Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Loki season 2!


  • The executive producer of Loki remains vague about whether the character has become the God of the Multiverse or the God of Stories.
  • Tom Hiddleston’s recent remarks suggest that the season 2 finale may serve as a conclusion to his portrayal of Loki, but future appearances are not ruled out.
  • Loki’s creation of a symbolic life tree to hold the multiverse together could set up a showdown with Doctor Doom for control over the throne in a possible Avengers: Secret Wars storyline.

With it setting up a shocking new future for the character, producer Kevin Wright addresses whether the Loki season 2 finale has turned the titular fan-favorite into the God of Stories or the God of the Multiverse. Entitled “Glorious Purpose”, the finale of the Marvel Cinematic Universe show saw Tom Hiddleston’s Loki finally getting a grip on his time slipping abilities, but still failing to overcome the Temporal Loom’s destruction. Seeking to defy He Who Remains’ bleak options, Loki destroys the Loom himself and revives the growing branches with his magic, choosing to hold them together on a throne in the Citadel at the End of Time.

Following the emotional episode’s release, Screen Rant spoke exclusively with Kevin Wright to break down some of the Loki season 2 finale’s biggest reveals. When asked whether his new position holding the multiverse together makes Loki the God of the Multiverse or God of Stories, the iconic transformation from the comics, the executive producer remained vague in his response, seemingly indicating that he is being viewed as both internally at the studio and teasing the exciting future to come for the character. See what Wright said below:

Uh, no. [Laughs] I don’t say this to be a jerk about it, I think we all, really, the writers, filmmakers, directors, have all kind of held hands and said, “We believe our intentions are fully there on screen.” And there might be some decoding that has to be done and some close watching, but I think what we intend for people to take away from it is there on screen, and I think all of those things are points of reference. I think they are all building to something probably new and unique, but I would also say if you’re the person at the end of time, holding everything together, you probably, on some level, are a weaver of those stories, as well. I think that both can be true is as far as I can go with it.

Loki’s Potential MCU Future Explained

Wright’s tease of a future for Loki is an interesting one as Hiddleston himself recently got to finally speak on the season 2 finale following the end of the SAG-AFTRA strike, seemingly teasing being done with the role. Though not necessarily ruling out a potential future MCU appearance, the actor did describe the episode as “a conclusion” to his various appearances across the franchise and brought his story “full circle.” Prior to the finale, Wright did confirm that the show was always developed with a two-season arc in mind, though hinted at having more stories in mind for both Loki and his supporting characters.

Though it seems just as possible for the character to remain in the Yggdrasil-esque multiverse tree he’s created, the next two Avengers movies do seem like a prime place for Loki to return to the MCU. Much of season 2 saw him worriedly preparing for the arrival of He Who Remains’ more violent variants, with the finale even finding the Time Variance Authority shifting their mission to tracking said variants to ensure they’re not plotting a multiversal war. Even still, the introduction of the Council of Kangs in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has essentially guaranteed this will occur, and Loki’s familiarity with a version of the multiverse villain would come in handy.

Despite introducing the first variant of the character in season 1, neither season of Loki referred to Kang by his iconic name.

The other big factor pointing towards his return following the Loki season 2 finale is the seeming twist on the comics’ version of Avengers: Secret Wars storyline, in which Doctor Doom rose to become God Emperor Doom and rule over the remainder of the multiverse from the actual Yggdrasil in Asgard. Given the Norse realm has already been destroyed, Loki’s creation of a symbolic life tree to hold the multiverse together could set up him taking Doom’s place following a major MCU multiversal war. However, with the long-awaited Fantastic Four reboot expected to release before Avengers: Secret Wars, the next epic crossover could see Loki and Doom face off for the throne, with the redeemed villain looking to retain his benevolent rule while the yet-to-be-introduced antagonist holds more malevolent plans.

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