• Matt Murdock’s journey as Daredevil in the MCU spans almost a decade, from his origin story to battles with his archenemies.
  • The events of The Defenders Saga, including Daredevil’s interactions with Elektra and Kingpin, may now be considered canon in the MCU, despite official confirmation.
  • Matt Murdock is a key player in the MCU, making appearances in Spider-Man: No Way Home, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Echo, and preparing for his own series, Daredevil: Born Again.



Matt Murdock’s Daredevil has made several appearances in the MCU, having his full timeline explored both in his self-titled Marvel Television series and now in the Multiverse Saga. Charlie Cox debuted as Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, in Marvel Television’s 2015 series Daredevil on Netflix, which became the first series in The Defenders Saga. After Marvel Television was folded into Marvel Studios, Cox’s future as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was unclear, but he officially reprised the role in 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, and is soon set to helm his own MCU series, Daredevil: Born Again.

While the canon status of The Defenders Saga’s six TV shows had been disputed, Marvel Studios integrated them into the official MCU timeline on Disney+ following the January 2024 release of Echo. There has been no official confirmation, but this suggests that The Defenders Saga may now be canon to the MCU, meaning Charlie Cox has been the MCU’s official Daredevil for almost a decade. This means that Matt Murdock’s full timeline as the Man Without Fear can be deduced, though it’s possible that Marvel Studios may rewrite some aspects of his Netflix backstory when developing him further in the MCU proper.


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Matt Murdock Is Blinded As A Child (1990s)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

Matt Murdock was born in the mid-1980s to Jack Murdock, a boxer, and Maggie Grace, a nun, and the latter left him in the care of his father and returned to the church as she was inflicted with postpartum depression. At nine years old, Murdock saved an old man from being hit by a truck carrying hazardous chemicals, but was in turn doused in the substances, causing permanent blindness. However, the chemicals that blinded him enhanced his other senses, which would prove crucial to his future career as a vigilante-turned-superhero.

Stick Begins Training Matt Murdock (1990s)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

Young Matt Murdock eating ice cream with Stick

Only months after being blinded, Murdock’s father was murdered by local mobsters for refusing to throw a match, so he was moved to Saint Agnes Orphanage, where his mother (unbeknownst to him) would comfort him through his recurring nightmares. Murdock was soon visited by Stick, a member of the ancient order of the Chaste, who took to training Murdock how to fight and control his “gift”. Murdock formed a close bond with Stick, but was eventually abandoned by his mentor, returning to life at the Orphanage, though he would continue to fight throughout his childhood, honing his skills.

Matt Murdock Meets Foggy Nelson At Columbia University (2000s)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson at Columbia University

As a young adult, Matt Murdock was enrolled at Columbia University, where he met his roommate and future business partner, Franklin “Foggy” Nelson. The pair formed a quick and close friendship, where Foggy would tease Murdock about being blind, and Murdock would goad Foggy about his poor life choices. During their time at University, Foggy and Murdock agreed to work together following their studies, hoping to establish their own law firm, Nelson and Murdock, joking that they would be “avocados at law.” It was during this time, however, that Murdock met Elektra Natchios while he and Foggy had crashed a party.

Elektra Natchios & Matt Murdock Begin Their Relationship (2000s)

Daredevil Season 2 (2016)

Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios as young adults

Even though Elektra, who had also been trained by Stick throughout her childhood before being adopted by a wealthy diplomat, initially believed Murdock to be weak and unintelligent, he soon proved her wrong. Murdock explained his blindness to Elektra after breaking into Fogwell’s Gym, and the pair engaged in their first fight, but also began their sexual relationship. On one night, however, Elektra took Murdock to confront his father’s killer, Roscoe Sweeney, and while Murdock beat the mobster to a pulp, he refused Elektra’s suggestion to kill him, causing her to abandon him, disappointed.


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Matt Murdock Becomes A Vigilante (2010s)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

After a brief stint working as interns for high-profile law firm Landman and Zach, Murdock and Foggy decided to quit and start their own business. On the same night, Murdock donned an eyeless mask and hoodie and ambushed his neighbor, who had been abusing his daughter at night. Murdock beat and threatened the man before joining Foggy at Josie’s Bar and making an excuse for his cut lip. This began Murdock’s career as a vigilante, as he would go on to sustain nine broken ribs while stopping robbers and save a woman from kidnappers, though he updated his wardrobe into a full black costume and mask.

