• Jonathan Majors’ departure as Kang the Conqueror has left the MCU in a tough position.
  • The character of Sentry could be a potential solution to replace Kang and continue the storyline.
  • Sentry’s immense strength and ability to rewrite Marvel’s history makes him a formidable and versatile villain option.



Jonathan Majors is officially out as Kang the Conqueror, leaving the MCU in a bit of an uncomfortable position – which could be solved by one unlikely face in Thunderbolts. A lot of upcoming MCU releases were meant to build off the groundwork that Kang had laid in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Loki, leaving Marvel a hard choice as to whether they recast Kang, or pivot away from the character. Luckily for them, an easy solution might be right around the corner with one Thunderbolts character: Sentry.

Sentry is one of the strongest Marvel heroes, often drawing comparisons to Superman. He is so strong, he once ripped Ares, the Greek God of War, in half within the comics. The character also has been known to help rewrite the history of the Marvel Universe. These traits could easily be employed by Marvel to get Kang out of the way for a new villain, or just slot in Sentry as the new big bad for the MCU timeline.


Marvel Highlights the Sentry’s Complicated Legacy Ahead of His MCU Debut

The Sentry is one of the most divisive heroes of the Marvel Universe, and now this gets a call out ahead of his MCU debut.

Sentry Has Retconned The Marvel Universe Before

Sentry using electricity powers in Marvel Comics

Sentry’s comic book history is unlike any other hero. Instead of introducing him conventionally, creators Rick Veitch and Paul Jenkins instead created a fictional story about an old Marvel artist named Artie Rosen. They got Stan Lee to shout out Artie, and Marvel even put a fake obituary for Artie into a comic. This fake history extended beyond the character’s creation and into the pages of Marvel comics. When Sentry was introduced, the writers acted like he had secretly always been there.

In the comics, it was said that everyone just forgot about Sentry, and when he came back, so did their memories of him. Sentry’s retcon of the Marvel Universe ranged from little things, like Peter Parker having won an award for taking a photo of him, to big things like him being Reed Richard’s best friend. Marvel could easily try to recapture this unique introduction by doing a similar thing with Sentry in the MCU. The MCU could insert Sentry into archive footage of older projects in order to reference his comic lore, which could be both amusing, and a fun way to give an explanation as to why this powerful character wasn’t seen helping fight villains like Thanos or Ultron, but could be seen fighting the likes of Kang.

Sentry has yet to be officially announced for Marvel’s Thunderbolts. Steven Yeun was initially cast in the role but dropped out, and Marvel has yet to release an official statement on the character’s status.

How Sentry Can Fix Marvel’s Kang Problem

Kang in the Quantum Realm in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania

A common trope when introducing new villains is to have them beat up a character who is an established threat. The MCU did this in Infinity War when Thanos thrashed Hulk, and Star Trek used to do it so often with Worf that some people call it the Worf Effect. Marvel could easily use this trope to introduce Sentry and get rid of Kang in one fell swoop. All the MCU needs to do is have Sentry’s introduction showing him tearing apart the Council of Kangs as easily as he did Ares in the comics. This will instantly tell viewers that the newly established figure is a threat, while also sweeping Kang under the rug.

If Marvel wants to hold onto the option of recasting Kang at some point in the future, Sentry doesn’t have to kill every variant. Thunderbolts could start on a smaller scale, with the team tracking down a specific Kang variant. When they show up, they can find Kang’s base of operations torn apart, teasing Sentry. This keeps Marvel from having to use Majors’ likeness in the movie, and also leaves the door open for recasting Kang in the future if they want.

What Marvel Villain Could Replace The Council of Kangs

Lizard Kang and Council of Kangs in Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania

If Marvel decides to take out Kang with Sentry, the MCU is going to need a new major villain to take his place. Luckily, this route has a built-in answer, as Sentry has a dark side known as the Void. If the Thunderbolts are a little more on the villainous side, it would make sense to pit them against the heroic Sentry persona. However, the film could hint at Sentry’s potential to turn into the Void, and tease him as the next big MCU threat. After all, if Sentry is established as being massively dangerous when he’s holding back as a hero, the possibility of the Void coming out would be even more terrifying.

If Marvel doesn’t want to put too much weight behind Sentry, they still have other options for new main villains. Doctor Doom is one that has been hotly anticipated for a while now, so Kang falling through might be the perfect opportunity to shift gears in that direction, though Marvel might still choose to go down the recasting route. However, if the final decision is to scrap Kang as the MCU‘s main villain, Sentry gives them a very good option to do so.

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