Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo incites massive backlash after joking in an Instagram video about Martin Scorsese’s box office perforamance.

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  • Joe Russo, director of Avengers: Endgame, faces criticism for mocking Martin Scorsese’s box office performances in a video response.
  • Russo’s video, which pokes fun at Scorsese’s comparatively weaker box office, has generated backlash online.
  • Russo’s previous blockbuster films, like Avengers: Endgame, have been incredibly successful at the box office, currently ranking second highest grossing film worldwide.



Avengers: Endgame director Joe Russo receives backlash after commenting on Martin Scorsese’s box office. As half of the infamous directorial duo The Russo Brothers, Joe Russo has directed several notable blockbuster films including Avengers: Endgame, Avengers: Infinity War, and Captain America: Civil War. All of these films were massive box office successes, with Avengers: Endgame currently sitting as the second highest grossing film of all time at the worldwide box office.

Russo posts a video response to Scorsese, which mocks his comparatively lackluster box office. This video has since sparked backlash online against Russo. Check out the video below:

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Source: Joe Russo / Instagram

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