• Hideo Kojima praises Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Steven Grant.
  • Moon Knight’s darker tone and unique characters set it apart from the usual MCU offerings.
  • Moon Knight season 2 will possibly happen, given the setup in the finale and hints from Isaac.



Hideo Kojima has shared his review for Disney+’s Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac made his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut in the Disney+ series, playing all three personalities of his hero and excelling at making each one feel different from the other. Moon Knight‘s compelling characters and the series’ violence and darker tone allowed it to be more separate from the MCU’s usual offerings.

On Twitter, Kojima revealed that he is a fan of Moon Knight, though the video game creator used some interesting wording to do so.

Kojima wanted to watch the series because he is a fan of Isaac. The video game designer was fond of Isaac’s Steven Grant, saying, “I had never imagined such a pathetic and unattractive Oscar Isaac,” before finishing by claiming it worked and was perfect casting. Kojima has only watched the MCU show’s first episode so far, but his positive review should lead to him making his way to Moon Knight‘s ending, which set up season 2.


Moon Knight Season 2: Cast Comments, Possible Story & Everything We Know

Moon Knight season 1 has wrapped up, leaving a few threads for the future in MCU fashion. Here is everything we know about a potential season 2.

What We Know About Moon Knight Season 2

Marvel Studios Has Yet To Confirm A Second Season

Thanks to the setup done in its finale,
Moon Knight
season 2 is a prime candidate to become a reality.

So far, Loki is the only live-action Marvel Studios series to come back for a season 2 on Disney+. However, that could soon be changing, as reports on Marvel’s restructuring of its TV division have revealed a change of plans from limited series to crafting more ongoing series. Thanks to the setup done in its finale, Moon Knight season 2 is a prime candidate to become a reality.

Moon Knight season 1 ended with the reveal of Marc Spector’s third personality. Throughout the season, Isaac’s characters constantly blacked out when really bloody moments were about to happen, waking up in the aftermath. Moon Knight‘s season finale showed the Jake Lockley personality of the character for the first time, with Jake seemingly killing Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow on Khonshu’s orders.


Moon Knight Cosplay Gives His Black Costume An MCU Redesign

Moon Knight doesn’t change his all-white look often, but in a new cosplay design his black and white costume gets a live-action upgrade the MCU needs.

Moon Knight season 2 should follow the aftermath of that moment and feature interactions between Isaac’s three characters, as well as deal with the fact that Jake is Khonshu’s new Avatar. Isaac teased Moon Knight season 2 by saying, “Why else would we be in Cairo?” to a fan who asked him and director Mohamed Diab about the show’s possible new season. While Marvel Studios has yet to renew the series, Moon Knight season 2 has already been set up, so a decision could come sooner rather than later.

Moon Knight latest TV Poster

Moon Knight

Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac as Steven Grant, a gift-shop employee in London who discovers he has dissociative identity disorder. He shares a body with Marc Spector and together, they travel to Egypt to uncover a deadly mystery surrounding the gods. Moon Knight consisted of six episodes and was the fifth live-action TV show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4. Also starring in the series is Ethan Hawke as the villainous Arthur Harrow and May Calamawy as Layla El-Faouly.

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