Warning! This article contains minor spoilers for What If…? season 2, episode 1.




  • What If…? season 2 teases Nova’s MCU debut, offering first details about his story years before his supposed debut.
  • The Nova Corps oath revealed in What If…? season 2 signifies an unwavering commitment to moral righteousness.
  • The Nova Corps oath will make Nova a morally unwavering character, bringing back the compelling direction of characters like Steve Rogers.

Nova’s MCU story is already being teased years before his debut via the most unlikely of projects: What If…? season 2. What If…? season 2’s nine episodes continue the premise established in season 1. Now that the MCU multiverse has exploded into life, the animated series explores different universes, variants, and stories that have fun twists on the mainline MCU.


What If…? Season 2: Stories, Variants & Everything We Know

Here’s everything Marvel has revealed about What If…? season 2, which was confirmed even before the season 1 premiere of the animated show.

What If….? season 2, episode 1’s ending wraps up the story of Nebula joining the Nova Corps. This story depicts the MCU’s Xandar in the vein of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, offering an interesting twist on the sci-fi planet from Guardians of the Galaxy. Through this story, the MCU has teased one of its upcoming characters in the form of Nova, offering the first details about his story years before the character’s supposed MCU debut.

What If Season 2 Reveals The Nova Corps Oath

Nebula in Nova uniform in What If...? season 2 episode 1

The tease relating to Nova presented by What If…? season 2’s cast of characters is the oath of the Nova Corps. Nebula recites this oath multiple times throughout the episode, summing up what the Nova Corps stands for across the vast multiverse of the MCU. The Nova Corps oath is as follows: “Seek the light, be the light, never stray from its path.”

Prior to What If…? season 2, episode 1’s story, the MCU had mostly neglected the Nova Corps as an organization. They appeared briefly in Guardians of the Galaxy but have never been explored with any degree of depth. What If…? season 2 changes this by revealing exactly what the Nova Corps ideals are as reflected by their oath which signifies an unwavering commitment to moral righteousness.

How The Nova Corps Oath Will Make Nova Different To Most MCU Heroes

Nova in space in Marvel Comics

It is likely that the oath found in What If…? season 2 will be featured in the MCU’s future when Nova is introduced. Nova is one of the strongest members of the Nova Corps in Marvel Comics, with the character having been chosen as the subject of an upcoming Marvel Studios’ TV show in the Multiverse Saga. The oath introduced in What If…? season 2 will allow Nova to be different from most MCU heroes in a major way which makes his character infinitely more interesting years before his debut.


Marvel’s Nova Will Reportedly Be A Show, Not A Movie

Following a period of uncertainty on the nature of Marvel Studios’ Nova, a new report claims the character will debut in a series on Disney+.

The oath of the Nova Corps means that Nova will be a morally unwavering character in the MCU. Rather than straying from the path of the light like some MCU characters such as Daredevil, Loki, the Winter Soldier, and even Nebula have, Nova will need to be steadfastly dedicated to what is morally right. This presents an interesting character dynamic in the MCU that could bring back the compelling direction of someone like Steve Rogers, while also providing a welcome character difference. This was teased by What If…? season 2, episode 1 by Nebula’s Nova Corps oath, already planting seeds for an incredibly exciting MCU character in the future.

New episodes of What If…? season 2 release daily between December 22 and December 30, 2023.

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