Nelson & Murdock Open An Office In Hell’s Kitchen & Meet Karen Page (2015)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

Matt Murdock, Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in the church

Soon after becoming a vigilante, Foggy and Murdock rented their own office in Hell’s Kitchen and established Nelson and Murdock as their own law practice, intent on looking out for the little man. The pair’s first client was Karen Page, the secretary to the chief accountant at Union Allied Construction who had been framed for murdering her colleague, Daniel Fisher. Murdock ended up saving Page as the masked vigilante, and the pair exposed Union Allied Construction, leading to Page becoming a free woman. Page was subsequently hired as Nelson and Murdock’s secretary, though this would be put in jeopardy when Foggy learned of Murdock’s double life.

Matt Murdock Meets Wilson Fisk & Becomes Daredevil (2015)

Daredevil Season 1 (2015)

After battling the Russian Mafia, meeting Claire Temple, and trying to help Elena Cardenas, Matt Murdock finally met Wilson Fisk, the man pulling the strings of crime in New York City. The archenemies officially crossed paths after Murdock approached Fisk’s love interest, Vanessa Marianna, at the Scene Contempo Gallery, but after Carl Hoffman, a former corrupt cop, confessed to his crimes and exposed Fisk’s operation, the crime lord of Hell’s Kitchen finally met Daredevil. With a red costume designed by Melvin Potter, Murdock finally became Daredevil, and he fought Fisk while he tried to make an escape from law enforcement, leading to the villain being sent to prison.

Daredevil Meets The Punisher & Goes To Trial (2015)

Daredevil Season 2 (2016)

A few months later, Foggy and Murdock were approached by Grotto, a member of the Kitchen Irish, who explained a massacre that wiped out the gang. The attacker, dubbed the Punisher, soon revealed himself to be Frank Castle, and the pair engaged in a battle that ended up with Murdock being shot in the head. Round two with the Punisher led to a debate on morality between the brutal antihero and Daredevil, and after finding out more about Castle, Murdock watched as he was arrested. Nelson and Murdock represented Castle in court, though Castle’s outburst during his trial led to his imprisonment.


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Matt Murdock & Karen Page Begin Their Relationship (Though Elektra Gets In The Way) (2015)

Daredevil Season 2 (2016)

Matt Murdock and Karen Page caught in the rain

It was during the Punisher’s rampage on Hell’s Kitchen’s criminal underworld that Matt Murdock and Karen Page finally began their romantic relationship. However, the return of Elektra Natchios threw a spanner in the works, as while trying to build a relationship with Page, Murdock also fought the Yakuza and the Hand alongside Elektra. His exploits with Elektra distanced him from the Punisher trial and his friends, though a deeper plot was soon unveiled, as Stick returned to inform them of the Black Sky, the Hand’s most dangerous weapon, and though both Stick and Elektra would be asked to leave, Murdock would still choose his vigilante life over his newfound happiness.

Daredevil & Elektra Battle The Hand (2015)

Daredevil Season 2 (2016)

Murdock soon found out that Elektra herself was destined to be the Black Sky, though Stick had tried to raise her to be loyal to the Chaste. This would lead to an epic battle between Daredevil, Elektra and the Hand, of which Nobu was one of the most loyal soldiers. Nobu had seriously injured Murdock months prior, but was thought to be dead, making his reappearance even more shocking. With help from the escaped Punisher, Daredevil and Elektra would take out all the Hand’s ninjas, including Nobu, though Elektra would also lose her life. This series of events prompts Murdock to finally reveal his secret identity to Karen Page.

Daredevil Becomes A Defender (2016)

The Defenders (2017)

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Matt Murdock, Claire Temple and Colleen Wing in The Defenders

While trying to return to normality, Matt Murdock soon found himself embroiled in the Hand’s grand scheme, as he joined with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Danny Rand to battle the resurrected Elektra Natchios and the Hand’s original founders. Exposing the Hand’s plot to extract a substance from a dragon buried beneath New York that holds the key to immortality, the new Defenders team engaged in many battles with the Hand’s ageless founders, Alexandra Reid, Madame Gao, Murakami, Bakuto and Sowande. At the end of the battle, Murdock and Elektra remained trapped in the destroyed Midland Circle, and though Murdock would be recovered, Elektra’s fate is unclear.

