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  • New set photos from Deadpool 3 hint at a connection to Loki and Avengers: Secret Wars, supporting a multiversal location theory.
  • The set photos reveal elements from previous Marvel movies, suggesting that the wasteland depicted could be the Void from Loki.
  • The Void could potentially replace Battleworld in the MCU that is being set up a larger role in Avengers: Secret Wars as a dumping ground and patchwork of realities for characters and elements across various realities.

New photos from the set of Deadpool 3 support a clever Loki and Avengers: Secret Wars theory. Believed to be a multiversal adventure of epic proportions, Deadpool 3 will finally unite Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson with Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine while integrating the Merc With the Mouth into the MCU. However, the movie may also provide some critical setup for the final movie in the MCU’s current Multiverse Saga.

Now that the writer and actor strikes are over, Deadpool 3 has resumed filming with new set photos having been posted online. This has led to a handful of exciting reveals with potential connections to the recently concluded Loki show. If true, it likely means that Deadpool 3 could be setting up a major comics location in Avengers: Secret Wars known as Battleworld.


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Deadpool 3 Set Photos Make The Void Look Like An Avengers 6 Location

The Void Could Become The MCU’s Battleworld

Loki at the end of season 2's finale with Deadpool and Wolverine in the MCU's Deadpool 3

As seen in the new Deadpool 3 set photos, various pieces from past Marvel movies are featured, both in and out of the main MCU. Not only are Deadpool and Wolverine seen fighting in a wasteland containing the 20th Century Fox logo, but other recognizable elements have been revealed in the photos such as a soldier wearing what looks to be the uniform one of the TVA’s Minute Men, a section of the Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar, the ice cream truck from Moon Knight, and the Red Skull’s car from the first Captain America. Likewise, it seems Sabretooth and Toad from Fox’s first X-Men movie will be featured as well.

It certainly looks as though this wasteland could be the Void at the end of time, the realm first introduced in Loki’s first season where people and things go once they’ve been pruned by agents of the TVA. Considering the teased presence of the TVA in these set photos along with rumors that Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius will have a role, it’s likely that the Void will be a significant location in Deadpool 3. This will presumably be after Fox’s X-Men gets pruned, thereby necessitating an in-univese need for the franchise to be rebooted/integrated into the MCU.

However, the Void could become so much bigger with Avengers: Secret Wars. Considering that the comics’ Secret Wars take place on a patchwork realm of multiversal remnants known as Battleworld, it’s possible that the Void could replace it in the MCU. With more and more Easter eggs popping up in what appears to be The Void in Deadpool 3, it seems more and more likely that the TVA dumping ground is being set up instead of Battleworld, a realm where characters from all over the multiverse were brought together to fight for their survival after the destruction of their respective realities.

Why A Secret Wars Battleworld Change Makes Perfect Sense For The MCU

Why Introduce Battleworld When The Void Already Exists?

The cropped cover of Secret Wars (2015) #1

Establishing the Void as the MCU’s multiversal wasteland rather than Battleworld makes perfect sense. After all, why establish a new wasteland full of things from across the multiverse when one already exists that audiences know about thanks to Loki and likely soon Deadpool 3? Furthermore, if Kang the Conqueror does have a role in the story and perhaps fulfills Doctor Doom’s role from the comics’ Secret Wars, it would be logical to use a preexisting location which Kang’s story is already connected to.

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