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  • X-Men actor Kelsey Grammer breaks his silence on appearing in The Marvels and expresses his hope to play Beast again in the future.
  • Grammer is pleased with the response to his recent cameo and has received positive feedback from fans.
  • He sees Beast as an extraordinary character of gravitas and importance and hopes to see him back in a significant role.

X-Men actor Kelsey Grammer, who played Beast in the 20th Century Fox movies, breaks his silence on appearing in The Marvels and what the future may hold for him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After finally getting the film rights back, the X-Men are coming to the MCU, as Marvel Studios is developing a new movie centered on the iconic mutants. However, the Multiverse Saga has already been planting various X-Men seeds through many MCU TV shows and movies.

In an interview with The Wrap, Grammer talked about returning to the X-Men mythology and playing Beast in a brief, but memorable cameo in The Marvels post-credits scene. Grammer stressed that he wanted to come back and went as far as saying, “I can say with a certain amount of confidence that you will” see him again, adding the following:

It is my hope that you will [see him again]. I can say with a certain amount of confidence that you will. I would love to. [I was] very pleased [by the response of the recent cameo]. A lot of people got in touch [with him] I’ve always wanted to play him again. I see him as an extraordinary character, a real character of gravitas and importance in our culture. I’m delighted Beast is back and hope he’s back in a real way.

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Where Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Could Return In The MCU

Kelsey Grammer as Beast In the X-Men Jet In X-Men The Last Stand

Even though The Marvels didn’t offer too many answers about what is going to happen to Beast, there are a few interesting options that Marvel Studios can explore for Grammer. The obvious MCU movie he could be part of is Deadpool 3, since the story is rumored to be tapping into the multiverse. Considering Wade Wilson will be integrated into the larger MCU, it wouldn’t be shocking if Grammer’s Beast somehow returns, too.

If Deadpool 3 doesn’t end up being the movie he shows up in next, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars would be the natural movies for him to be part of as they will conclude the Multiverse Saga. There has to be a reason as to why The Marvels decided to have Monica land in a universe where Beast is once again played by Grammer. Even if it might take a while, a payoff will likely come as Marvel Studios always likes to play the long game.

Despite the visual homage to the old X-Men movies, it is unclear which universe the version of Beast in The Marvels is from.

It will be exciting to see what else they may do with Grammer’s Beast in future MCU movies, as he was one of the better parts of the original X-Men franchise. The bigger question is whether or not other X-Men actors will take part in the Multiverse Saga outside of Grammer, Sir Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman. Hopefully, following his appearance in The Marvels, the world will get to see Grammer back as Beast sooner rather than later.

Source: The Wrap

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