• Madame Web has made less in its first 12 days than Morbius’ opening weekend.
  • The SSU’s latest movie had the franchise’s worst opening weekend.
  • Dakota Johnson’s Madame Web still has time to surpass Morbius’ global opening weekend.



The latest release of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, Madame Web, has still to reach the box office of the ill-fated Morbius, which paints a very negative picture of the movie’s performance. Despite its name, the SSU does not feature one of the three live-action Spider-Man actors — Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, or Marvel’s Tom Holland — nor does it have a different version of their own. Instead, the SSU has made a name for itself by deciding to focus on other Spider-Man-related characters that Sony has the movie rights to, mainly choosing from a list of Marvel villains.

Madame Web broke that trend by focusing on a team of heroines. Led by Dakota Johnson’s Cassandra Webb, Madame Web‘s four Spider-Man-like heroines were shown to have amazing costumes in the movie’s trailers, though they ended up only appearing for a couple of scenes in the film. With several problems pointed out by Madame Web‘s negative reviews, the movie broke negative records for the SSU and Spider-Man-related movies as a whole. As such, the movie has managed to rank a step lower than Morbius, which had been the SSU’s worst-reviewed movie and brought in the smallest box office so far.


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Madame Web Has Made Less In Two Weeks Than Morbius’ Opening Weekend

The SSU’s Latest Movie Had The Franchise’s Worst Opening Weekend

Madame Web and Morbius in Sony's Spider-Man Universe
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Madame Web‘s worldwide box office is still trailing behind Morbius‘ opening weekend. According to the specialized box office tracking website Box Office Mojo, Madame Web has brought in just $77.4 million worldwide following its first 12 days of release. That means that the SSU’s latest entry has failed to reach Morbius‘ global opening weekend, with the SSU movie having taken in $83.9 million during its 2022 debut. The greatest contributor to Madame Web having not yet reached the numbers presented by its SSU predecessor’s global opening weekend lies in Madame Web‘s poor debut.

Despite needing around $200 million to recoup its costs, thanks to Madame Web‘s reported budget of around $100 million, the movie will not be able to reach that goal. That was made evident from the start, when Madame Web broke the record for the worst domestic opening weekend of any Spider-Man-related movie with a soft $17.6 million debut. Superhero movies have recently become mostly front-loaded releases at the box office, which means a sizable portion of the movie’s numbers should come from its opening weekend. Given its negative record, it makes sense that Madame Web is still behind Morbius‘ opening.

Check out the domestic opening weekend numbers for every Spider-Man-related movie below:


Domestic Opening Weekend

Spider-Man: No Way Home

$260.1 million

Spider-Man 3

$151.1 million

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

$120.6 million

Spider-Man: Homecoming

$117 million

Spider-Man (2002)

$114.8 million

Spider-Man: Far from Home

$92.5 million

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

$91.6 million

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

$90 million

Spider-Man 2

$88.1 million


$80.2 million

The Amazing Spider-Man

$62 million


$39 million

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

$35.3 million

Madame Web

$17.6 million

Will Madame Web Manage To Reach Or Exceed Morbius’ Opening Weekend?

Dakota Johnson’s Hero Turn Still Has Time To Do So

With only two weeks since it was released, Madame Web should still have plenty of time to try to reach and surpass Morbius‘ global opening weekend. According to Collider, Madame Web brought in $6 million domestically and $10.5 million internationally in the SSU movie’s second weekend, accounting for a 61 percent drop from its first weekend. With a $6.5 million difference remaining between Madame Web‘s current total gross and what Morbius achieved in its global opening, Johnson’s Sony film should clear that mark by the end of the week, though higher drops along the way could postpone that.

While that number is within reach, Madame Web will fail to meet or surpass Morbius‘ global total. At the end of its run, Jared Leto’s vampire movie grossed $167.5 million globally. That is more than double what Madame Web has achieved at the worldwide box office thus far, and with the movie not showing any signs of getting audience interest up again, the SSU film will fall extremely short of the mark. As such, Madame Web will finish its run as the lowest-grossing entry in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe yet, which could impact the SSU’s other 2024 releases.

Why Madame Web Has Performed So Much Worse Than Morbius

Leto’s Lackluster Film Might Have Cast A Shadow Over The SSU

Interest was never exactly high in Madame Web, even before the movie’s overwhelmingly negative reviews came out. That was likely, in part, due to Morbius‘ performance. Despite doing reasonably better at the box office than Madame Web, Morbius has become one of the most criticized superhero movies of all time. There are few positive aspects in the movie — if any — which could have hurt the potential of the SSU as a franchise.

Without Spider-Man, Sony has focused on bringing more obscure characters to the big screen — save for Tom Hardy’s Venom, which has found box office success — which was always a gamble. After the Venom films focused on a well-known character, Morbius was the first real test for the SSU, as the character is barely known outside the comics, and the film failed. With superhero fatigue also becoming a popular topic of conversation, perhaps Morbius‘ poor performance was not the only factor that resulted in Madame Web faring even worse at the box office.

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