• Iman Vellani wants her Ms. Marvel comic run to be adapted for a future season of the Disney+ series.
  • Her comic deals with Ms. Marvel being a mutant in the public eye, which could become more relevant in the MCU when the X-Men are introduced.
  • A second season of Ms. Marvel could explore the world’s reaction to her mutant status and expand on Vellani’s portrayal of the character.



Iman Vellani wants to adapt her Ms. Marvel comic run into a future season of the Disney+ series. The first season finale included Bruno telling Kamala that she has a mutation, with the 90s animated X-Men series theme playing in the background. This sets up an interesting connection between Ms. Marvel and mutants, which is explored in Vellani’s comic book run.

During an exclusive interview with Screen Rant for The Marvels, Vellani also discussed her Ms. Marvel series and comic books. She vehemently declared her interest in adapting her comics for a future season of the Ms. Marvel Disney+ series. Vellani also explained how it could fit into the MCU storyline that the first season set up with Ms. Marvel being a mutant. Check out Vellani’s full quote below:

Iman Vellani: It would be the coolest thing in the world if my comic ever got adapted. But you know what? It’s been set up. It’s part of the source material now, so if they ever do need a record, I think also, Ms. Marvel Comics have only existed for ten-ish years. We’re going to run out of comic storylines pretty quickly, and they’ll have to get to mine eventually, right?

My comic also deals with her being a mutant in the public eye, so I think it’s becoming more and more relevant. I’ll just say that. It would be very cool. I need to start slipping notes under Kevin’s door.

Iman Vellani’s Comic Storyline Could Be Perfect For A Future Season Of Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel seems to be at the center of the MCU’s future as the leader of the Young Avengers, with connections to the original Avengers with Nick Fury and Captain Marvel, and her mutation potentially connecting her to the X-Men in the future. As she becomes a more prominent hero in the public eye, all of these pieces will inevitably become a larger part of her story. In the MCU, mutants have not yet been explored fully. The Marvels and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness set up the X-Men, but both of those were in different universes.


10 Things Ms. Marvel Season 2 Needs To Have If It Happens

Ms. Marvel season 2 has yet to be confirmed, but there are currently plenty of Kamala Khan storylines that a second outing could explore.

Although a second season has not been confirmed, it could be the perfect opportunity to explore the ramifications of Kamala Khan stepping into the superhero world on a larger scale. It could also be an opportunity to delve into the public’s opinion after mutants and the X-Men become a part of the MCU’s main timeline. Although mutants likely exist already, like Kamala Khan, they seem to have kept themselves under the radar. This will likely change in the future, spurring the X-Men to either be formed or step into the public eye.

A second season of Ms. Marvel could examine how the world views her as a hero and how that opinion may change when her status as a mutant comes out, especially if the world is afraid of them first. Vellani has become the voice of Ms. Marvel, both on screen and in the comics. Adapting her comic storyline would be an opportunity for her to tell a story she knows better than anyone while also showing a new side of not only Vellani but also Ms. Marvel.

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