• Hemsworth may exit MCU with Thor 5 or an Avengers film, as he expressed interest in concluding his role.
  • Thor 5 remains uncertain as it is not part of Phases 5 or 6 as of now, but potential cast characteristics and storylines have been discussed.
  • Thor’s development in Thor: Love and Thunder hinted at possible future storylines involving his daughter and Hercules.



With the God of Thunder currently having four MCU solo movies under his belt, anticipation is high for a potential Thor 5. Chris Hemsworth’s Thor was introduced back in 2011’s Thor, and with 2022’s Thor: Love and Thunder, he became the first hero in the MCU timeline to take the lead in four solo movies. However, it seems as though the God of Thunder’s time in the MCU might be drawing to a close. While it’s not part of the MCU’s current Phase 5 or 6 slate, any news on Thor 5 might shed light on how the Asgardian will finally end his story.

In recent interviews, Hemsworth has expressed (via Vanity Fair) that he would like Thor’s next appearance in the MCU to be his last. Hemsworth’s change of heart could be due to the mixed reception to Thor: Love and Thunder, but after more than a decade, it makes sense that he may be ready to move on. However, it is not necessarily Thor 5 where Thor’s story could end — as a future Avengers movie could be the end of the God of Thunder. Regardless, fans were promised that “Thor will return,” and here is all the Thor 5 news so far.

Latest Thor 5 News

While there haven’t been any concrete developments with Thor 5, Hemsworth’s desire to end Thor’s story does make it more than just another sequel. It is still unclear if Thor will get a final solo movie or if he will step away from the MCU in an Avengers movie like Captain America and Iron Man. There is some speculation that Thor will appear for the last time in Avengers: Kang Dynasty, where he will die fighting Kang. While it would be a tragic end for Thor, he deserves a hero’s death.


Chris Hemsworth’s One Thor 5 Condition Sets Up A Brutal MCU Team-Up Movie

Thor 5 hasn’t yet been confirmed, but one Marvel Comics event would fit the project perfectly, and set up a huge Chris Hemsworth-led MCU crossover.

Hemsworth’s comments on a change of tone are also worth noting, which will come as good news to some fans. While Taika Waititi’s comedic approach to the character gave Thor new life in the MCU, the mixed reaction to Thor: Love and Thunder suggests that it has already worn thin for many. Having a mix of the new comedic Thor of Ragnarok and Love and Thunder with the darker tone of the earlier Thor movies could make for a more powerful note to end on, however.

Thor 5 Is Unconfirmed

Thor powered up with lightning in Thor Ragnarok

There are many installments scheduled for the MCU’s Phase 5 and 6, , but Thor 5 is not among them and hasn’t yet been given a nod by Kevin Feige, Disney, or Marvel Studios. That doesn’t mean a fifth Thor movie won’t happen, though — there are still a few reserved dates without announced MCU movies. One could be Thor 5, or the heroic God of Thunder could get his final outing in the MCU Phase 7 sometime after Avengers: Secret Wars.

Thor 5 Cast: Who Could Return After Love & Thunder?

A split image of Valkyrie, Thor, and Korg in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth will be returning if there is a Thor 5, though it will likely serve as his Thor exit. Along with Thor, there are a few returning characters that could appear in a Love and Thunder sequel, although there are no confirmations. Valkyrie has become a key ally to Thor, along with Korg. Jaime Alexander as Sif was reintroduced in Thor: Love and Thunder, making her return possible. Also, given the ending of Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s likely Thor will be seen with his adopted daughter, Love, played by Hemsworth’s real-life daughter, India Hemsworth.

The MCU’s Hercules was also teased at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, with Brett Goldstein stepping into the role. He was set up as an antagonist for Thor, which suggests Thor 5 could be the next time Hercules is seen in the MCU. With Hercules returning, it would be a safe bet to assume that Russell Crowe’s Zeus would also appear, although perhaps in a more serious role now that he has reason to view Thor as an enemy. The big Thor 5 casting question, though, is, of course, whether Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will appear from the multivrse to finally reunite with his brother.

Thor 5 Story Details

A split image of MCU's Thor and Hercules from Thor: Love and Thunder

With Thor 5 not confirmed yet, there are no story details available. However, Thor: Love and Thunder hinted at some possible directions for the sequel to take. Thor is shown teaming up with his powerful new adoptive daughter, Love, working together to protect those in need around the galaxy.

The possible fight between Thor and Hercules is the only other storyline that’s been teased, as Zeus told Hercules, his son, to remind the universe of the power of the gods (following his near-death experience at the hands of Thor). Then there is also the possibility that Thor 5 centers around Thor reuniting with Loki — while the MCU 616 Loki is dead, another version is currently holding together the multiverse as of the Loki season 2 finale.

Though Jane Foster is dead, it’s possible that she has a cameo in
Thor 5
. Valhalla was shown at the end of
Thor: Love and Thunder
(with Heimdall welcoming Jane), so if Thor dies, he may see her and other slain Asgardians.

Depending on when Thor 5 arrives, it may have to deal with the arrival of Kang and the buildup to Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars. If Thor 5 is part of Phase 6, then it will inevitably feature plot points and story beats that tie into Kang the Conqueror’s master plan and the impending multiversal incursion. If it arrives in Phase 7, however, then all bets are off in terms of how it will fit into the wider MCU. The final possibility is that Thor 5 could be the final movie in Phase 6, a tack-on addition to follow up the spectacle of Secret Wars.

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