The following episode contains major spoilers for the final episode of What If…? season 2.


  • In the final episode of What If…? season 2, Peggy Carter wields the Infinity Stones without suffering the same fate as Tony Stark.
  • The explanation given is that the stones were surrounded by Kahhori’s space stone power, which shielded Carter from “ultimate death.”
  • However, there are still inconsistencies in the use of Infinity Stones in the episode, raising questions about how the rules of the multiverse and the stones operate.



What If…? season 2 director Bryan Andrews explains how the Marvel Cinematic Universe broke its rules regarding Infinity Stones. In Avengers: Endgame, when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) uses the Infinity Stones to snap Thanos (Josh Brolin) out of existence, the radiation is so high that it ultimately kills him. However, in the finale of What If…? season 2, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) wields the Infinity Stones against Doctor Strange Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch) and doesn’t suffer the same fate as Stark.

In an interview with, Andrews explains why Carter managed to wield the Infinity Stones without dying. Check out the video clip below:

Stating that the stones were surrounded by Kahhori’s (Devery Jacobs) space stone power, which shields her from “ultimate death,” this allowed Carter to battle Strange without any damage taken on her by the stones. Read the full quote below:

“You have to really freeze frame and take a look. When Kahhori sends the Stones to her, they’re surrounded in Kahhori’s power so there’s a layer of Space Stone energy…”

Sadly, What If…?’s Infinity Stones Plot Hole Isn’t Really Fixed

Captain Carter and Kahhori with super-powers fighting Strange Supreme in What If...? season 2's finale

While the rule could explain why Carter was able to wield the Infinity Stones in the finale, it doesn’t explain another moment involving the stones in that same episode. Earlier on in the finale, both Carter and Kahhori are confronted by a variant of Thanos, who appears through a portal and is about to use the stones against them. He gets surprisingly snapped by a variant of Killmonger, who can wield a batch of Infinity Stones without dying and is doing this without the aid of Kahhori’s powers.


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Because of this specific moment, it’s hard to believe whether Carter’s Infinity Armor was indeed filled with Kahhori’s space stone energy, which protects her from harm. Perhaps Killmonger’s Infinity Armor also contained a protective element that prevented him from getting killed like Stark. However, it doesn’t appear these story elements were properly stitched together during What If…?‘s multiversal-shifting finale.

Kahhori, voiced by Devery Jacobs, is an entirely original superhero created exclusively for the MCU and makes her debut during What If…?‘s season 2.

As a result, season 2’s Infinity Stones plot hole is much bigger after the finale aired than when it was clear that human characters couldn’t withstand the energy from the Infinity Stones with Stark’s death in Avengers: Endgame. But with characters who live in alternate realities having their own versions of the Infinity Stones, it seems that the multiversal rules are also contradicting themselves. With What If…? season 3 right around the corner, there are questions about whether the next episodes will continue to expand the multiverse and give a bigger picture of how the stones operate in each reality.


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