Matt Murdock Meets His Mother & Returns As Daredevil (2017)

Daredevil Season 3 (2018)

Matt Murdock injured with his mother

Matt Murdock found himself recovering from his injuries at Clinton Church, in the company of Father Lantom and Sister Maggie Grace. He would take months to recover, but soon took up fighting again, rebuilding his strength. Murdock soon returned to being Daredevil, and reunited with his old friends after learning that Wilson Fisk had cut a deal with the FBI to be removed from prison. He began having visions of Wilson Fisk, engaging in conversation with his imaginary archenemy, and soon learns that Fisk’s eyes and ears, once again, were everywhere.

Daredevil Battles Benjamin Poindexter (2017)

Daredevil Season 3 (2018)

Benjamin Poindexter pretending to be Daredevil

One of Wilson Fisk’s strongest weapons was FBI Special Agent Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, a.k.a. Bullseye, a psychopathic killer with incredibly accurate marksmanship who Fisk had manipulated and taken control of. Fisk convinced Dex to masquerade as Daredevil to discredit the hero, leading to him attacking the New York Bulletin where Karen Page worked, and engaging in an epic duel with the real Daredevil in Clinton Church. Throughout all this, Murdock continued to investigate Wilson Fisk, and ended up protecting FBI Agent Ray Nadeem and interrogating Felix Manning, one of Fisk’s hired “fixers”.

Daredevil Battles Kingpin One Last Time (2017)

Daredevil Season 3 (2018)

With Manning’s information that Wilson Fisk and Vanessa Marianna were set to wed, Daredevil finally faced his archenemy, Kingpin, once again, leading to an incredibly brutal battle that ended with Kingpin beaten, Daredevil bloody, and Poindexter paralyzed following an attack by Fisk. Kingpin warned that if he lived, he would hunt and kill Foggy Nelson and Karen Page, and reveal Daredevil’s identity to the world. Conversely, Murdock, having revealed his face to Fisk, warned Fisk to stop hunting his friends and keep his secret, and in return, Vanessa wouldn’t be imprisoned for ordering the death of Ray Nadeem, striking up a tentative deal between the archenemies.

Daredevil Fights Maya Lopez (2021)

Echo (2024)

Daredevil fighting Maya Lopez in Echo

While Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson and Karen Page agreed to restart their law firm as three partners, Thanos’ Infinity War snap seemed to destroy these plans. The snap prompted Murdock to become Daredevil again, suggesting his friends may have fallen victim to Thanos, though this hasn’t been confirmed. During this period, Daredevil had been tracking a group intent on moving into Kingpin’s territory, and watched them from afar before Maya Lopez and Kingpin’s henchmen arrived to take them out. Daredevil and Echo had a quick spar, with Lopez able to hold her own against the Man Without Fear, though he escaped after pinning her beneath a fallen shelf.


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Matt Murdock Represents Peter Parker (2024)

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Matt Murdock in Peter Parker's apartment

After the world learned that Spider-Man was actually the teenager Peter Parker, Matt Murdock arrived to provide legal advice to the young Avenger. Murdock went on to represent Happy Hogan during an interrogation with the Department of Damage Control, and seemed to have some sort of prior relationship with Parker’s Aunt May, though this hasn’t been confirmed. Spider-Man: No Way Home marked Matt Murdock’s first canon appearance in the MCU, prior to The Defenders Saga being integrated into the timeline, and gave Murdock the opportunity to show off his quick reflexes by catching a brick thrown through the Parkers’ window.

Matt Murdock Meets Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk (2025)

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1 (2022)

Matt Murdock’s most recent MCU experiences bring him into 2025, where he journeyed to Los Angeles to receive a newly-designed yellow-and-red costume. While there, he represented his costume designer during a legal battle with Jennifer Walters’ She-Hulk and Eugene Patilio, yet later revealed himself to be the superhero Daredevil to She-Hulk, with the pair infiltrating Patilio’s base of operations where the designer, Luke Jacobson, was held hostage. Murdock and Walters began a sexual relationship, and the former attended a garden party with Walters’ family, where he met Bruce Banner’s Smart Hulk and his son, Skaar. Following this, Charlie Cox is set to return as Matt Murdock in Daredevil: Born Again.

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