• Loki discovers that his true desire in life is not power, but connection, and finds meaning in his relationships with Sylvie and the TVA agents.
  • In a twist of fate, Loki sacrifices himself to save his friends and the multiverse, accomplishing a goal that a notable Thor villain could not achieve.
  • Loki becomes the ultimate being in the MCU, showcasing his extraordinary powers and holding the lives of all beings in every universe in his hands.



What Loki accomplished during the season 2 finale of his titular Disney+ series is nothing short of incredible, and he actually achieved something a specific Thor villain could only dream of. Loki’s character arc throughout the MCU has centered on themes of identity and purpose. After being adopted from a warring planet and growing up in the shadow of his older, charismatic brother Thor, Loki spent most of his life unsure of what he was meant to do with it. He initially believed his purpose was to rule Asgard, like Thor, and tried to conquer other realms, only to fail miserably.

In Loki, the God of Mischief finally realizes that what he desires out of life is not power, but connection. He finds great meaning in the relationships he develops with his variant Sylvie and the agents he meets at the TVA and becomes afraid of returning to a life of loneliness. In a poignant twist of fate, Loki ends up alone again, only this time to protect the ones he loves. With the multiverse itself coming apart at the seams at the end of season 2, Loki makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his friends. In doing so, he also accomplishes the goal of a notable Thor franchise villain.


Loki Season 2 Ending Explained

Loki season 2’s finale is massive for the MCU as well as for the God of Mischief who’s found his ultimate glorious purpose while saving the TVA.

Loki Fulfills Hela’s Wish For Asgard To Rule

Hela Faces Surtur

In Thor: Ragnarok, the throne of Asgard is seized by Hela, Thor, and Loki’s sister, who has an insatiable lust for power. Before their father Odin became known as the peaceful ruler that he was, he traveled to different Realms with the intent of conquering them, using Hela as a weapon. The Goddess of Death was ruthless and near-unstoppable, believing that Asgard should conquer all 9 Realms and establish a massive empire. Realizing the error of his ways and fearing Hela’s bloodlust, Odin stopped the campaign and imprisoned Hela for millennia, only for her to reemerge upon his death and take control of Asgard.


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Thor has fought his fair share of villains in the MCU from Dark Elves to his own family members, and each villain came with their own strengths.

Whether it’s because of Odin’s conditioning or her own desire for power, Hela believes it’s the duty of Asgard to rule over all other Realms and peoples. She fails, of course, only for Loki to finally put an Asgardian in control of much more than the Nine Realms several years later. To stop the multiverse itself from collapsing, Loki grabs all of its dying threads, revitalizes them with magic, and resigns himself to sit at the End of Time. Though it’s been done with noble intentions to keep peace, this means that the 9 Realms and beyond are under Asgardian control in every universe.

Is Loki Now The Most Powerful Being In The MCU?

Loki brings the multiverse together by tethering all the different strings to himself

With so many powerful beings in the MCU, it can be difficult to say who is the most exceptional, but Loki’s displays of power make him a strong candidate. Even before he becomes God Loki and saves the multiverse, he shocks everyone as the first being able to time slip while in the TVA, and once he masters this ability, he becomes the first MCU character to time travel without the aid of a device or relic. Throughout Loki’s two seasons, the Asgardian has shown that his telekinetic and illusion abilities are stronger than ever, placing him on the same level as the MCU’s most powerful magic wielders.

No character has achieved as great of a feat as Loki does in the season 2 finale, however. Characters like Hela, Thanos, and Kang the Conqueror are feared because they have been known to bring death and destruction to individual realms, planets, and timelines. If Loki were to abandon his position, he would cause all life in every universe to cease to exist. No MCU being has held so many lives in the palms of their hands, and what is so fulfilling about Loki as a character is that the once villainous prince is using his incredible abilities to keep all of those lives safe, just proving how far he’s come.

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