• Loki is the only alien shown working within the TVA, despite the vast universe filled with different creatures and beings.
  • The theory suggests that Kang intentionally recruited people from Earth to work at the TVA because that’s where most/all Kang variants originate.
  • It is possible that there are aliens and other worlds within the TVA that have yet to be explored in the show.



Loki may look like he belongs at the TVA, but a creative theory could explain why Loki is actually unique within the organization. The TVA is made up of thousands of humans who have been ripped from their timelines to serve He Who Remains and keep the timeline secure. As viewers have seen in the MCU, the universe is ever-expanding with planets and galaxies filled with different aliens and creatures. However, the TVA is filled with humans, and as far as viewers have seen, Loki is the only alien within the agency.

Loki wasn’t pulled into the TVA by Kang or He Who Remains, but he was arrested by the organization after going rogue in Avengers: Endgame. Before he was pruned, he helped find Sylvia and then went on the run once the mystery behind the TVA started. In Loki Season 2, the trickster god is trying to save the TVA, and he is the only one on his team who isn’t from Earth. There might be nothing behind this coincidence, but the following theory seems to suggest that Kang intentionally only recruited people from timelines that occurred on Earth.

Loki Is The Only Alien Seen In The TVA

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On the Marvel Studios Reddit page, user /u/Alefgardhero shared a post where he asked why the TVA is so Earth-centric. Loki is a Norse god who comes from Asgard, a mystical realm in a galaxy far, far away from Earth. While he looks like a regular human, he has powers, strength, and a lengthy lifespan that makes him superior to humans on Earth in many ways. While there are other powerful beings on Earth, Loki appears to be the only person in the TVA who has powers, and the only person who comes from a different world.

Many of the soldiers and agents of the TVA have their own unique sets of skills, but it is fascinating that Kang never brought in more powerful or intergalactic beings to work at his agency. The task of keeping the timeline pure so his variants don’t return is a serious task with potentially grave consequences and He Who Remains would have wanted the best people to work for him. However, there may be a reason why Kang wanted humans to work for him.

Kang Filling The TVA With Humans Makes Sense

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On the Reddit discussion page, several users shared their theories as to why Kang stuck with recruiting humans. Some, including u/1271500 believe it’s that he is human and the majority of variants would be coming from Earth. As seen in the post-credit scene from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantummania, there are an infinite number of Kang variants from different timelines. While they don’t all look human, the character originates from Earth, so most of his variants would be arriving from timelines where an understanding of the planet and its history would be essential.

Another reason why Kang might want to keep the TVA human is that he needs a group that is willing to be loyal to the Timekeepers. The Timekeepers were presented as mystical and powerful otherworldly beings and humans may be more likely to believe that they control everything due to their mysterious origins. This could also explain why Kang didn’t recruit Avengers like Tony Stark or Steve Rogers because they are most likely to rebel against the Timekeepers. He needs a group that isn’t powerful enough to destroy the system, and humans who forgot their other life fits that bill.

There Still May Be Aliens Elsewhere In The TVA

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Up to this point in Loki, audiences have only been shown a very small fragment of the TVA. Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer are a part of the higher tier in the TVA hierarchy, but their sector is still relatively small in the grander organization. There could be aliens elsewhere in the TVA, especially if there are intergalactic variants that interfere with the main timeline.

In Loki Season 1, Mobius mentioned that they have brought in Kree, Titans, and Vampires, suggesting that Loki isn’t the first alien or fantastical being that they’ve had problems with. There could be multiple sections of the TVA that deal with Kree and Titans, and it’s possible that Kang has recruited people from these worlds who understand it. There is a lot of the TVA left to explore in Loki, and it would be fascinating to find out what other worlds or species are involved.

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