• Skrull conspiracy threatens Earth in Secret Invasion series as Nick Fury discovers a dark new threat to human race.
  • Fury faces Skrull takeover despite alliance; cast members revealed as Skrull imposters in Marvel show plot twists.
  • Major characters like Rhodes, Ross, and Priscilla Fury exposed as Skrulls; Skrull infiltration deepens since 1995 arrival on Earth.



The MCU Secret Invasion series showcases Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) as he uncovers a Skrull conspiracy where no one can be trusted. Having been introduced in 2019’s Captain Marvel, it was revealed that the green-skinned and shape-shifting Skrulls first came to Earth in 1995. However, a dark new threat has emerged for the MCU timeline almost 30 years later in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame.

Having returned to Earth for the first time since Thanos and the Blip, Nick Fury has gone AWOL to prevent a secret Skrull takeover of Earth. Despite being allied with the Skrulls since Fury and Captain Marvel saved them from the Kree Empire in the 90s, a disenfranchised group of the shape-shifting alien race have decided to claim Earth for themselves. The promise of a new homeworld has not been kept, resulting in a massive Skrull conspiracy and infiltration that endangers the entire human race. This includes several characters in the Secret Invasion cast being revealed as Skrull imposters over the course of the Marvel show.


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10 James Rhodes Was Replaced By A Skrull

First Appeared In Iron Man

After a lot of evidence, Secret Invasion revealed Rhodey is a Skrull spy within the Avengers. Secret Invasion‘s first three episodes included subtle clues that Rhodey is a Skrull, before episode 4 confirmed the theory, after Rhodey called Priscilla Fury (also a Skrull) to demand she kills Fury. The hints were all there, though, with several major teases to the big reveal:

  • He calls Fury “Nick”, which Fury himself identified as a Skrull give-away.
  • His aggressive behavior to the UN seems out of character.
  • He knew about the Skrull Invasion 15 years ago.
  • He uses an Android, hinting he follows Apple’s “no villains can have an iPhone” rule.
  • He sacked Fury, the Skrull rebels’ biggest threat.

9 Everett Ross Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Captain America: Civil War

In the premiere episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, the CIA’s former Agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) was revealed to be a Skrull infiltrator. Having been discovered by Nick Fury’s Skrull ally Talos (Ben Mendelsohn), the fake Ross was pursued through the streets of Moscow, though the Skrull imposter fell off a roof to his death. Having served as a notable character in both 2018’s Black Panther and 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the implications for Ross – later revealed to be one of the many humans trapped in Skrull pods while they were replaced – are suggested to be considerable.

It’s safe to assume that the real Ross was replaced by a Skrull shortly after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Although Ross had been arrested for treason, the former CIA agent was freed by General Okoye, where he presumably went to work with Maria Hill as seen in Secret Invasion’s premiere. As such, his connection to Hill and by extension Nick Fury likely made him a prime target.

8 Priscilla Fury Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

At the end of Secret Invasion episode 2, it’s shockingly revealed that not only Nick Fury is married, but that his wife Priscilla (Charlayne Woodard) is a Skrull known as Varra. While the reveal in question suggests that Fury is unaware of the deception, since Varra changes her appearance just before Fury sees her, questions immediately arose around their relationship.

However, the majority of these were resolved by the later revelations that not only did Nick Fury know his wife was a Skrull, but that the two still cared deeply for one another despite a previously somewhat estranged relationship. This lead Varra to join Fury in his endeavors in space, though she doesn’t seem to appear in The Marvels alongside him.

7 Commodore Robert Fairbanks Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Commodore Robert Fairbanks in Skrull form

Sonya Falsworth confirmed to Nick Fury that high level Navy officer Bob Fairbanks was a Skrull spy when the plot to blow up the UN plane was revealed. Ultimately, Fairbanks, a new character introduced in Secret Invasion episode 3, was another example of how high the Skrull infiltration had crept since their arrival on Earth in 1995. The Skrull Fairbanks is killed by Talos, after refusing to give up the codes to stop the submarine Neptune firing, before G’iah views the memories of the real Fairbanks – imprisoned in a pod at the New Skrullos site – to steal the codes and foil the plot.

6 MI6 Agent Derrik Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Secret invasion Derrik skrull Agent MI6

High-ranking MI6 official Derrik (played by Tony Curran in Secret Invasion) was outed as a Skrull in episode 3 when Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman revealed that there was a rat inside her organization. Derrik seemingly revealed Falsworth’s mission to infiltrate the safe house by interrogating the Skrull rebel who she injected with a weaponized version of Extremis Virus during episode 2’s gruesome butcher shop scene.

The Skrull Council

Secret Invasion The Skrull Council

With a million Skrulls hidden on Earth, they have a ruling body, the Skrull Council, who operate undercover in high-powered positions across the globe, including world leaders and Gravik himself as their military leader. Their relationship is fractured by Gravik’s extremism, naturally, as they seek to preserve order for their people. Each Skrull Council member is introduced in Secret Invasion episode 2.

5 UK Prime Minister Pamela Lawton Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Pamela Lawton

The most powerful woman in the United Kingom, Pamela Lawton is the Prime Minister, head of the British government. The Skrull imposter, who delivers on long-held suspicions that something is rotten in Parliament, is played by Anna Madeley.

4 NATO Secretary General Sergio Caspani Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Sergio Caspani head of NATO

The Italian head of NATO is played by Giampiero Judica, and as the leader of the huge military organization – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – is probably the most powerful single member of the Skrull Council. He commands NATO’s army, a force designed to enforce an agreement between all members to defend one another in the event of military attacks.

3 Chris Stearns – FXN News Anchor Was Revealed To Be A Skrull

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Christopher MacDonald as Chris Stearns in Secret Invasion

Military power isn’t the only commodity in the Skrull Council, Christopher MacDonald’s Chris Stearns represents huge influence over the American public as the anchor of a show on FXN Network, a thinly-veiled allusion to Fox News and the likes of Tucker Carlson.

2 Shirley Sagar – Position Unknown

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion Shirley Sagar

The fourth member of the Skrull Council is unknown in position and influence, but presumably operates in the South Asian territory, perhaps in a key political position, given the jobs of her fellow Council Members. Shirley Sagar is played by Seeta Indrani.

1 Jack Hyuk-Bin – Korean Billionaire?

First Appeared In Secret Invasion

Jack Hyuk-bin Secret Invasion

Seemingly named in honor of real life Korean billionaire Kwon Hyuk-Bin, founder of Smilegate, one of the world’s biggest gaming companies. It would make sense that the rich of the world would be represented at the very top table for the Skrulls. Money does mean power, after all.

Every Character Impersonated By Skrulls But Not Taken Over

Nick Fury from Secret Invasion in the MCU next to a Skrull roaring

Nick Fury

As seen at the end of the Secret Invasion premiere episode and the bombing in Moscow, Gravik impersonated Nick Fury. As Fury, Gravik caught Maria Hill with her guard down, using this to kill her before vanishing into the crowd. Tragically, Hill died in the real Fury’s arms, a dark irony as her final conversation with the super spy had been a warning about the fight to come and the likelihood that someone was going to get hurt.

This would foreshadow G’iah also disguising herself as Nick Fury so that she could fight Gravik in the Secret Invasion ending. While this decision was criticized for removing the stakes from Fury’s personal battle, it did serve to set up the MCU’s most powerful new hero, as G’iah’s Super Skrull abilities give her some devastating abilities.

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