• A new fan trailer for Blade envisions a showdown between the titular hero and Jared Leto’s Morbius.
  • The Blade reboot has faced delays and creative overhauls, and details about Mahershala Ali’s character remain scarce.
  • Including Morbius in Blade could redeem the character after his standalone film and introduce unexpected plot twists for the audience.



A new Marvel Cinematic Universe fan trailer for Blade imagines the titular hero going up against Jared Leto’s version of Morbius. Since 2019, Mahershala Ali’s Blade movie has been in active development, as the actor is set to return to the MCU, but this time as the titular character after having played Cornell Stokes on Luke Cage. However, the Blade reboot has still yet to happen following multiple creative overhauls on the project.

While the MCU’s Blade movie is still on its way, there have been little details shared about the actual creative direction of Ali’s character. As the MCU audience waits to learn more about it, KH Studio shared a new Blade movie fan trailer, pitching their take on the story.

The Blade trailer focuses on Eric Cross Brooks after his brief voice cameo in the Eternals movie while using footage from Wesley Snipes’ films. However, the big takeaway from the Blade fan trailer is Leto’s Morbius being pitched as one of his opponents.


Every Actor Cast In MCU’s Blade Movie (So Far)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Blade will release in 2024, with several well-known cast and crew members already confirmed for the project.

Could The MCU’s Blade Reboot Redeem Morbius?

As Morbius belongs to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, his character rights belong to Sony Pictures. However, given that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures have worked together with the Spider-Man rights for Tom Holland’s franchise, there is theoretically a scenario where they could work something out to have Morbius in Blade. If a collaboration like that could happen, it would benefit not just the Blade movie but also the character of Morbius after his 2022 film.

In the Marvel Comics canon, Blade and Morbius have had history and even been allies in later books. Blade could start out with them as rivals before eventually joining forces, potentially even setting up something like Midnight Sons down the line. That would be a far more organic direction for Morbius and a way to redeem him after Leto’s solo film, where the post-credits scene tried to set him up to go after Spider-Man suddenly.

reboot is reportedly looking to start principal photography in late 2024.

Having Morbius in Blade could also be a fun way to play with the expectations of the audience, by making it seem like he is the main villain of the movie while the true puppet master is revealed to be someone else. The MCU would likely make more sense of Morbius than Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, as their larger endgame has yet to be revealed. Hopefully, Marvel Studios will have some news to announce for Blade sooner rather than later after the film’s massive development timeline.

Source: KH Studio/YouTube

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