• Cast members of Madame Web, including Celeste O’Connor and Tahar Rahim, express their excitement about the film and their experiences on set.
  • Director S.J. Clarkson discusses the challenges and excitement of bringing the character of Madame Web to life on the big screen.
  • Matt Sazama and Kerem Sanga, the screenwriters for Madame Web, share their thoughts on the film and the potential for future installments in the franchise.



The Madame Web cast and crew, as well as a few familiar Marvel faces, chat about the latest chapter in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. While the Marvel Cinematic Universe may have only one film in 2024, Sony’s Spider-Man Universe will have three new entries, starting with Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web. Starring as Cassandra Webb, Madame Web brings the ambiguous Spider-Man player to life for the first time in live-action.


Madame Web: Release Date, Cast, & Everything We Know So Far

Madame Web will be released in 2024, and between casting announcements and set photos, it looks like another mind-bending multiversal movie.

Screen Rant’s own Scott Mantz attended the Madame Web premiere this week at the Regency Village Theatre, chatting with numerous members of the team. From Mattie Franklin herself, Celeste O’Connor, to Tahar Rahim (Ezekiel Sims) and Madame Web director S.J. Clarkson, the cast and crew shared their excitement. Screen Rant also spoke with a couple of Marvel actors that fans may recognize outside of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Marvel Stars On Madame Web & Future Superhero Adventures

Celeste O’Connor (Mattie Franklin/Spider-Woman in Madame Web)

Screen Rant: What was it like for you the first time you saw yourself in costume in the mirror?

Celeste O’Connor: The first time I saw myself in the Spider-Woman costume was actually in LA at the place where the suits get made. I was walking in this amazing building filled with 3D printing artists, painters, and fabric designers. I was seeing all of these iconic superhero suits like Thor’s suit, the Black Panther suit and I put mine on, I was like, ‘Wow, I’m, I’m part of movie history.’ This is like the biggest honor of my life.

When you were on set with your fellow cast members, and you were all suited up, did you all like look at each other and give each other high fives?

Celeste O’Connor: Oh, yeah, we were running hugging each other and FaceTiming Bella’s [Isabela Merced, who plays Anya Corazon] mom, taking pictures and selfies. It was so much fun!

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Tahar Rahim (Ezekiel Sims in Madame Web)

Screen Rant: How excited are you to finally be at the premiere of Madame Web?

Tahar Rahim: I’m so excited, like, very excited for me and for the audience to see the movie for the first time. But at the same time, I’m a little bit scared.

What surprised you about making a superhero-type movie?

Tahar Rahim: It’s a lot of training, some sacrifices, [including] being far from your family and your kids but what you get in return is an incredible experience and good friends. A lot of action, a lot of fun, and yeah, that’s cool.

What was the first time when you saw yourself in that costume like?

Tahar Rahim: That was crazy! [laughs] I felt like a kid on the playground. I was jumping in my trailer, looking at every detail of the costume and yeah, that was cool. [It’s also so] flexible, comfortable. It’s great. You think of the kid you were and go like, ‘Wow, so it’s happening, for real?’

That’s when it became real, right? You’re in the costume, you’re looking in the mirror like, ‘Dude, this rocks!’ But whas was it like to move around it? You are also acting in it too.

Tahar Rahim: I was afraid that to be too hot, or that costume wouldn’t be comfortable. But none of that happened. It was great and in terms of acting, this is the same thing, but you hear your voice differently.

What about working with this amazing cast?

Tahar Rahim: It was great. Yeah, they’re cool and classy, committed to their work. Very professional. Nice. The only thing that is a little of a bummer is ist that I didn’t have enough time on screen with them to share more acting stuff. But it was great.

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S.J. Clarkson (Madame Web Director & Co-Writer)

Screen Rant: I was at your screening on Thursday. I love this movie. I’m a diehard, crazy, lifelong Spider-Man fan, and I’m thinking, ‘How are they going to make a Madame Web movie without Madame Web?’ And you did it, you really did it! It’s awesome. How excited are you that you’re finally starting to hear reactions like this?

S.J. Clarkson: It’s really exciting. I think when you set out to make something, you’re always hoping it can be the best thing that it can possibly be, and you want to bring everything to it. We definitely all left everything out there, that’s for sure. But I think she’s such a wonderful character. She’s so grounded. Her superpower is just so unique and different from anything we’ve seen before. The opportunity to bring clairvoyance to life on the big screen was just a gift I couldn’t turn away.

Going all the way back from the very beginning with Game of Thrones, talk about taking on that journey to writing that versus directing Madame Web?

S.J. Clarkson: I’ve been so lucky to have such an incredible career in television over the last I’m not going to say how many years but I’ve definitely not stopped over 100 episodes over the years. Without a doubt, that was the foundation that I needed to have beneath me professionally to do this. It sounds a bit of a cliche, but every job I’ve done, I’ve learned something on. I was sort of just about ready to manage something this big. It was some days a little bigger than I thought it was gonna be but it was incredibly exciting and I’m feel so privileged to have had the opportunity.

God willing, the movie is opening this weekend; it’s Presidents Day weekend. It’s a superhero movie – if it does really well at the box office, have you thought ahead to Madame Web 2?

S.J. Clarkson: Well, if I had clairvoyance [powers] I might be able to answer that one. But unfortunately, I don’t have [it.]

