• Amadeus Cho, a smart and powerful character, would be a great addition to the MCU, and Justin H. Min would be a good fit for the role.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy would be perfect as Black Cat, a character that has yet to appear in a live-action film.
  • Colton Haynes could bring the Rawhide Kid, a Western gunslinger and Marvel’s first openly gay character, to life on the big screen.



As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gone on, more and more characters from the comics have gotten a live-action performance for the first time, but not every familiar face has been cast. The casting process at Marvel Studios has been consistently successful. Whether Marvel is gambling with a risky casting decision or playing it safe with a well-known star, there are few duds to be found across the franchise’s lineup of characters. But a handful of notable heroes have still yet to make the transition from comics to the big screen after over 20 years of Marvel movies.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has progressed, the franchise has made its way past most of the household names under the Marvel banner, edging into more obscure territory with heroes like Shang-Chi and Echo. Previously blocked out of using big names like the X-Men and The Fantastic Four, Disney’s acquisition of Fox has finally removed this barrier of representation, meaning the more little-known heroes are likely to get less of a spotlight than before. Still, there are some noteworthy names from the comics yet to receive a live-action role, MCU or otherwise, that deserve to finally be cast.

10 Justin H. Min

As Amadeus Cho

Justin H. Min as Ben in the mansion in The Umbrella Academy season 4

One of the smartest people in the Marvel universe, Amadeus Cho has been a comics staple for some time that would do amazingly in the MCU. His inherent powers of perception and superhuman calculation were later supplemented by the ability to transform into his own version of the Hulk, making him a great solo movie candidate that could take Bruce Banner’s place considering the continued murky legal situation regarding Hulk solo movies. Hulk form or not, Justin H. Min would be a great fit for Amadeus, displaying his range as Ben in fellow superhero continuity The Umbrella Academy.

9 Anya Taylor-Joy

As Black Cat

The Marvel equivalent to Catwoman, it’s astonishing that Black Cat has never made a film appearance after so many live-action Spider-Man movies. Now that Peter Parker’s love interest with MJ has been literally forgotten in the MCU, it could be the perfect time to introduce the feline femme fatale into Spider-Man’s story. The same age as Tom Holland, Anya Taylor-Joy has been a rising star in Hollywood that Marvel Studios would be wise to take advantage of for the role. Her demonstrated ability to toe the line between playful and serious would be excellent for Black Cat.

8 Colton Haynes

As The Rawhide Kid


Of all the sub-genres the MCU has dipped its toes into over the years, from Werewolf By Night’s horror stylings to Ant-Man’s love letter to heist movies, it’s astonishing the franchise has never formulated a Western. An original Marvel Comics gunslinger, the Rawhide Kid would be a daring, if out-of-left field avenue for Marvel to explore. The Rawhide Kid broke ground as one of Marvel’s first openly gay characters as well, a milestone that LGTBQ actor Colton Haynes, along with his dashing good looks, could replicate on the big screen. Haynes even has superhero experience already, playing Arsenal in Arrow.

7 Calum Worthy

As Penance/Speedball

One of the most famous brand overhauls in Marvel saw the happy-go-lucky kinetic hero Speedball transform into the tortured Penance due to his guilt over being the only survivor of the event that caused the original Civil War storyline in the comics. Being so integral to one of Marvel’s most famous storylines, Speedball or Penance is long overdue for an MCU appearance. To cast him, Disney would need to look no further than Calum Worthy, who played the character in the New Warriors pilot that sadly wasn’t picked up.

6 Joe Kerry

As Rick Jones/A-Bomb

In the comics, Rick Jones was a young man saved from an experimental Gamma blast by Bruce Banner, causing the creation of The Hulk. Because the MCU was unable to make a second solo Hulk film, Rick Jones was axed from Bruce Banner’s backstory. But with Hulk’s distribution rights possibly returning to Marvel, Rick Jones, and his own Abomination-like alter ego, A-Bomb, could make it into the MCU after all. Joe Kerry’s comedic edge would be a perfect fit for the wisecracking Jones, with the important ability to pull off the character’s trademark hair.

5 Milana Vayntrub

As Squirrel Girl

Featured Image: Marvel Comics' Squirrel Girl posing in front of a brick wall

One of Marvel’s biggest joke characters, Squirrel Girl’s rodent-based powers may seem underwhelming at first. However, the buck-toothed heroine became famous for defeating the likes of powerful villains like Thanos, albeit entirely off-screen. The premise of Squirrel Girl’s fourth-wall-breaking comedy bit would fit right in at a post-Deadpool 3 MCU. Like Speedball, Squirrel Girl had already been cast in the New Warriors pilot, played by Milana Vayntrub. The plucky Russian-born actress has also voiced the character in a variety of animated projects, and it would be a mistake not to bring her back for a film appearance.

4 Bradley Cooper

As Fantomex


A fellow Weapon X creation like Wolverine and Deadpool, Fantomex is one of the coolest X-Men alumni yet to be featured on the big screen. The French-accented mutant thief boasts a litany of powers, including an external, ship-like nervous system and the ability to fool opponents with powerful misdirection. As Deadpool 3 introduces the X-Men to the MCU, Fantomex would be a unique fresh addition to finally make a film appearance. Despite already voicing Rocket Raccoon, Bradley Cooper’s stage presence and ability to speak French should allow him to join the ranks of actors to have multiple MCU roles.

3 Keanu Reeves

As The Silver Surfer

While the Silver Surfer made a movie appearance in 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Fox’s moratorium on Fantastic Four characters prevented the MCU from ever introducing this crucial hero of Marvel’s cosmic mythos. The herald of the planet-smashing Galactus, Silver Surfer’s arc from an impossibly detached space traveler to a heroic resident of Earth would be a great subject for an MCU movie. Keanu Reeves would make an excellent Silver Surfer, with his trademark stoicism and far-out delivery, riding the alien’s thin wave between curiosity and indifference.

2 Joe Alwyn

As The Original Android Human Torch

Joe Alwyn in Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

While Johnny Blaze of The Fantastic Four may be the more well-known Human Torch, he wasn’t the first hero in Marvel’s history to use the name. Ironically, it was an android created by Victor Timely’s student, Phineas Horton, who served as the first Human Torch, boasting similar pyrokinetic powers. While the robot made a brief appearance at the Stark Expo in Captain America: The First Avenger, a full-fledged period film could examine the android’s history with Namor, newly-introduced to the MCU. English actor Joe Alwyn’s ability to channel the height of British polity would be perfect for the mild-mannered automaton.

1 LaKeith Stanfield

As Brother Voodoo

LaKeith Stanfield gazes into the distance in The Book of Clarence

One of the most powerful magic users in Marvel Comics, Jericho Drumm, a.k.a Brother Voodoo, even had a brief tenure as Sorcerer Supreme. The Haitian-born master of the mystic arts was almost set up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with a reference to his brother, Daniel Drumm, the previous holder of the Brother Voodoo title, but the scene was sadly axed. For a more definitive appearance, the MCU should take advantage of the talents of LaKeith Stanfield, familiar with navigating similarly supernatural stories like Haunted Mansion and The Changeling.

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