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  • Deadpool 3 merchandise unveils an official look at Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, giving fans a sneak peek of Wolverine’s mask.
  • Deadpool and Wolverine look more comic-accurate than ever before in Deadpool 3 promo material.
  • The Deadpool 3 sticker image also provides the first look at Wolverine’s claws.



Deadpool 3 promotional merchandise provides an official look at Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, confirming what Wolverine’s mask will look like in the 2024 MCU movie. Deadpool 3 might be the most anticipated of the MCU’s upcoming movies, not only because it’s Marvel Studios’ only 2024 release, but also because it will feature Deadpool and Wolverine’s MCU arrival. It will also mark the first time Hugh Jackman wears Wolverine’s classic yellow suit from the comics, and the first time Wolverine will wear a mask on the big screen.

On X, user @Nico_Crux reveals the first look at Deadpool and Wolverine together on promotional material for Deadpool 3, in the form of a sticker, allegedly provided by Disney. See the image below:


Deadpool 3 Will Finally Pay Off The Coolest Line From Wolverine’s Worst Movie

Several Deadpool 3 details have already come to light, and a major recent reveal confirms that the MCU movie will pay off an epic Wolverine film line.

What The Deadpool 3 Merch Reveals About The MCU Movie

Wolverine and Deadpool in Fox's X-Men Movies

Deadpool 3‘s merch confirms that Deadpool and Wolverine will look more comic-accurate than ever before. The official sticker features Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine in a yellow-and-blue suit that’s faithful to his vibrant comic-book costume. He also wears his iconic yellow mask with large black wing flaps and white eyes — all of which would have seemed like impossible features to translate to live-action just a few years ago. The image on Deadpool 3‘s sticker also provides the first look at Wolverine’s claws, which come out of Wolverine’s gloves through large silver sheaths, just like they do in the comics and animated shows.

Likewise, Deadpool’s suit seems much more vibrant and colorful in Deadpool 3 than it does in his previous two solo movies. Deadpool’s suit had already showcased a lighter shade of red in Deadpool 3‘s behind-the-scenes footage, but Deadpool 3‘s official merch now confirms that the movie’s color grade will maintain and accentuate this upgrade, as well. Deadpool’s suit also seems to be smoother and more form-fitting, with fewer lines and imperfections, making it look even closer to his original comic book suit.

The reveal of Deadpool 3‘s merchandise is another step towards Deadpool‘s July 2024 release, and it suggests that more promotional material is about to arrive, beginning with the release of official images, banners, posters, and teasers. In fact, Deadpool 3‘s first full official trailer may be close, and a Super Bowl trailer is still on the table. Apart from Wolverine’s full costume, a first look at more Deadpool 3 characters, and perhaps even the movie’s main villain, are to be expected.

Source: @Nico_Crux / X

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