Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Loki season 2, episode 6, “Glorious Purpose”!




  • Mobius’ ending in Loki season 2 is happy as he overcomes a personal obstacle and charts his own path, similar to Loki himself.
  • Leaving Mobius’ future open allows for potential return in future projects, such as Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars.
  • Mobius’ ties to Kang and the Fantastic Four from the comics could be explored in the MCU, adding depth to his character in future storylines.

Despite losing his friend and leaving behind the only life he knows, executive producer Kevin Wright explains why Mobius’ Loki season 2 ending is a happy one. Owen Wilson’s TVA agent underwent something of a rollercoaster arc in the final two episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show’s new season, being shot back to his original life as Don, a single father and jet ski salesman in 2022 Ohio and spaghetiffied before Loki’s time-slipping restores him to his agency life. With the multiverse now restored, and the TVA focused on monitoring Kang variants, the finale saw Mobius retire and look in on Don’s life, though it’s left unclear whether he reclaims his original life or creates a new one.

Following the episode’s premiere, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with Kevin Wright to break down the Loki season 2 finale and what it means for the MCU’s future. When asked whether Mobius’ ending is a happy or sad one as he’s left on his own, the executive producer expressed feeling the former, noting that the character has “overcome a personal obstacle” in charting his own path, paralleling that of Loki himself. See what Wright explained below:

Yeah, I think it is happy in the sense that he is overcoming a personal obstacle, and where he decides to go with that is a new story. I think we wanted to be keen not to feel like we’re starting a new story at the end of our show, so that it’s like, “Ha ha, now you gotta watch whatever.” I think we wanted it to feel like a closed completion, but leave our characters’ world with ways to go with other stories. Maybe he stays down there, maybe all he needed to do was take a look at it, and now it’s like, as he was saying to B-15, “I just need to know what we’ve been fighting for all this time.” I think it is happy in the sense of he is listening to the conversations he’s had with Loki, and he is taking heed, and he is trying to overcome a personal obstacle, and where he goes from it will be new growth in the way that Loki has had huge amount of growth over seasons. Where this lets Mobius go is new territory, and that’s cool.

What Mobius’ MCU Future Could Be After The Loki Season 2 Finale

Despite heading back to a branch on the timeline, Wright’s tease of leaving Mobius and other characters with future stories does prove a promising sign for his potential MCU return. As the EP notes, leaving Wilson’s fan-favorite character without making a direct decision could pick up in a future project with him feeling satisfied with taking some time to look in on “what we’ve been fighting for” and elect to return to the TVA in order to help prepare for the Multiverse War coming in the future. Wunmi Mosaku’s B-15 even assured a high rank would be ready for him should he make such a decision.

If he were to come back, the most likely place for Mobius’ MCU return would be in either Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Secret Wars. Though the TVA is monitoring Kang variants, the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania mid-credits scene has already confirmed the Council of Kangs are assembled with hundreds of their variants and plotting their uprise, potentially making the agency’s efforts as being too late. While it would be devastating for audiences to see, one of the next Avengers movies could use both the TVA’s destruction and Mobius’ death as a means to motivate Loki to leave his new throne and get involved in putting a stop to the multiverse war.

The other potential route for Mobius in the MCU after Loki season 2 is exploring his ties to both Kang and the Fantastic Four from the comics. Initially debuting within the team’s comics, Mobius would later get a major role in Fantastic Four Annual Vol. 1 No. 27, with the TVA looking to charge the group for stealing data from the agency and multiple timeline infractions, though changing his mind when presented with the idea of landing a job at the Kang Dynasty temporal agency in Chronopolis. While some of these elements might feel a bit rushed to include in either Avengers movie, the Fantastic Four’s impending MCU arrival paired with both of said crossovers expected to further explore Kang’s multiversal nature, it would be interesting to see some kind of version of this comic storyline explored.

Fantastic Four Annual Vol. 1 No. 27 also marked the comics debut of Mobius’ clone, Mr. Tesseract, a fellow TVA agent. Two other clones would be introduced later in Mr. Ouroboros and Mr. Paradox, the former of whom just made their MCU debut played by Ke Huy Quan and the latter rumored to be played by Matthew Macfadyen in Deadpool 3.

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