• Juno Temple praises Tom Hardy’s passion for Venom and Eddie as well as their relationship, highlighting the exciting energy he brings to the set.
  • Tom Hardy’s involvement with the Venom franchise since 2018 has been crucial to its success, showcasing his commitment and dedication to the characters.
  • Fans may hope to see Hardy reprise his role as Eddie in future Marvel movies after Venom 3, as his passion for the role is evident.



Venom 3 star Juno Temple praises Tom Hardy’s passion and love for Eddie Brock and the symbiote in the new Marvel movie. While Sony’s Spider-Man Universe didn’t start off the year with a bang in Madame Web, its strongest franchise is coming back later this year. Following the release of Kraven the Hunter this summer, Venom 3 will release in November, completing Hardy’s trilogy that began in 2018.

In the latest episode of the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Temple was asked about joining the Venom 3 cast, as she is set to play a mysterious character. Temple went into detail about how much she admires Hardy’s passion for the Venom franchise and the dynamic between Venom and Eddie. See her interview (the Venom 3 discussion starts at 39:00) and read her quote below.

Actually, it was, again, I’m not gonna lie, I may have stepped on to a bigger set than even the Batman movie I was in. This set was insane. The creativity behind it – firstly, you walk into that, and you are like, ‘Wow, oh my God, this is really big.’
Tom is such a fan of Venom and the relationship between Eddie and Venom
. He’s so excited about telling this story and is so thrilled to have other people be part of [that]. He feels like a kid on the first day at school. That’s pretty good energy to start a job with as it’s intimidating, but when you have Venom himself as excited and nervous as you are because you all care, it feels like, ‘Ah, I’m in the right place!’


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Why Tom Hardy Is So Important To The Success Of The Venom Movies

Tom Hardy First Played Eddie Brock In 2018’s Venom Movie

Ever since the first Venom movie, Hardy has been known for being incredibly involved with the rise of the franchise. It goes all the way back to Hardy improvising the scene of having Eddie, when he was first dealing with the Symbiote inside him, jump into the lobster tank, adding more elements to the absurd situation that he was in at that point. Additionally, Hardy’s commitment behind the scenes shows how passionate he is about the Venom movies.

It would be disappointing not to see Hardy return as Eddie after
Venom 3.

In 2021, Hardy wasn’t just part of the Venom: Let There Be Carnage cast, he also worked on the film as a writer, having contributed to the screenplay’s story. For Venom 3, Hardy returned to that creative position as he worked on the story with long-time Venom franchise writer Kelly Marcel, who is also making her directorial debut by helming the third installment. Once Venom 3 press begins, more about Hardy’s involvement will likely begin to emerge.

Venom Steelbook Poster

Venom 3

Kelly Marcel

Release Date
November 8, 2024

Kelly Marcel

As the Venom trilogy comes to an end this year, time will tell if this is the last time Hardy plays Eddie in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe. Given how much fun he is having with the role, it would be disappointing not to see Hardy return as Eddie after Venom 3, in either a sequel trilogy or elsewhere in the franchise. But for now, time will tell what Sony and Hardy have in store for Venom 3 as the movie gets closer to its November release date.

Source: Happy, Sad, Confused/YouTube

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