• Fan poster envisions Kingpin meeting MJ in Spider-Man 4, suggesting Vincent D’Onofrio’s character would make a perfect villain for Peter Parker’s next adventure.
  • With Peter Parker facing a personal crisis and stripped of his support system, a street-level adventure against Kingpin would be fitting for Spider-Man 4.
  • Kingpin’s rumored role as New York City’s Mayor in Daredevil: Born Again could pose a significant threat to all street-level MCU heroes, making him a formidable adversary for Spider-Man.



An eerie Spider-Man 4 fan poster sees Wilson Fisk meet MJ. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 is confirmed to be happening, though work on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie was paused for months due to the Writers Guild of America strike, which is now over, allowing the film’s script to take shape. As was the case for Holland’s Spider-Man movies so far, the upcoming Spider-Man 4 should have a strong villain, and a new fan poster imagines who that might be.

On Instagram, artist @agtdesign shared what a meeting between Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin and Zendaya’s MJ in Spider-Man 4 could look like.

The fan art shows MJ in the same donut shop she was working in at Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s ending, not suspecting who the man in front of her, Wilson Fisk, is. The fan poster also adds some details to Spider-Man 4, titling the film “The Spectacular Spider-Man” and imagining its release date as December 2025, with that date matching projections for when the movie could premiere.

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Why Kingpin Is The Perfect Spider-Man 4 Villain

Kingpin & Spider-Man MCU

While Spider-Man: No Way Home‘s cancelled villain could be great for Spider-Man 4, D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is perfect for Peter Parker’s next MCU adventure. Following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Holland’s Peter Parker is in his darkest place yet. With Peter not having his friends, the Avengers, and Aunt May to rely on, as well as Spider-Man having no more access to Stark tech, the hero should be going on a street-level adventure in Spider-Man 4.

Another reason why the upcoming MCU movie should take that approach for its story also relates to its predecessor. After Spider-Man: No Way Home used the multiverse for a generational event that brought together all three movie Spider-Men to battle villains from the wall-crawler’s past two film franchises, there is no way that Spider-Man 4 could go bigger than that. A more personal story that sees Peter backed into a corner, trying to help the community while struggling with his new life, is perfect for Spider-Man, and Kingpin can make the most of it.

D’Onofrio’s Kingpin is heavily rumored to become New York City’s Mayor in Daredevil: Born Again. That event could lead to the villain posing a major threat to all the MCU heroes who operate in New York. Kingpin was shown to be an evil mastermind in Netflix’s Daredevil, with the character now being even more physically strong after his appearance in Disney+’s Hawkeye, which makes him the perfect Spider-Man 4 villain. Kingpin could challenge Holland’s Spider-Man through both nefarious plots and intense fights, and with his presence in the movie, Spider-Man 4 could also bring back Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock — this time as Daredevil — to assist Spider-Man, which would be exciting.

Source: @agtdesign/Instagram

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