• Wolverine wears a comics-accurate costume in Deadpool 3, marking the first time he’s had a traditional superhero suit onscreen.
  • Wolverine and Deadpool engage in a fight scene, showcasing their clashing personalities and Wolverine’s ability to go all-out without killing.
  • The presence of practical claw props suggests that Deadpool 3 will avoid the CGI claws that have looked fake in previous X-Men movies.



As the anticipation for Deadpool 3 builds, set photos have remained the single greatest source of details for what audiences can expect to see when the film releases on July 26th. The third installment of Ryan Reynold’s irreverent R-Rated superhero comedy series promises to bring the Merc with a Mouth into the fold of the MCU, possibly bringing the X-Men along with him. As the introduction of the X-Men into the MCU has been long-teased ever since Disney’s historic acquisition of Fox Studios, many are keen to glean every ounce of detail possible from behind-the-scenes photos of Deadpool 3‘s production.

The most famous of these photos were released courtesy of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman themselves, teasing the pairing of their iconic characters with a story on Instagram featuring both actors walking together in costume. However, since then there have been multiple unofficial leaked photos, much to the dismay of Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy. Regardless of the source, these photos and videos have shed some light on key elements of Deadpool 3’s story and production.


Deadpool 3: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know

Marvel Studios is making Deadpool 3 as part of the MCU. Here’s everything we know about the R-rated sequel starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

10 Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Finally Gets A Yellow X-Men Costume

The Suit Is Adapted From The Marvel Comics

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Deadpool 3

Thus far, the only official image released for Deadpool 3 has featured Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine walking side-by-side across a beach landscape. Besides confirming Jackman’s involvement and return to form as Wolverine, this image provided a first look at his brand-new yellow and blue costume. This marks the first time Wolverine has worn a comics-accurate costume on screen, the character mostly regulated to tank tops, jeans, and motorcycle jackets in past films.

When Wolverine has worn a more traditional superhero suit in the past, they were much more subdued, looking more like motorcycle jackets that coordinated with other members of the X-Men. X-Men: Days of Future Past teased the yellow-and-black look with a small splash of color along his shoulders, but was too unsure of Wolverine’s loud color scheme from the comics to commit any further. It remains to be seen if audiences can expect Hugh Jackman to don Wolverine’s classic winged cowl as well, a mask that might be too out there even for Deadpool 3.

9 Wolverine Fights Deadpool In Deadpool 3

The characters first fought on screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

While Wolverine and Deadpool may be joining forces in Deadpool 3, leaked photos and videos suggest the two might need to come to blows before they can work together. Delicate wirework and careful choreography shows Wolverine stabbing Deadpool and raising him over his head, later chucking what appears to be a small piece of him through a wall (via Daily Mail). Deadpool holds a unique spot as one of the few characters Wolverine can go nearly all-out against in a fight without killing, and considering the two characters’ clashing personalities, it seems he’ll be taking advantage of this fact.

This won’t be the first time Deadpool and Wolverine have duked it out on screen. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds appears as Wade Wilson for the first time, only to have his mouth sewn shut as he’s transformed into a killing machine imbued with the powers of multiple mutants. This shockingly poor representation of the character was the butt of a joke in the second movie, casually killed by the “real” Deadpool, not to mention the role being lambasted by Reynolds himself in a humorous Tweet, calling the film “Practice Deadpool“.

8 Wolverine Is Back To Practical Claws

Hopefully, Deadpool 3’s SFX won’t disappoint

Hugh Jackman's Wolverine showing off claws in 2000's X-Men

A key production detail in the leaked set photos is the presence of practical claw props for Wolverine during his fight with Deadpool, with small motion-capture points on his knuckles providing an anchor point for post-production for moments in which the claws are buried in Deadpool’s chest. CGI claws have been a point of hot contention in Wolverine’s appearances throughout Fox’s X-Men movies, often looking overtly fake, weightless, and floaty. Luckily, it seems Deadpool 3 will include some practical claws for Wolverine when possible, poking through his iconic blue cloves from the comics nonetheless (via Daily Mail).

7 Deadpool 3 May Visit The Void

The location of Deadpool and Wolverine’s fight may tie into Loki

QENG Tower in the Void in Loki season 1

The first two Deadpool movies were fairly self-contained in terms of location, with most of the action conceivably taking place within a single city’s metro area. Set photos for Deadpool 3 have shown of Shawn Levy’s passion for shooting on-location, taking place on a desolate, wind-swept beach populated by dilapidated buildings, a crashed rocket, and the wreckage of a blimp. This bizarre, ruinous landscape is strikingly similar to the Void introduced in Loki, perhaps serving as the link between the multiverse-hopping mercenary and the rest of the MCU.

