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  • Executive producer Kevin Wright weighs in on fan theories about Mobius in Loki Season 2, revealing two favorites including the idea that Mobius is an Odin variant.
  • The theory of Mobius being an Odin variant is seen as genius because of the similarities in appearance and the relationships formed with Loki, reflecting the parallels between Odin and Mobius in their roles as mentors.
  • While it’s unlikely that the theory will come true in the MCU, Wright’s enthusiasm for the concept invites fans to embrace it in their own head canon.

After seemingly confirming the character’s backstory in the final two episodes, executive producer Kevin Wright weighs in on the Loki season 2 fan theory that Mobius is an Odin variant. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has shifted into The Multiverse Saga, many iconic heroes and villains have seen alternate reality versions make their way to the screens, namely with the Tom Hiddleston-led Disney+ show and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. At the heart of this multiverse jumping has been the Time Variance Authority, home to Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius, who is revealed to have originally been a jet ski salesman before being taken by He Who Remains and memory wiped to become a TVA agent.

While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant for the season 2 finale, Kevin Wright weighed in on Loki season 2 fan theories and how Marvel interacts with them. In looking at his favorites for the new seasons, the executive producer noted two relating to Wilson’s Mobius, the first stemming from his being Sylvie’s McDonald’s boss near the start of the season, while the other being that Mobius is actually an Odin variant, an idea he was extra enthusiastic about. Check out what Wright said below:

My one fun one that I saw this season — well, two things actually, one is that Jack, the manager of McDonald’s, was young Mobius. Never crossed their minds, that was very fun. And [the other is] that Mobius is maybe a variant of Odin. I was like, “That’s fun.” So, I don’t know, we’re looking, at least I’m looking, Justin and Aaron would frequently tell me to stop looking, and I’m like, “I can’t help it. I love it!” And I think the show is better because of that, though, because we are engaging with it.

Why Mobius Being An Odin Variant Would Secretly Be Genius

Given Loki season 1 teased just how wide a range of alternate versions there can be for one person, including different species and genders, it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility for Mobius to be an Odin variant. The God of Mischief’s father and newfound best friend even share some similarities in their appearances, with the two donning striking silver-blonde hair and stylish facial hair, albeit to different extents. What would ultimately make this MCU fan theory genius if true is the relationship each character formed with Hiddleston’s Loki.

In the original Thor, it’s explained that Odin’s adoption of Loki was the hopes of establishing peace between Asgard and Jotunheim, intending to hand him the throne when he came of age and going on to love him as a son. Similarly, Mobius first sought to use Loki as a means to track down Sylvie before she can kill further TVA agents, only to grow closer as friends throughout both seasons and being left heartbroken when the God of Mischief leaves them all in the season 2 finale. Though Odin’s poor parenting can largely be blamed for Loki’s initial villainous turn, he and Mobius both saw a noble path for Hiddleston’s character and sought to help him achieve it.

With Wright indicating that MCU fan theories don’t bleed into projects’ development more than background Easter eggs, it seems unlikely that the Loki season 2 theory of Mobius being an Odin variant will come true. Such a reveal would also require an extensive level of fleshing out that could alienate both general viewers and comic book fans alike, as it would deviate from his comic origins, that would either feel too rushed in The Multiverse Saga or an unnecessary detail for the future. That being said, Wright’s own enthusiasm for the concept can be seen as an invitation for MCU fans to let it stay true in their own head canon.

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