WARNING: This article includes SPOILERS for the Loki season 2 finale.




  • Loki’s sacrifice in the season 2 finale is depicted in a stunning fan poster, showing the complexity of his heroic act and the mix of joy and sorrow he feels.
  • The emotionally fulfilling narrative of Loki’s character arc throughout the MCU suggests that season 2 may be his last appearance, as it wraps up neatly and protects the integrity of his journey.
  • Cryptic comments from Tom Hiddleston and the absence of a post-credit banner in season 2 indicate that Loki’s future in the MCU is uncertain and he may or may not return.

Loki season 2 was a major success for the MCU, with its climactic finale involving the former God of Mischief as he tries multiple times to rewrite his story – leading to Loki’s most heroic act being rendered beautifully in a touching fan poster. When his plan to retrofit the Temporal Loom to accommodate the ever-expanding timelines fails, Loki slips further back in time and learns from He Who Remains that the Temporal Loom was designed to only accommodate the Sacred Timeline. To stop the Loom from destroying countless realities and the TVA, Loki sacrifices himself by destroying it and holding the errant threads of the multiverse together himself at the End of Time.

Loki’s valiant choice has now been depicted in a stunning fan poster from Instagram user @carpa_2011. In the poster, Loki stands, surrounded by multiverse threads charged with green magic. He is adorned in his new costume and looks off to the side wistfully, as if at his friends he left behind at the TVA. A tear rolls down Loki’s cheek, but he is softly smiling – a powerful touch that speaks to the complexity of his sacrifice. Loki may never see his loved ones again, but he at least has the satisfaction of knowing they’re safe after the Loki season 2 ending, creating a mix of joy and sorrow. See the gorgeous poster in full below:

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Why Loki Season 2 May Be Loki’s Last MCU Appearance

Loki sacrificing himself for his friends in Loki season 2's finale

While there is no definitive answer regarding whether Loki will return to the MCU after Loki season 2, signs seem to point toward this being his last appearance. If Loki’s MCU journey were to end with season 2, it would conclude an emotionally fulfilling and rewarding narrative, which Marvel would be smart not to disturb. Since his first appearance back in 2010’s Thor, Loki as a character has been preoccupied with finding purpose in his life. He lived in the shadow of his older brother who was destined to become King of Asgard, and always felt out of place in his own family. He never truly knew what he wanted or who he was supposed to be.

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In The Avengers, Loki thought he wanted power, so he sought to rule the Earth. After making friends at the TVA and learning more about purpose, Loki realizes that all he ever really wanted was to feel like he belonged. When the Temporal Loom threatens to obliterate the closest thing he has to a family, he knows that he must do whatever it takes to protect it and sacrifices himself to do so. He finally has the satisfaction of knowing his purpose and keeping the people he loves safe. Because Loki’s character arc wraps up so neatly, it would make sense if season 2 is the MCU’s farewell to him.

There are more meta hints that season 2 may be Loki’s final appearance. Tom Hiddleston has made cryptic comments that suggest that he may not return as Loki. He has referred to the season 2 finale as the “conclusion” to “14 years of [his] life,” giving the season an added finality that does not seem to leave room for Loki to return. Also, whenever a character’s fate is left ambiguous in a Marvel project, there are often post-credit banners confirming that the character will return. Loki got one of these banners at the end of season 1, but there is no banner at the end of Loki season 2, further leaving the future unclear.

Source: @carpa_2011/Instagram

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