• Deadpool 3 presents the perfect opportunity for Keanu Reeves to fulfill his dream of playing Wolverine in the MCU.
  • Set photos and the inclusion of variants in Deadpool 3 suggest numerous cameos from beloved MCU characters could occur.
  • With the MCU presumably introducing a new cast of X-Men soon, now is the perfect time to entertain short-lived one-off variant cameos.



Of the many famous faces that have made their MCU debuts, Keanu Reeves is yet to be one – but Deadpool 3 could be the perfect chance for him to seize his dream role. Deadpool 3 will be the MCU’s only cinematic release of 2024. It will also be the first Deadpool and X-Men movie to be an official part of the MCU canon. Disney’s acquisition of the X-Men could not come at a better time in the narrative, as the Multiverse Saga has a ready-made excuse for where these noteworthy characters have come from. Namely, other timelines.

Everything we know about Deadpool 3 confirms that the movie is leaning into this narrative, with several of Fox’s most famous X-Men characters starring alongside Wade Wilson. Most notable among these is Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, who is breaking records by appearing for the eighth time as Logan – this time in a comic-accurate yellow suit. While other actors from Fox’s X-Men franchise will also be reprising their roles, this context provides the perfect opportunity for Keanu Reeves to make his MCU debut as his dream character.


How Deadpool 3 Is Different Under Disney Explained By Returning Fox X-Men Franchise Star

With Deadpool 3 being produced by Disney and Marvel Studios, one of the returning Fox X-Men stars promises the tone will still be kept the same.

Deadpool 3 Would Be The Perfect Place For Keanu Reeves To Play Wolverine

Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4

In a Reddit AMA hosted by Reeves in March 2023 to promote John Wick 4, he expressed his lifelong desire to play Wolverine. This was relatively unprompted as he was responding to whether there were any roles he regretted rejecting, stating, “…No…but I did always want to play Wolverine.” Before appearing in Deadpool 3, it looked as though Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine had ended, given that the character died at the end of Logan. If that had been the case, then the door would have been open for Reeves to take on the role.

Instead, Deadpool 3 offers the perfect setting for Reeves to appear alongside Hugh Jackman as a Wolverine variant. The MCU’s rules on variants seem to be that they can either look identical to the “original,” such as President Loki in Loki, or entirely different – such as Alligator Loki or Sylvie. This provides the perfect opportunity for the MCU to make Reeves’ dreams come true – and the evidence that Deadpool 3 will be playing around with variants is stark.

Deadpool 3’s Set Photos Have Already Teased The Ideal Plot For Reeves’ MCU Cameo

Ryan Reynolds as a long-haired Deadpool variant set photo

After Ryan Reynolds confirmed that Dogpool – a Deadpool variant – will be co-starring in Deadpool 3, set photos have revealed that she is not the only variant that will be making an appearance. Reynolds himself has been pictured in a Deadpool suit with long hair and an un-scarred face, suggesting he will be playing another variant of Wade Wilson. This all but confirms that variants will be playing a central role in Deadpool 3, and that there is an opportunity for any number of cameos to make appearances as beloved MCU characters.


Everything Revealed In Deadpool 3 Set Photos

Set photos for Deadpool 3 have been both released officially and leaked, resulting in a slew of confirmed details and strong suggestions for theories.

The Deadpool 3 filmmakers haven’t yet debunked rumors that Taylor Swift may be appearing in Deadpool 3 as the mutant Dazzler. This is a popular fan-casting that, if real, will be an obvious nod to fans. Casting Keanu Reeves as Wolverine – even if only as a cameo – would be another way for Deadpool 3 to capitalize on an almost certainly over-the-top premise that would facilitate countless moments of fan service before moving on to the real cast for the MCU’s X-Men.

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