• Hugh Jackman shares intense workout video for Deadpool 3, proving he’s committed to becoming Wolverine again.
  • No days off for Jackman as he works hard to transform into Wolverine once more.
  • The video is the latest update from Jackman in the actor’s training for his MCU debut.



Hugh Jackman shows off his Wolverine muscles in an intense workout video for Deadpool 3. After almost 25 years playing Wolverine, Jackman will return as the member of the X-Men as part of the cast of Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3. While the actor might be getting older, Jackman is once again giving it his all to look as physically imposing as ever in Wolverine’s Marvel Cinematic Universe debut.

On Twitter, Jackman shared a video of his training to become Wolverine again in Deadpool 3, saying, “No days off – except for tomorrow.”

The video shows Jackman’s huge arms as the actor works out amid Deadpool 3 filming. Interestingly, Wolverine’s iconic yellow and blue costume in Deadpool 3 has added sleeves to the comics’ design, hiding Jackman’s impressive gains for the upcoming Marvel film. Perhaps along Deadpool 3‘s story, Wolverine will rip off the sleeves of his suit and allow Jackman to fully show off the results of his training for the MCU movie.


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What To Expect From Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine In Deadpool 3

Deadpool and Wolverine walking through wasteland in Deadpool 3 image

The first image shared from Deadpool 3 as the MCU movie began filming was the reveal of Ryan Reynolds’ new Deadpool costume and Jackman’s Wolverine finally wearing the character’s yellow and blue costume. After more than twenty years, Jackman getting to wear Wolverine’s mos famous look is a good sign for the actor’s return. While initially saying that he was done after Logan, Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 promises a new exciting chapter for the X-Men member.

Jackman and Reynolds promised fans that Deadpool 3 will not mess with the events of Logan. Based on that, Jackman’s Wolverine from the MCU movie could come from any point of time before Logan or from a different universe altogether. The Time Variance Authority from Loki has already been spotted in Deadpool 3 set photos, and that could play a role in Wolverine’s story. As Deadpool has already messed with time, the character could possibly get mixed up with the TVA, bringing in Wolverine to help him out.

Reynolds has described the movie as a road trip between Deadpool and Wolverine, and based on the MCU movie’s use of the multiverse and the rumored returns of other actors from Fox’s X-Men franchise, Jackman’s Wolverine could be in for a wild ride through the X-Men universe. With Deadpool 3 set photos and videos revealing Deadpool and Wolverine having a violent fight next to the ruins of 20th Century Fox’s logo, it seems like that is the journey Deadpool 3 will be taking Jackman’s Wolverine on.

Source: Hugh Jackman/Twitter

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