• Experts rate a bath scene in Deadpool 2 as absurd and unrealistic, pointing out inaccuracies such as wearing underwear and bringing swords into a bathhouse.
  • The Yakuza expert criticizes the scene for not accurately representing Yakuza culture and the rules surrounding blades in Japan.
  • Despite its absurdity, Deadpool 2 remains an enjoyable and ridiculous movie, which is part of its charm. The success of Deadpool 3 will depend on whether it takes risks and incorporates the unique aspects of the MCU while maintaining the R-rated romp style.

A video that sees experts rating movie scenes on their realism has focussed on one bath scene in Deadpool 2 that a Yakuza expert has dubbed absurd. Deadpool 2 is a ridiculous movie for many reasons, which is part of what makes it so enjoyable. So it’s not surprising that the opening montage that depicts Deadpool summarily executing Yakuza members in various situations – including one where he pops out from a casket in the middle of a funeral – would include some pretty unbelievable moments. It’s fair to say that some creative license has been wielded as capably as Deadpool’s katanas, however.

Tatsuya Shindo is a Pastor and ex Yakuza member who has seven convictions and has been to prison three times. The Deadpool 2 scene in that he watched specifically was one in which Deadpool enters a bathhouse where several Yakuza members are bathing with their katana. He draws his swords, they draw theirs, and chaos ensues as they exit their respective baths dressed in underwear. Asked to rate the scene on its realism, Tatsuya, unsurprisingly, has a few criticisms to make.

Yakuza love to bathe. They love public baths.I love them too. In prison, you can only take a bath for 15 minutes. That’s why these days I only want to take slow baths.

It doesn’t look like a bathhouse. They would never wear underwear there, ever. There’s no way you’d take a sword inside a bath. That would ruin a sword right away.

Of course, there is a law in Japan about blade length. Blade length is regulated. If you have a blade that’s longer than this, you will be arrested immediately. So you can’t just walk around with one unnecessarily.

This film is absurd. If I were to rate how realistic it is on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give it minus 5.

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How Deadpool 3 Can Learn From Deadpool 2’s Mistakes

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the MCU

There aren’t many “mistakes” to speak of when considering a movie as financially and critically successful as Deadpool 2. As a movie that in many ways improved on its predecessor, it now falls to the MCU-controlled Deadpool 3 to continue that trend – and with the promise of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine’s inclusion, along with a plethora of Fox’s X-Men, it’s safe to say that expectations are high. There is still a chance for Deadpool 3 to fumble the bag, though it is thankfully unlikely. Provided Disney sticks to its word about keeping Deadpool as an R-rated romp, its success is practically written in stone.

Deadpool 3 certainly can’t rest on its laurels, however. While the R-rated franchise has become a firm favorite, it will need to show that it can take the risks that Deadpool 2 arguably didn’t. Higher stakes and a healthy dose of the famous MCU sentimentality could help bring the Merc with a Mouth comfortably into the MCU fold; which wouldn’t be hard, given the state of the wider universe that Deadpool has joined. Though it is hard to see how another irreverent lampooning of the genre he is now arguably even more a part of wouldn’t go down a storm.

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