• Loki season 3 would break Marvel’s four-year trend of not producing third seasons.
  • The speculation and demand for Loki season 3 shows that there is still untapped story potential in the world of the TVA.
  • Marvel’s recent commitment to longer TV seasons and a more traditional TV-style would make Loki season 3 more welcome and allow for more character and story development.



In the possibility that Loki season 3 was released, the show would break a four-year-old Marvel trend. While nothing has been confirmed by Marvel Studios, the potential return of Loki in the MCU has been the burning question since the end of season 2 of the show. Given that Loki’s character underwent such a strong, emotionally impactful arc across the show’s two seasons, returning for a third could prove to be a mistake for Marvel Studios. That said, Loki season 2’s ending still left audiences wondering how the future of the MCU would look regarding the TVA and Loki’s new glorious purpose.

Loki season 2 ended with Loki at the center of a multiversal Yggdrasil, holding the branches of the ever-expanding multiverse together. As this was such a fitting albeit tragic end to his overall arc, bringing Loki back in any capacity would risk tarnishing the solid ending for his MCU character. Nevertheless, calls for a Loki season 3 story have been prevalent, with the show’s producer Kevin Wright even stating he would like to continue telling stories in that world in an interview with TV Line. Regardless of whether it should happen, if Loki did return for season 3, the show would be breaking a Marvel trend going back four years.

Loki Season 3 Would Be Marvel’s First Season 3 In 4 Years

Loki holding a compass in Marvel Studios' Loki next to the poster for Marvel's Runaways

The trend in question is that Loki season 3 would be the first time Marvel has produced a third season since 2019. Loki was the first Disney+ Marvel production to receive a second season, with all other shows besides What If…? only lasting for one, six-to-nine episode outing. The last time a Marvel show lasted three seasons was in 2019 with Runaways, the Hulu series based on the comic book team of the same name.

Before Runaways season 3 in 2019, Netflix’s Daredevil had a third season in December 2018. These productions were then canceled in favor of Marvel Studios’ TV productions that began with WandaVision in 2021. The shorter form of TV employed by Marvel Studios for the MCU Disney+ series meant that three-season shows like Runaways or Daredevil never seemed like a possibility, though Loki could reach this milestone. If a third outing of Loki was greenlit, it would break the four-year streak of Marvel not going beyond two seasons for the studio’s various television productions.

Why Loki Season 3 Needs To Happen

Loki (Tom Hiddelston) sits on his thrown and holds together the timelines of the multiverse in Loki season 2 episide 6

The endless speculation surrounding Loki season 3 arguably proves that the project needs to happen. For one, there is still a wealth of story potential found in the new concept of a peacekeeping TVA across the multiverse. While this could be explored in future MCU movies, the aforementioned interview with Kevin Wright saw the producer raise the idea of a spiritual sequel to Loki centering on the TVA that could act as the show’s third season. This way, Loki’s fantastic ending would not need to be tarnished yet his legacy would live on through the TVA in a season 3 story.

Also, Marvel Studios’ new commitment to longer TV seasons amidst the studio’s TV overhaul would make Loki season 3 more welcome. If it were greenlit, Loki season 3 would allow audiences to spend more time with the characters, worlds, and stories established in the shows rather than one-off, six-episode stories. This would fix several issues that have been prevalent in Marvel Studios’ TV productions all while continuing what is undoubtedly the most beloved MCU TV show in the form of Loki season 3.

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