Warning! This article contains spoilers for The Marvels.


  • The Marvels introduces the true successor to Thor’s Mjolnir in the form of another powerful weapon with a similar enchantment.
  • The Quantum Bands can absorb energy, create portals, and enhance the wearer’s abilities, but their full potential hasn’t been shown.
  • While the Quantum Bands have an enchantment like Mjolnir, they may be more lenient in allowing those with ill intentions to use them, though there appears to be consequences for doing so.

Thor forges Stormbreaker to replace his hammer in the MCU’s Avengers: Infinity War, but The Marvels introduces the true spiritual successor to Thor’s mighty weapon. Hela’s grand entrance in Thor: Ragnarok was made memorable by her seemingly effortless destruction of Mjolnir, the enchanted hammer that can only be lifted by those it deems worthy. Of course, Thor: Love and Thunder reveals that Thor had given the hammer a second enchantment before it was shattered. Ordering it to protect Jane Foster, Mjolnir re-assembles itself when Jane approaches it in hopes of finding a cure for her cancer.

Thor is once again wielding Mjolnir at the end of Thor: Love and Thunder, seemingly passing ownership of Stormbreaker over to his adopted daughter, Love. However, while Stormbreaker fits the bill as the latest powerful Asgardian weapon, it lacks one key detail that defined Mjolnir. Now, six years after Mjolnir’s destruction, The Marvels have finally introduced a true successor to Mjolnir that embodies its most crucial attribute.

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Ms. Marvel’s Quantum Bands Have A Worthiness Enchantment Like Mjolnir

In Ms. Marvel season 1, the titular Kamala Khan comes across a powerful bangle that unlocks and augments her native mutant abilities. However, while the show goes into the backstory of why her family has the object and teases what it can do, details are largely left out. However, The Marvels clears up the mystery, officially revealing the bangle and its partner to be the Quantum Bands from Marvel Comics. While this has been a popular theory since the lone bangle first appeared, the name confirmation reveals more about what they can do. Notably, they share a striking similarity with Mjolnir.

In The Marvels, it’s clear that the Quantum Bands can absorb energy, create portals in space-time, and augment the wearer’s already present abilities. However, there’s far more to the bangles that haven’t yet been shown on-screen. In the comics, the Quantum Bands have an important safeguard to ensure they aren’t abused by the wrong people. Like Thor’s hammer, the Quantum Bands are enchanted only to function for those deemed worthy. Uniquely, the bangles only deem one to be worthy if they have a calm and peaceful mind.

Why Dar-Benn Can Still Wear The Bangles In The Marvels

Dar-Benn with Universal Weapon

If the Quantum Bands have an enchantment to only function for those with peace of mind, it begs the question of why the villainous Dar-Benn is able to use one for the majority of The Marvels. The Kree Accuser is clearly dedicated to bringing immense harm to those Captain Marvel holds dear, yet Dar-Benn still uses one bangle to fight and open portals and the complete set to accidentally tear a hole between realities. However, aside from the possibility that the MCU is simply ignoring this element of Kamala’s powerful bangles, another explanation makes sense. The Quantum Bands may simply be a bit more loose with their enchantment than Mjolnir.

Thor’s hammer doesn’t let anyone unworthy move it at all, but the Bands may simply stop those with ill intentions from using them at full power. While Dar-Benn can use a single band, she’s killed when she attempts to use them both in tandem. If this is indeed how the Quantum Bands operate, it creates an opportunity for some exciting moments of drama. Mjolnir presents no ill effects for failing to be worthy, but characters may not know if they can safely wield the Bands until it’s too late. The Marvels doesn’t answer all of these questions, but the Quantum Bands will surely appear again wherever Kamala is seen next.

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