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Kerem Sanga & Matt Sazama (Madame Web Screenwriters)

Screen Rant: How excited are you to have people finally see the movie?

Matt Sazama: I’m pretty excited. It’s been years that we’ve been working on this thing and the time has finally come to unveil it to the public.

As a diehard Spider-Man fan reading the comics since I was six, I was thinking [about the Madame Web movie] ‘How are they going to get around the whole Spider-Man of it all?’ and have Madame Web, not Spider-Man. How did you crack it?

Kerem Sanga: Well, I always wanted to tell a story about a woman who thought she was seeing the future and I’d be like, ‘If you thought you saw visions of the future, you would probably think that you were losing your mind.’ telling that story and then finding the character within the Spider-Verse epic – you have that story and in searching through everybody. Madam Web has no backstory, so that really gave us a lot of freedom with S.J. and everybody to tell the story that they felt would be right now, but still set in 2003 so that you can have the song Toxic [by Britney Spears.]

Matt Sazama: I agree with Kerem, who started this entire process. The things that we added to it was the three Spider-Women who we meet them in a place where they haven’t become [them] yet. The reason we went back in time is so that, first of all, Dakota Johnson can be in the movie. But most importantly, to see three young women who are destined – hopefully things go right – to become great heroes in a place where they are absolutely not at where we start, which is the essence of the Spider-Man character.

Kerem Sanga: I think the reason why people love Spider-Man is that he just seemed the closest to me. It’s grounded, trying to get girls that kind of stuff. Then telling another Spider-Man story, or in the Spider-Verse we will say, we wanted to just take a woman who didn’t have any special powers and didn’t know what was in store for her.

God willing, when the movie opens this weekend, if Sony says, ‘Let’s do a sequel.’ Have you thought about where the story will go?

Kerem Sanga: I’ve got plenty of ideas. After the movie, I’m going to track down the executive in charge of this and tell all of them.

Matt Sazama: What’s wonderful about this movie is that not only does Madame Web become a hero, you have these three incredible women who also are on their own journeys, both together and apart. So there are a lot of possibilities with a lot of character.

Kerem Sanga: [The same can be said] about Ezekiel Sims too…

​​​Matt Sazama: Who is a villain who maybe won’t be quite villainous at some point in the future.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Shameik Moore (Miles Morales/Spider-Man In Sony’s Spider-Verse Animated Franchise)

Screen Rant: What is it about the Spider-Verse, if you will, that you’re excited to see with Madame Web?

Shameik Moore: I’m excited to see the performances from all of these talented actresses. That’s what I’m excited to see. Honestly, I have a few friends in the movie. Madame Web is almost a centerpiece of the whole Spider-Verse if she’s not literally the center of it. It’s been a while since I saw Madame Web, but I’m very much looking forward to getting caught up through this film. [This is] such a great opportunity for these ladies. What am I looking forward to [with] these performances is to leave inspired and feeling good.

The first time that you actually got to see [Spider-Man:] Across the Spider-Verse finished, what did you think?

Shameik Moore: I was thinking, ‘Wow, this is very different than I expected it to be.’ Yeah, honestly, it was a lot more Spider-[Men] alive. It was way bigger than Miles. I only go there to record my lines, so I didn’t realize how vast the universe was about to be in the second one, alone. I had to digest it for a second and then and just watch it again. It really hit me [when] seeing the reactions to everybody. It all just feeds into the perception of the movie. I’m really looking forward to the third one so much that the second one feels like the appetizer for the third one.

Have you finished your voiceover work for [Spider-Man:] Beyond the Spider-Verse?

Shameik Moore: I wish I could tell you yes or no, but the truth is I don’t want to be fired. Essentially, it’s on its way, it’ll be out soon and it is better than the second.

What do you think we can expect from the third one that you’re allowed to tell us?

Shameik Moore: Action…you can expect Miles and Gwen. You can expect everything [laughs] you’re expecting the continuation from the second one. You can expect to see The Spot; you can expect some action-packed energy and some dilemmas and problems to solve.

Source: Screen Rant Plus

Xochitl Gomez (America Chavez in the Marvel Cinematic Universe)

Screen Rant: What are you excited most about Madame Web?

Xochitl Gomez: I’m just excited see all these powerful women doing their thing and the fact that it’s a movie about that, I’m just really proud of them.

Being in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, what was the biggest, most surprising thing for you when you realize, ‘Whoa, this MCU thing is really serious!’

Xochitl Gomez: I always knew that it was serious, I grew up watching Marvel movies my entire life. So to me, I knew how serious it was, which was exactly why I was so nervous going into it. Even now, I’m still nervous because you never know how huge this entire thing is. Even when I was doing Dancing with the Stars, there’s people that were so impacted by Marvel, Doctor Strange and America Chavez that it crossed over. It’s just crazy to see that how huge Marvel truly is.

Are you going to be back in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Xochitl Gomez: Is that a question or statement?

That’s a question!

Xochitl Gomez: Well, I’m answering a statement…[laughs]

Well, okay, are you going to be back in Avengers: Secret Wars?

Xochitl Gomez: That’s a funny question! [laughs]

I’ll take that as a ‘No comment.’ What else can we expect from you in the near future?

Xochitl Gomez: There’s a lot of things I’m very excited about that aren’t really announced yet. But they’re in my email inbox and I’m very excited. They’re in my little itinerary, so I’m excited and I can’t wait for them to be announced.

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Madame Web

opens in theaters on February 14.

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