• The Marvels introduces a running joke about Ms. Marvel trying to come up with a superhero name for Monica Rambeau, highlighting her lack of a designated name by the end of the film.
  • Several potential superhero names are suggested for Monica, including Professor Marvel, Nova, Pulsar, Vision, Lieutenant Trouble, Mistress Marvel, Doctor Bright, Spectrum, Spectrum Vision, Light Lady, and Frequency.
  • The names mentioned in the film are Easter eggs referencing Marvel Comics or the wider MCU, connecting Monica to other characters and storylines in the universe. The lack of a final superhero name for Monica leaves room for future development and anticipation.



One of the recurring jokes throughout The Marvels involves Ms. Marvel thinking up a superhero name for Monica Rambeau, resulting in a slew of hilarious ideas. As was teased by the film’s marketing, The Marvels brings together Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau. As is evident by the characters’ naming, Monica is the only hero present not to have a designated superhero name by The Marvels‘ cliffhanger ending. Kamala Khan’s introduction to the MCU in Ms. Marvel saw the titular name attributed to her based on Kamala meaning Marvel in Urdu, while Carol Danvers has been known as Captain Marvel since the 1990s in-universe.

As such, Monica’s lack of a superhero name led to one of the film’s best running jokes as Kamala tried to find a name that best suited Rambeau, leading to a handful of The Marvels Easter eggs. The names thought up by Kamala led to several hilarious possibilities, some even linking to Marvel Comics or the MCU’s past. While none seemed to stick by the ending of the film or The Marvels’ post-credit scene involving Monica, several superhero names were presented as possible titles for her MCU future.

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11 Professor Marvel

Monica’s Name Needed A “Marvels” Connection

Dorothy Gale and Professor Marvel

One of the first names Kamala thinks of for Monica is Professor Marvel. Given the team’s name, The Marvels, it makes sense for Kamala to name Monica using the same word in a bid to link all three heroes together beyond their relationships. While Professor Marvel does not have a link to Marvel Comics, it is interestingly an Easter egg to a minor character in The Wizard of Oz.

10 Nova

An Easter Egg To The Marvel Universe’s Nova Corps

Another name on Kamala’s endless list for Monica Rambeau’s superhero name is Nova. This name was likely included in The Marvels as a nod to the Marvel Comics character of Nova who is set to appear in the MCU’s future as well as a connection to Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Nova Corps from which Nova originates. Nova has similar energy-based powers to Monica meaning the connection is logical, yet it remained another name that did not stick for Rambeau.

9 Pulsar

An MCU Reference To Monica Rambeau’s Comic Book Stories

Monica Rambeau as Photon in Marvel Comics.

Pulsar is one of the names brought up as a potential choice for Monica’s superhero name in The Marvels. The name is another MCU Easter egg relating to the character of Monica Rambeau from Marvel Comics. Upon being introduced as Photon in the Marvel Comics universe, another character named Genis-Vell also took this alias for himself. After a talk with him, Monica considered taking the name Pulsar, though it was never made official despite her sometimes being known by it. As such, the brief mention of Pulsar in The Marvels references this confusing element of Marvel Comics.

8 Vision

One of the funnier entries on the list of Monica’s potential names is Vision. During The Marvels, Kamala and Carol sometimes combined to come up with a name for Monica, landing on Vision. Quickly, the two realize this is not a good idea given the existence of a hero in the MCU with that name. Not only is this a fun scene in The Marvels that makes the MCU feel more lived-in, but it is also a humorous reference to the often confusing duplicated names of characters in Marvel Comics.

7 Lieutenant Trouble

Combining Monica’s Superhero Alias With Her Youthful Connection To Carol

The Marvels Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau

Since 2019’s Captain Marvel, Monica has been known as Lieutenant Trouble by Carol. The relationship the two had when Monica was a child led to this, with this title also being raised as a potential superhero name for the character in The Marvels. The trio swiftly realizes this will not work, and should simply remain a heartfelt way for Carol to refer to her niece.

6 Mistress Marvel

Another Marvel-Infused Alias For Monica

Monica and Carol in The Marvels

Another name raised for Monica during The Marvels is Mistress Marvel. This name holds no overt connections to Marvel Comics or any other franchises, simply being used as an idea for Monica that connects her to the titular team of the film. However, like every other entry on this list, Mistress Marvel was speedily vetoed.

5 Doctor Bright

The Marvels’ References Another Famous MCU Superhero

Many of the names brought up for Monica’s superhero alias are simply fun connections to the wider MCU or Marvel Comics universe. One of these is Doctor Bright which has a very obvious link to a common MCU superhero. The hero in question is Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange with the name Doctor Bright being a play on his alias only using “Bright” as a reference to Monica’s light-based MCU powers.

4 Spectrum

Another Reference To One Of Monica Rambeau’s Comic Book Hero Names

At one point in The Marvels, the possibility of Spectrum arises for Monica’s superhero name. This links to the fact that her powers allow her to see and manipulate any form of energy found on the electromagnetic spectrum. Interestingly, Monica was known as Spectrum after abandoning the name Photon on Marvel Comics. As Spectrum, Monica was part of Marvel teams such as the Mighty Avengers, the Ultimates, and Strikeforce. Many assumed Spectrum would be the name Monica adopted in the MCU, yet The Marvels fails to make it clear if the alias had any resonance with her.

3 Spectrum Vision

A Fun Combination Of Two Other Potential Superhero Names For Monica Rambeau

Vision and Monica Rambeau_Geraldine in WnadaVision Episode 3

Combining two former possibilities, Spectrum Vision is another name raised for Monica. Like many of the others, the name is not received well. If anything, the idea serves as an insight into Kamala’s lovable, childlike character who simply mashed two prior names together as a potential idea for her new comrade.

2 Light Lady

Another Insight Into Kamala Khan’s Childlike Wonder

Ms Marvel and Monica Rambeau in Captain Marvel 2

Light Lady is another name raised for Monica during The Marvels. Like many of the other examples on this list, Light Lady serves as a way to make Kamala somehow more likable than she already is. The name is not great, yet it reflects humorously on Kamala’s character who was innocent enough to come up with a poor alias but also Monica’s caring nature, who sweetly rejects most ideas her new teammate comes up with.

1 Frequency

A Play On Monica’s Powers Over The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Ms Marvel, Captain Marvel and Monica Rambeau standing in a field in The Marvels

The final name that potentially applied to Monica Rambeau in The Marvels was frequency. The name is a smart connection to Monica’s powers over the electromagnetic spectrum. These powers are naturally versed in science, with frequency often being used as a measurement for various aspects of scientific aspects including the electromagnetic spectrum itself. Despite this, Monica Rambeau opts against being known as Frequency in The Marvels. Not only does this leave the potential for her true superhero name to be revealed in the MCU’s future, but it also makes her post-credit appearance more exciting given this possibility,

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