• Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine in Deadpool 3 gives the MCU a way to avoid the challenge of replacing him.
  • Jackman’s future as Wolverine in the MCU is uncertain, but he could potentially appear in other films through the multiverse.
  • Marvel could solve the problem of replacing Jackman by either keeping him in a mentor role or passing the mantle to a new actor, establishing trust in the new Wolverine.



Hugh Jackman’s return as Wolverine gives the MCU a solution to a problem regarding X-Men casting. There are only a handful of actors who are irreplaceable in their respective superhero roles. Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and Chris Hemsworth as Thor are among the few performances where it would be hard to imagine anyone else in these roles. Jackman is also a member of this elite club, as he played Wolverine so well for so long that he is synonymous with the character.

Jackman is returning to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3, a surprise as many figured Logan to be his last outing. This would be the Australian actor’s first time playing the character in the MCU, and it’s uncertain if it will be his last. Marvel is planning on introducing X-Men into the MCU, and Wolverine will likely played by someone else. Jackman’s addition to the MCU gives Marvel the perfect opportunity to avoid a problem that could arise when they cast a different actor.


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The MCU’s Hugh Jackman Wolverine Story Avoids The Issues With Replacing Him

It’s unclear what exactly Jackman’s future as Wolverine in the MCU could be. Deadpool 3 will be a multiversal journey with many reported returns from other Fox Marvel heroes, like Jennifer Garner’s Elektra. Jackman’s Wolverine may not be in the mainstream MCU by the time the film ends, but because he exists in the multiverse, he could pop up in other films, like Avengers: Secret Wars. If he does have a future in the MCU, then Marvel can avoid issues surrounding his replacement.


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Jackman is permanently associated with Wolverine, and anyone who takes on the role will receive infinite comparisons to Jackman’s performance. Finding a way to keep Jackman would avoid this problem, not only for the MCU’s X-Men but also for whichever actor takes on the daunting task. Marvel could also solve this problem by having Jackman pass the mantle to someone else, giving viewers trust in the new Wolverine by showing that Jackman has faith in his replacement.

Why The MCU’s Main Wolverine Shouldn’t Be Hugh Jackman’s Version

Hugh Jackman angry and bloody as Wolverine in Logan

It would be amazing to see Jackman’s Wolverine interact with all the MCU heroes, but the MCU needs to cast someone else for their universe. Jackman has already done everything he needs to do in the role. He had a fantastic arc, from X-Men to Logan, and he went out on a high note. It’s crucial to see a Wolverine that grows within the MCU alongside the new X-Men cast. Jackman’s age aside, the MCU needs to have a Wolverine that can develop and possibly provide a different interpretation of the character that separates itself from Jackman’s legendary performance.

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