases of the MCU and acts as part two of Avengers: Infinity War. With Earth’s Mightiest Heroes failing to stop Thanos from wiping out half of all existence, the heroes discover one final chance to make things right. Journeying back through space and time, the surviving Avengers attempt to stop Thanos before all is lost.

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April 26, 2019


3 hours, 2 minutes

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