• Thor joins the iconic superhero battle in Captain America: Civil War in a new fan edit by Chaos Verse.
  • Marvel Studios made the right choice in excluding Thor and Hulk from the film to balance the power dynamics.
  • Captain America: Civil War introduces new heroes and showcases the divide between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark.



A new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan edit depicts Thor taking part in the major superhero battle during Captain America: Civil War. While Thor has been a prominent character in the MCU timeline since the very beginning, there was one major film that he wasn’t part of, which was Captain America: Civil War. Based on the infamous 2006 storyline, Captain America: Civil War marked the temporary end of the Avengers, as the heroes were faced with new regulations.

As of right now, following Thor: Love and Thunder, it is unclear where the Asgardian God will next be seen in the MCU. While time will tell where he shows up next, Chaos Verse released a new Captain America: Civil War fan edit where they brought Chris Hemsworth’s Thor into the mix.

The Captain America: Civil War fan edit sees Thor being part of the major showdown at the airport where the two sides were duking it out. Throughout his participation, Thor has little to no problem taking down the various superheroes.


Every Superpower Thor Used In The MCU

Thor has been one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most powerful heroes, with a whole host of impressive powers.

Why Marvel Studios Was Right To Leave Thor (And Hulk) Out Of Civil War

One of the original problems with Captain America: Civil War in concept was the power balance between the two respective sides. Whoever ended up with Scarlet Witch was already going to be at a strong advantage. That is why Marvel Studios was right to exclude Thor from the story, as it would also be tricky to justify how a literal God would be beholden by the Sokovia Accords.

The same goes for the lack of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk in Captain America: Civil War, as Bruce Banner was also absent from the overall plot. Whichever team had Hulk on their side would also have an incredibly powerful player. It would also be hard to see how someone like Bruce would willingly allow himself to be on one of the sides, as he would likely remain neutral.

In the end, the heroes would be able to get over the massive fallout that came from Captain America: Civil War. Had Thor and Hulk been in Captain America: Civil War, it would likely have prevented them from having their great story in Thor: Ragnarok. Nevertheless, Captain America: Civil War was still a major story in itself, with or without Hulk and Thor’s presence.

Captain America Civil War Poster

Captain America: Civil War

Release Date
May 6, 2016

Stephen McFeely , Christopher Markus

Martin Freeman , Daniel Brühl , Robert Downey Jr. , Sebastian Stan , Elizabeth Olsen , Chadwick Boseman , Chris Evans , Paul Rudd , Frank Grillo , Scarlett Johansson , William Hurt , Paul Bettany , Anthony Mackie , Emily VanCamp , Tom Holland

2h 28m

Source: Chaos Verse/YouTube

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