Deadpool 3 seems to visually represent the end of the Fox universe

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds as Wolverine and Deadpool in front of the 20th Century Fox logo

Aiming to close out Fox’s X-Men franchise and shepherd its characters into the MCU, it seems like Deadpool 3 is making it clear in no uncertain terms that he is no longer under Fox’s employ. On-set photos have revealed a massive prop depicting a crumbling 20th Century Fox logo in Deadpool 3, looming in the background over the fight with Wolverine (via Daily Mail). Deadpool is no stranger to breaking the fourth wall, and representing his split from 20th Century Fox by physically destroying their iconic logo is well-within character for the flamboyant assassin.

5 The TVA Are Likely To Get Involved In Deadpool 3’s Story

Wolverine and Deadpool caught by TVA's Mobius in Deadpool 3 fan art

If Wolverine and Deadpool really are going claw-to-katana in the Void, it’s possible that rumors surrounding the TVA’s appearance in the film could be substantiated. The speculated inclusion of Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius in Deadpool 3 presents a compelling avenue for this theory to explore, with Deadpool attracting the attention of the time-traveling organization after his blatant misuse of Cable’s time travel device in Deadpool 2. For Deadpool’s purposes, the TVA could serve as allies or villains, ultimately allowing Deadpool access into the MCU proper either way.

Rumors of the TVA’s inclusion have been bolstered by a Deadpool 3 set photo appearing to show a TVA uniform. While the person in the photo doesn’t have a visible TVA emblem, the black and orange get-up looks strikingly similar to those worn by the Minute Men in Loki season 2. Why a TVA agent is walking through what appears to be The Void is unclear, but it’s not surprising given it’s where those pruned by the group end up.

4 Deadpool 3 Might Be Adapting A Famous Comic Storyline

Deadpool could have the entire Fox universe in his sights

Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe in Marvel Comics

The presence of the Fox logo’s wreckage and Deadpool fighting Wolverine could imply that Deadpool 3 is loosely adapting one of his most famous comic storylines, Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe. Taking place outside of the Marvel canon, the 2012 comic followed Deadpool’s awareness of his status as a comic book character to its most extreme conclusion, deciding to free himself by killing every other character in the Marvel universe along with their real-world creators, as well. It’s possible that Deadpool 3 will use the rough idea of this story as a template, only having Deadpool target Fox’s X-Men universe instead.

It wouldn’t be the first time in the series that Deadpool kills a real-world creator, either. He humorously offed his actor, Ryan Reynolds, in the mid-credits sequence of Deadpool 2 in order to prevent Green Lantern from being made. With on-set photos having both a fight between Wade Wilson and Wolverine in the literal shadow of 20th Century Fox’s destruction, the possibility of this story being loosely adapted in Deadpool 3 seems stronger than ever.

3 Sabretooth & Toad Are Back

This Version Of The Pair Haven’t Been Seen Since X-Men (2000)

Sabretooth (Tyler Mane) holds up his claws in X-Men 2000

The Deadpool 2 ending showed Wade Wilson time traveling with Cable’s device to kill various Marvel movie and real-world beings, and it seems the Merc with a Mouth will continue his rampage in Deadpool 3. Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth appeared to die at the end of X-Men, but new set photos reveal that Sabretooth is back. Unfortunately, said photos also reveal the villain getting decapitated by Deadpool, so his return seems like it will be short-lived. Other photos reveal someone dressed conspicuously like Toad, though the character’s identity can’t yet be confirmed.

2 Two Familiar MCU Vehicles Will Show Up

Moon Knight And Red Skull Have Not Been Shown.

A car chase between a car, SUV, and ice cream truck in Moon Knight

In Marvel’s Moon Knight, an early episode features the titular hero engaged in a car chase inside of an ice cream truck. How or why this truck ends up in what appears to be The Void in Deadpool 3 is unknown, but the vehicle is unmistakably the same. It’s unclear what Marc and Steven have been up to since the Moon Knight season 1 finale, but no photos have revealed the hero himself to be in Deadpool 3. Additionally, a car with a strong resemblance to one driven by Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger has also been spotted.

1 The Fantastic Four’s Fantasticar Has been Commandeered

There Have Been No Signs Of The Fantastic Four In Deadpool 3

Thing riding in the Fantasticar in Marvel Comics

The Batmobile may be the most famous superhero vehicle, but it isn’t the only one. The Fantastic Four have had a vehicle for decades, and it appears that a version of the ride will appear in Deadpool 3. Set photos appear to show X-Men villain Toad riding a Fantasticar with wheels, though it’s very possible the wheels will be edited out to make it a hovercraft. No other signs of the Fantastic Four have been revealed, but it’s possible that a version of the team from past movies could show up.

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